Scared Shitless of this testimony, any rational thoughts please?

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You've jumped from this young lady's monologue to NDEs, but that's ok.

" ...the better looking a person is, the more likely the public are to listen"
You nailed it. We are cognitively biased towards better looking people. We think they are better all round: better looking, better morals, better thinkers, better at telling the truth.

"...some people I am sure they are being genuine, even if the experience didn't really happen, they believe it did."

"...The consistencies are scary for me.."
This is where we part company. There are a great many inconsistencies in NDE reports. Christians report one thing, atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews and Pagans report quite another. And there are inconsistencies among reports by self-defined Christians, too.

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I know some are different, but some of the hellish ones sound so similar

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@Russian-Tank: "some of the

@Russian-Tank: "some of the hellish ones sound so similar"

They're not religious revelations. They're cultural memes, like Mickey Mouse and Superman. How many more times are you going to come here in a panic with this kind of YouTube trash?

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The consistencies all make

The consistencies all make sense to me.

When one is in a near death situation, what is on the forefront of their minds is what they dream. I had a near death, the Bismarck was on my mind, I dreamed about the Bismarck. A devout Christian has a near death, religion was on their mind, their dream was very religious, either the pearly gates or a fiery doom.

It's that simple, the only near death stories you are listening to are all coming from devout and radicalized religious fanatics.

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Richard Dawkins explains this

Richard Dawkins explains this phenomena well when he discusses survival instincts. As primates when we see a rustle in the bushes it is the ones who see danger that survive. If you imagine a tiger you are more likely to survive than if you imagine the wind. It is a biological drive to actually seek and imagine the worst possible possibility. This is the way the mind works. Through mutation and random selection it is those of us with the ability to fear most who have survived. Why else could magic and religion gain such a hold on us. "Fear eternal damnation (The tiger in the bushes.). " No matter how well someone spins a story there is no evidence for anything called "supernatural."

Share the experience of hell? Really? Why is there no hell in the Old testament. Do you not understand that it is a Christian invention. Do you not understand the evolution of Satan from an "accuser" to "a magical demon who has the power to oppose god." The more you know the more foolish beliefs in demons, evil. gods, and the rest will become. You fear what you do not know. You fear the rustling of the grass and you have not taken the time to see whether or not the tiger is real.

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RT, please grow up, you

RT, please grow up, you believe this crap??if you believe everything that is in youtube? you're not skeptic enough to be an atheist.. sorry just saying..!YOLO bruh, chillax, live life the way you want it (period)

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@ Qu@si,

@ Qu@si,

I am not an atheist, I'm asking atheists their opinions. I admit my rationality sucks, I'm just scared of the concept of hell

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Than Russian-Tank, this fear

Then, Russian-Tank, this fear comes with membership in your religion. You can not have one without the other. I do wish you did not suffer so much, but it was your choice.

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well if you think of it

well if you think of it thoroughly, its simple. i'll ask you a question and answer it honestly ok?

dont you think that sinners can be saved?
you're a theist right? why be afraid of hell when you've already been saved by your so called savior (jesus)?
relax jesus already saved your ass. go ahead its free to make sin coz your already paid off your sins,
your god is so merciful he can't put people to hell. know why?

coz he's just.

if you still don't get this, i don't know what to call you.

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What evidence can you demonstrate that the claims made were true? You seem to have evaded this question despite my asking repeatedly, that's dishonest.


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