S for S Paradox

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S for S Paradox

S for S Paradox

If I’m correct and it’s not just that all of the other 2,500+ deity structures currently lauded except mine that are false, instead it’s all of them. Meaning 70+ percent of society’s “realities” based on nothing. Fabrications.
And further, if the definition of psychosis is ( https://www.nami.org/earlypsychosis ) “disruptions in thoughts or perceptions that make it difficult for them to recognize what is real and what isn’t. Often with disturbances of seeing, hearing and believing things that aren’t real...“. Do you know a single believer who doesn’t proudly profess a touch or 10 from god’s/gods’ mighty hand?
How many people when astounded, cum or break something automatically turn there with high volume profanity-laced, blasphemy?
Some 5x a day look or every time a puppy “ain’t ah getting’ adopdid” or when desperate for food, water or help it’s “up” to the imaginary psychotically made “real” that thoughts fly.
The lauded concepts of morals, ethics and all based on personal perception and a best guess of regurgitated old, concocted, forced supposed fact.
So the S for S Paradox is how the fuck, seeing what I’m seeing and adding my perception that more than a couple of billion other Human Beings around me are all basing all on psychosis and psychotically built beliefs; how the fuck do I survive this?
From the peeved glancing at this in a basement to the entire political and World-views, all those close to the many buttons which will destroy me or us all “in 30 minutes or less”. All those suckling on the teat of some replacement of the water, rock, sun and moon gods. And or a political cult of personality built to destroy everyone else’s big gs blind to their own equally cultish status.
Too many holding the typical glory filled ideal of “2 ways up, profound piety or being the big gs go-to guy.”
“If I’m a good boy then I’ll get a holy treat”, but what is good or bad when measured against psychosis? They can’t be seen from there.
When all input is forced first through a personal version of a big gs believed beliefs then a believed correct decision is made. Blocked and twisted prior to entering the higher centers of the brain evolved to intelligently sift concepts of good, bad and the gray. Using logic, consideration, evaluation, actual experience and a grip on the physical now and actual future.
How the fuck will any of us survive these god/gods stupefying dark ages when an errant thought or mental hiccough can create an easy means to some fucking g for a psychotic and fallible mere Human?!?!
“30 minutes or less” guaranteed, very much at the ready and insanely knowing it as a blessed action!

Good luck out there!

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Re: OP

Re: OP

Huh?... *baffled look*...

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Hi S4Squelch! I can

Hi S4Squelch! I can definitely understand what you’re saying. I was raised in a Christian household for my whole life. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I began to look at things logically and began challenging my own beliefs. What I can tell you is that in the midst of all these masses that believe in religion or god, we have to hold firm in our logical/rational thinking. We survive not by getting agitated or mad, but rather by challenging people to question their beliefs and strive for truth. In doing this we don’t seem like assholes and hopefully get them to gain a new perspective. That’s what I think.

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Just like the last time you

Just like the last time you posted this you're cherry picking the bits of the definition of psychosis that fit your argument.


a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

So again you need to acknowledge that a delusion does not necessarily represent a psychosis. Why do you think reppeating the same flawed argument will produce a different result?

The majority of that disjointed rant you posted was incomprehensible. Do please learn the art of brevity.

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@Sheldon: Thanks, now I don

@Sheldon: Thanks, now I don't have to pull out my DSM-V and do it.

The definition of insanity, on the other hand, is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. If we were back in the psych ward we could just give ole S4Squelch and injection and have a peaceful night. Unfortunately, once he starts his rambling bullshit, there is just no getting him to see reason. You keep him occupied and I will call the hospital. The meds are on there way.

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Can anyone translate this for

Can anyone translate this for me please?

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RELIGIOUS PEOPLE ARE PSYCHOTIC because of bullshit assertions, faulty reasoning, cherry picking data, and misrepresenting facts. *Implied - I don't know why you guys don't agree with me. We are after all, "all atheists."

Not to worry Dave. Feelings of rejection by the atheist community and an overwhelming sense of inferiority will eventually send him back to his room, just like the last time.

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