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Sicko priest

Legionaries of Christ says priests abused 175 minors, with founder guilty of a third of all abuse

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Truly sickening revelations,

Truly sickening revelations, and the cover up went as high as the Pope himself.

Jo will be along in a minute, to claim they weren't "real" christians.

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Another 175 lives likely

Another 175 young lives likely ruined, all for some made up imaginary sky daddy idea people made up to comfort themselves from things they do not yet understand.

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It is a sick world, and the

It is a sick world, and the RC church keeps it that way.

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@David Killens: Why qualify

@David Killens: Why qualify it with "RC?"

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@ Cognostic

@ Cognostic

They are definitely not alone. But they have organized a method to protect sick pedophiles, and thus they must be held up as an example on not what to do. I believe that when you pick a fight, you don't go after everyone but just the one who postures as the toughest and meanest.

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True enough that child abuse and concealment has been (still is?) systemic in the Catholic church . It also serves as a facile negative example.

It is my position that the child abuse in the Catholic church is the tip of the iceberg . That child abuse probably exists at a systemic level in any organisation in which [mainly] men have power over children.

I also think that a such abuse is probably far more common in society generally than has ever been suspected. I can't prove that and am unconvinced I will ever be able to do so

I have no idea if the Catholic church is the worst abuser. I think it may well be simply the only one we know about.

There seems to be a broad community attitude that less vigilance is needed because we have the major culprit in the Catholic church. . As I said, a facile attitude and I think foolish.

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Francis at least eliminated

Francis at least eliminated the pontifical secret. That was a big item in the 'protect the pedophile' playbook. Step one. I'm not holding my breath for step 2.

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@Yes, ... and sadly .... we

@Yes, ... and sadly .... we do have to pick a target. The sad thing is, when we are talking about Churches..... blindly throw a rock and you are going to hit one that has child abuse allegations against it.

"Roman Catholic bishops in New Jersey on Wednesday named nearly 200 priests who have been found credibly accused of sexually abusing a child."

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Sadly, in any position where

Sadly, in any position where someone has a position of trust, or power over another, the possibility of sexual and/or emotional abuse is there. Be it clergy, or a boss, the military, a coach, or the boy scouts, it happens.

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Tue, 12/24/2019 - 13:18

Tue, 12/24/2019 - 13:18 David Killens's "Sadly, in any position where someone has a position of trust, or power over another, the possibility of sexual and/or emotional abuse is there. Be it clergy, or a boss, the military, a coach, or the boy scouts, it happens."

A depressing thought, but true nonetheless I fear. It has long been understood that those who wish to abuse children gravitate to positions where they hold power over them, perhaps unsurprisingly. This of course doesn't alter the fact here that the priest at the centre of this paedophile ring was protected for decades by the highest echelons of the catholic church. Or that the number of victims rose exponentially under that very protection from justice, and I might still does, as the RCC has still not fully cooperated with law enforcement agencies globally to bring the culprits to justice.

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That's last February. Keep

That's last February. Keep me posted on new stories. I mine the papers daily to look for opportunities to chip away at the problem.

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[sarcasm]See it's OK that

[sarcasm]See it's OK that some kids got hurt, so long as they get their Eternal Life™. Give the church what they want in this life, and you'll be rewarded in the next![/sarcasm]

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Why are these abusers, and

Why are these abusers, and all who refused to act, not serving long prison sentences? valentines day gifts for her The Catholic Church loses any credibility to preach to others when it is culpable of such heinous crimes.

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You can ask the same question

You can ask the same question on the human traffickers keeping women locked in closets. The latest story was they only got a few months after holding the women captive for years. In China, the women get sued for embarrassing the men. South of the border, they just get killed. The pedophilia is just part of the problem. One of the most sickening aspects, but still just part.

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I'm rather fond of this quote

Re: Pedophile priests

I'm rather fond of this quote...

(Now, if only somebody would start issuing the hunting license... *sigh*...)

(Edited for clarity.)

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I would agree with the not

I would agree with the not real Christian part. I am more interested in links to how they got started and how they wound up generating so much money to buy protection.

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Just read Wikipedia. An

Just read Wikipedia. An awful lot of impact for just 1500 people.

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