Scared Shitless of this testimony, any rational thoughts please?

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Russian-Tank you have an

Russian-Tank you have an unnatural obsession with "hell", ghost, spirits and souls. You believe completely irrational videos posted on YouTube for cryin' out loud! Get a fucking grip. These videos aren't real. Anyway, they are not corroborated or verified.

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"Also, the majority of

"Also, the majority of comments on her video totally believe it, and these are all adults who function normally, go to work, make a living etc."

Another common logical fallacy, this one's called argumentum ad populum, or a bare appeal to numbers. Most people once believed the world was flat, that continents couldn't move, and that the we lived in a geocentric universe, they were all wrong. The number of people who believe something tells us nothing about the validity of the claim.

"I guess it's just scary in the slightest chance it could be true."

How did you determine there is any chance it was true? Again I ask what evidence can you demonstrate that any of it is true. So far you're just piling up common logical fallacies that suggest you don't know how to evaluate the validity of claims.

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And as "Old man" said above; she is selling a book.

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I understand the old man said

"I understand the old man said actors can cry but she looked so genuine like she was about to cry. That is why I'm scared.if you found out she didnt lie would you still think it is BS?" Shut up RT

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I know a woman who truly believes that her horse is a unicorn. He's white, but doesn't have a horn, he is quite intelligent as far as horses go, so she has attributed magical powers to him. She lives on a Fairy Farm, believes in unicorns and mermaids, she is also a writer and artist. Should I believe her? Or, is it all a ploy to attract attention to her farm and books?

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@RT Well, I watched it from

@RT Well, I watched it from the start to around 11:43.

6:49: "One day I was in my house..."
9:02: "I was in the middle of the street..."

WTF, scriptwriter?! We have a MAJOR continuity issue here!

Unless of course she's homeless and lives on the street, but she doesn’t appear to be recording from a big cardboard box on a street near you. Looks like a nice middle class room in a nice middle class house to me.

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so you also think she lied? Or do you think she experienced something but doesn't remember it correctly?

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Nothing wrong with her memory

Nothing wrong with her memory RT, she got the script down pat.

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I have no idea. All I know is her story is inconsistent. Perhaps she ate bad mushrooms? Perhaps she dreamed it? Perhaps she's prone to psychosis as well as the anxiety attacks she mentions? Perhaps she gained a couple of pounds, blew the swimsuit modelling career and is looking for a new one? Perhaps she knows there is an audience for this sort of crud on YouTube and thought she'd cash in ?

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Where amateur scripting is

Where amateur scripting is involved those errors are commonplace.
It is one of those tell tales I was talking about in a memorised script. If she had been speaking unrehearsed and not from a poorly written script that error would not have occurred unless she is lying of, following my experience, yes she is reciting her lines from a poorly edited script.
The other tell tales are her eye lines, the welling of emotion occurs before the actual trigger lines on several occasions. Those are all strong indications of a semi trained but not experienced actor.
In addition she describes the events in a very linear fashion where a natural person (unscripted) would back track, go off topic, include extraneous details and descriptions etc. This is a scripted event. Not well done or convincing.

She also looks off camera as if seeking direction, and yes, nice room, nice house another "out point"

The other striking out point is that having been friends with many models and actors she does not seem to have the body type to have a career as a successful model .

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@Old man Shouts

@Old man Shouts

I see what you mean about her appearance. She claims she stopped being a model 9 years ago, but she doesn't quite look like a model to me, maybe she is flattering herself.

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She may well have done some

She may well have done some photo shoots, publicity stills etc, so have I, but I would not describe myself as a model even though I got paid for them!

Even discounting all those production and talent errors the content is just shite and so fake, it insults any rational being's intelligence.

It is made to sell the book.

Always go with the most likely explanation.

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I hope you are right, because

I hope you are right, because I hope hell is fake

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Hell is a fake until you

Hell is a fake until you produce corroborated , provable, duplicatable scientific evidence.

Such as a provable location, sample demons, multiple media evidence from different independent verifiable sources, victims with provable life stories with verifiable ID from 1900 or before...see?
Belief does not make anything real. Hell is a relatively recent construct designed to extract obedience and cash from the subjected.

Live your life RT, free from fear. It's a great place,

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@Old Man shouts

@Old Man shouts

I understand why you don't believe it, but what about hellish Near Death Experiences that are consistent? I have watched at least 5 that sounded very similar, and let's assume they may not be lying and being as honest as they can be. They reported:

going down into a pit
hearing screams
saying it smelt the worst stench they ever smelled
then reptile looking demons grabbed them and said "I got you now"
the demons swore at them and mocked them
they were being beaten up by the demons, skin being scratched off until they call out to God
and God's hand comes, taps them, and takes them out, then they wake up

I'm just wondering, if 5 or 6 accounts are really really really similar, does that make it more likely to be true? Keep in mind demonic creatures are not mentioned in the hell the bible describes, so then these people all independently claim to have been attacked by demons. Could the people's brains make a story like this?

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The modern concept of hell

The modern concept of hell wasn't even conceptualised until about the 3rd century.
"The myth of hell developed steadily after Yeshua's death in 30 CE, but it does not appear in the Old Testament, the New Testament, Yeshua's teachings, the Acts of the Apostles, Paul's epistles, or the other epistles in the canon." Just google "when was christian hell invented" lots to read.
If you look at the similarities of the descriptions of "hell" they are very similar to Hieronymous Bosch's much reproduced 15th century painting depicting the horrors of the hells (Garden of Earthly delights) and numerous woodblock prints from early European sources depicting demons and succubus and the mythical like.

Why are the descriptions similar nowadays? Simples, they are derivative. Every description of modern hell is based around the 15th and 16th century imaginations. Modern day preachers merely repeat the description originally depicted by Bosch and others. The whole Calvinist/Presbyterian/methodist "fire and brimstone" merely repeats and amplifies those descriptions right up until today.
It just myth on myth, regurgitated and vomited on the floor of clean reason.

Can you imagine a true hell for millenials? Forget the fire and brimstone...their hell would be the unchargeable iphone, the untexted message, the netflix without pictures, porn without the porn bits. A Vegan restaurant that only serves meat, That is a vision of hell that you do not hear because it is not "Traditional" and part of mainstream christian mythos.

Its a very simple concept, the descriptions are similar because the people's cultural beliefs are similar. No more, no less. So the 5 or 6 or 1005 or 2006 accounts of hell from people with the same societal values and upbringing can be safely discounted, unless: the proofs as I described earlier are forthcoming.

Now, go live your life secure in the knowledge that demons, succubi, hellfire, brimstone probably do not exist. They were inventions as the prospect of salvation wasn't working.

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"I'm just wondering, if 5 or

"I'm just wondering, if 5 or 6 accounts are really really really similar, does that make it more likely to be true?"

I'm dubious, but you have not offered enough information for credible assessment. This sounds like a bare appeal to numbers again to me.

What evidence can you demonstrate that her claims are real?

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@Sheldon, let me show you

@Sheldon, let me show you what I mean:

Here is Timothy LaFond's depiction of hell after he was electrocuted and had a near death experience: "Besides the screaming of other people in torment, there were also demons. Yes, there really are demons! I could see their grotesque faces. They came up to me and taunted me with indescribable horror and fear -- yelling in my face with such intense volume; things like: "We’ve got you now!" Laughing and sneering at me saying, "We fooled you! We got you now!" … followed by hideous, evil laughter. " "I somehow managed to cry out to God during this time, pleading, "Oh God - help me!" Again, "God - help me!" "He heard my plea. The right hand of the Lord touched me. I felt His fingers and thumb on my shoulder and He pulled me out of hell. He set me free from not only from the torments of hell,"

Now this testimony by Joe Hadwin:

also sees demons who say "I've got you now" 9:10 in the video

14:06 he cries out to God, and his hand comes and saves him.

These are only 2 of many similar cases. Evil demons mocking people, beating them up, then they call out to God and a hand rescues them, how is this similarity so possible? How can so many people hallucinate this? They also claim to speak telepathically to God always.
Doesn't this prove hell somewhat?

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Sigh, several more appeals to

Sigh, several more appeals to ignorance there, it's called argumentum ad ignorantiam, please look that phrase up and learn what a logical fallacy is, and what it means when you base claims on one.

Now....what evidence can you demonstrate that those claims are real?

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@Russian-tank "how is this

@Russian-tank "how is this similarity so possible?"

It's possible because of centuries of religious indoctrination. These kinds of images have also been depicted in literature, art, movies, etc. There's no wonder people have similar nightmares with all this cultural debris floating around in our heads.

It's all culture-specific, too. For example, Japanese people are more likely to dream of mountains of needles and lakes of blood.

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@Algebe, but there is no

@Algebe, well said

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Near death experiences? I

Near death experiences? I described my experience, I was one who definitely qualifies as having a "near death" experience.

To summarize, I died in an operation, was revived. I had a powerful dream, that I was on the Bismarck. I had that dream because at that time the Bismarck was on the forefront of my thoughts. Those all other reports... let's strip away the BS, let's be specific because I have been. When, where, who, were they all devout Christians?

Russian-Tank, if you really want to deal with these fears put on you by religion, it is you and no one else who must do the hard work, investigate the truth of such claims, attempt to find the real truth. I will throw you a life preserver, but I will not jump in the water to pull you out.

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Seriously? THAT was

Seriously? THAT was terrifying? She isn't even a very good actress. So-so, at best. And even IF that event actually happened to her, it sounds to me like a simple psychotic episode brought about by stress, depression, and quite possibly a few "recreational narcotics". No offense, RT, but if some lame little video like that bothers you so badly, you really should get out more, dude. Like Grinseed said, try some comedy videos for a bit. His George Carlin suggestion is a good one. And many of the "Stupid People" videos are good for a few laughs.

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thank you for your input. I know I shouldn't worry so much but I do. I fear the whole idea of hell, and I have heard many near death experience anecdotes that sound so similar, and I usually don't like to call people liars. They may be lying for sure, but I am not sure. They could also be trying to be honest, even if it didn't happen but they think it did. Quite a few Near Death Experiences with people seeing evil mocking, violent demons that look like reptiles, people claiming stuff like this lady did, and a worry wart like me will wonder, as I assume not everyone is intentionally lying, could there be some truth to it?

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@RT Re: "... people lying...

@RT Re: "... people lying..."

Sure, people lie all the time about many different things for many different reasons. And I personally have zero problems calling people out on them if I catch them at it. Be that as it may, there are many people who have psychotic episodes all around the world. Has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with demons, devil, hell, etc. Just simply means they are having some sort of mental disorder. And it does not mean they are lying about seeing the things they claim they see, it simply means they BELIEVE those things they saw/experienced to be real, because IN THEIR MINDS it was real to them. Does not mean it was real. You asked for rational thoughts and explanations. Plenty of folks on here have offered them. Stop stressing so much. Again, I strongly suggest you switch to watching a few comedy videos for awhile. Could do you some good.

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Hell is what the priests came

Hell is what the priests came up with when the bullshit story of heaven wasn't enough to motivate the moronic masses.

Best advice - find a less stressful hobby.

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I have a couple of questions for you. Have you ever noticed most of these claims on YouTube are made by good looking people- pretty girls, mostly? Why do you think that is?

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@Sushisnake, I don't think

@Sushisnake, I don't think that is necessarily true, but I can see where you are going with this, and for this case it may be so. I think they are doing it to show that a person better not just enjoy their lives, because they want people to live in fear. I have seen many Near Death Experiences where a person claims "I wasn't bad. I drank a beer or two here or there, I sometimes wore revealing clothing, I went to clubs" etc. Then they say that even a lukewarm Christian won't avoid hell. I see it is all scare tactics, and the better looking a person is, the more likely the public are to listen. I just doubt that every single person is lying on purpose. I agree some people are, and even I can tell some people are lying in about 1/4 of the videos. However, some people I am sure they are being genuine, even if the experience didn't really happen, they believe it did. The consistencies are scary for me.


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