Should christians be allowed to be medically treated?

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I think its a very funny idea

I think its a very funny idea in theory- though, the real reason the VA is crowded is because its ran by the government. That's the efficiency of single payer I suppose.

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No harry it is because

No harry it is because conservaturds cut funding every chance they get. Check out They will show you how republicans have never supported Vets.

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VA funding amounts to 25,000$

VA funding amounts to 25,000$ per year per veteran (of those that use the VA, and most don't), whilst it only costs 3,000$ a year to buy standard health insurance, and 12,000$ a year to buy top shelf insurance. The VA gets plenty of funding, the problem is the economic calculation problem- among many other things wrong with socialism in general.

Most veterans go to private hospitals, and of those that use the VA, they only use it for 25% of their medical needs, the rest they get privately.

Also Trump increased spending on veterans, as has been done every year actually.

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Nope, you are wrong Harry.

Nope, you are wrong Harry. Trump decreased spend for Vets.

I don't know where you got those numbers but they are way off.

besides, you are way off topic of the thread. You try to make everything political.

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The government can be

The government can be inefficient yes, especially when it is corrupted and abused.

However, a capitalism based health care system follows the rules of capitalism. If you have an extremely inelastic good/service, (healthcare,) normal supply and demand mechanics fall apart, where supply can dictate the prices, because demand is so powerfully fixed/inelastic. Basic economics 101.

Simple fact is: this "free market" healthcare experiment/idea, has lead to a result where US citizens has the most expensive health care per person cost in the world, but health care outcomes is near last in 1st world countries. Where as countries closer to healthcare for all, single payer systems, have better overall health outcomes for much less cost per person. Why would we not want to emulate that success? Isn't it embarrassing that Cuba has better healthcare outcomes then the US does?

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Yes, everyone deserves to be

Yes, everyone deserves to be treated and healed.
No one deserves to die or be harmed for their beliefs or actions...

Coincidently, making me more morally superior then most if not all gods :) :)

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Personally, I believe that we

Personally, I believe that we have a duty to our to help our fellow human being in distress. The fact that someone has an imaginary best friend they ask for help should have no bearing as to whether they receive medical treatment.

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Denying healthcare based on a

Denying healthcare based on a persons beliefs sounds like something Iraq, old school Russia, or Libya would do. Not sure I want to emulate those countries.

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I think it would be difficult

I think it would be difficult to get theists on our side if we don't show them the respect and benevolence that they don't expect from us. Remember we are on different sides of the fence now, but our goal is to help them get to the greener side.

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Theists deserve healthcare

Theists deserve healthcare despite an adherent belief to nonsense. However, it would be nice if they could start thanking the actual doctors who practice medicine instead of the god that did nothing.

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People on this thread say

People on this thread say that we have a duty to provide healthcare to everyone, even those right wingnuts that are against an affordable healthcare system. My question is WHY?
If people actually believe in their god, that that god heals all, that life is predetermined by said god then using science to heal them is actually a sin. It means that they don't trust their god to heal them OR they are just not accepting the will of their god.
If a christian gets a naturally occurring disease that can be cured by modern medicine why should they get that treatment. If their god has a plan, then he gave them that disease in the first place. They are defying their own god's plan. They should do nothing more than pray.
How many times have we watched evangelicals scream that a tornado hit a place because their god was mad that gays exist? When a house in said tornado survived they claim that their god saved them, but they never say that the thousands of homes destroyed were also the responsibility of their god.
I actually don't want to deny anyone medical treatment. I am just illustrating that christians talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

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Because it is the right thing

Because it is the right thing to do. I have heard of the notion of denying human rights to people based on religion, but I expect it to come from ISIS or the westboro baptist church. One reason why I don't allie myself to any faith is because of the bigotry it inspires. I have never seen this level of bigotry from an atheist.

My question to you is; what christian has harmed you so badly you'd be willing to see them all die?

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Did you read my last post A.

Did you read my last post A. Prophet? Hmmm...!?
I said that I don't really advocate denying medical treatment to anyone. I said that the thread was to illustrate the utter hypocrisy of religion.

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My humble apologies, I must

My humble apologies, I must admit that I didn't read through it until the end.

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Because it is the right thing

Also, just because they wouldn't hesitate to do it to us "godless heathens" doesn't mean we should do it to them. Two wrongs don't make a right. We should be the bigger people

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Also if You will notice -

Also if You will notice - As Far as I know - Only the believers in the Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts believe in Praying and trusting in God For Miracles, Healing and Favors. \
Jews and Christians ?
I believe. But that is How I was raised. Trained. Maybe if I was Trained and Raised to not believe in God, Perhaps it would take a miracle to convince me. I Have never misunderstood Atheists or thought ill of them. I understand and am thankful that they are Honest.

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The answer is yes, Christians

The answer is yes, Christians should be allowed medical treatment.

:/ what the hell kinda question is this? Because some Christians believe in faith healing or whatever, we should bar them use of medical facilities? The vast majority of christians believe in and use modern medicine. No, share whatever people are open to receiving.

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It does seem like God is far away and that He does not eXist sometimes. But I will just keep doing as good as I can and studying the facts.

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This is a very strange

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I haven’t visited government

I haven’t visited government clinics or doctors for a very long time. It's nice that this is not necessary. If you suddenly need the help of a doctor urgently, these are usually paid services. I think that I manage to feel good every day thanks to various dietary supplements, including Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 If you are looking for a solution to relieve digestive discomfort and make it more harmonious.

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Yes of course.

Yes of course.

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I had one friend who denied

I had one friend who denied treatment because of his beliefs and now he is dead. I don't know how to rely to this. I also remember that i had to directly involve into the process of funerals organisations as it was stated according to all chistian beliefs. So i guess i had experience with people who didn't want to be treated medically.....ahm.....sad


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