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First of all Atheism is not

First of all Atheism is not a faith...That is what sets us apart from Theists....Atheists take responsibility for their actions and do not believe in a diety to forgive us for our behavior....We do not pray to an almighty because it is like talking to a one hears you..........WE do have proof because Science is based on Fact not hearsay like the Bible....Lastly the only difference in the religions you mentioned are the authors of their respective holy books who made stuff up to please the masses.... Most were written in biblical times and had no scientific proof of anything..

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Did you have some basic

Did you have some basic knowledge about Vedas? Can atheist proof that there is no God?

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There will always be an issue

There will always be an issue proving something doesn't exist, when one of it's parameters is that it doesn't physically exist. And most atheists would retort "well, you can't prove my spaghetti monster doesn't exist, therefore it does exist, because you can't prove otherwise". However, I'd say... define your god. Tell me some signs of his existence. Under what circumstances can he/her/it be seen, how does it interact with the world so I will know it's presence is around me? How can I know there is some action that has, at it's core cause, is your god undeniably. Something that happens only because your god makes it so, and it would not happen otherwise. How do you, define your god? How does he exist and project it's forces on the world?

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He is not my God, God is God.

He is not my God, God is God.....How would you define God?

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Answering his questions with

Answering his questions with a question does not qualify as answers.

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Questions for questions don't

Questions for questions don't help advance a debate, but they do make interesting conversation, so I'll bite.

You forget that I'm primarily an atheist. We don't have a diety in our belief structure. However, I wasn't always an atheist, I was formerly a rather devout christian. And before I slid down the scale of religiousity, exchanging the more absurd beliefs for the less so, I also bothered to be a small bit of a buddist and practice meditation and self realization, then just agnosticism... then atheism. At best, you might be able to squeeze me in under pantheism (the belief the universe is a god physical manifestation), but thats a stretch. I can't define god. But from experience, I can tell you I've only got 2 reasonable theories on the possibility of what you call "a god".

1. It does not actually exist. I consider this one the more likely scenario...
2. It does exist, but it's manifestation is the physical world and natural processes and is completely indistinguishable from the universe. Therefore, it is impossible to have a personal relationship with it, or expect any sort of system of reward or punishment system . Furthermore, a lack of any compelling evidence to sugges we exist in any form after this life, severely limits my belief it could possibly administer such a system after death.

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Sorry for not following the

Sorry for not following the debate rules:-), and that is because I'm not in that mood at all, rather I'm in the mood of sharing and learning....ok, on that happy note, let's write something.
Just to inform don't have to convince me that Sphageti monster exist. ..I'm the one:-D
To understand God through the medium of Vedas, first thing is that you should be little adventurous and completely in nonsectarian mood.
Everything is there, so whichever question you made answer is there, rather even extensive explanations.
So, please be kind and state now if you lake questions one by one, I must beg u all for this because I'm using only 4 " smartphone all the time now.

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Scientifically, it is

Scientifically, it is impossible to prove a negative, and that is what is required to prove that god does not exist. Be careful also with the word "faith". There is a huge" difference between "faith" and "trust". Faith is believing something in the absence of any evidence; Trust is believing something when evidence is present.
Cal Sagan refused to call himself and Atheist because he could not prove that god doesn't exist. the best he could do was Agnostic. From strictly a scientific standpoint we cannot be anything more than agnostic without belief through evidential trust.

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Ive only one thing to add.

Ive only one thing to add. Atheists dont have to be into science. Its just the majority of them came to realise their religion was wrong because of science and logic.
You can just use logic on its own to deny most religions as their books are never logical but this is a more difficult way so few became atheists through pure logic. Its easier when there are theories backed by a lot of evidence that contradict the holy books.
Once youve denied them you are an atheist you dont have to believe in anything and that includes science. You can live without a belief it seems strange to a theist but its true.
Its just a coincidence that so many atheists appreciate science because it freed them.

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