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sobriety diary

Sorry if this is in the wrong place at the site. my phone doesn't show any other forums except for this one and the debate one.

Anyway last time I I got drunk was two days ago. I vomited out vodka squirt and my Subway sandwich.

this drinking is killing me and has left me homeless. I need to stop now and deal with my pain sober or I will die a miserable man and accomplish nothing with life.

Drinking alcohol or taking drugs to make pain go away will only cause more pain. That is the whole friggin truth!!

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Yeah easier said than done,

Yeah easier said than done, have a little heart this man is going through some serious stuff and may not beable to just up an stop drinking, Have you ever been addicted to something? Do you know what it's like to be your own worst enemy, to fight with addiction when you know better but it occupies your almost every thought. TO me it is post like this the republic is hear for I would have preferred it had been reposted to the hub because I think Wicked was trying more to talk to Atheist than theist.

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I don't drink much or do

I don't drink much or do drugs so I might not be the best person for suggestions.

Though I would say, that finding other hobbies or drug like things does keep you busy enough from those things.

Playing games online is worse then a drug for me, but it is relatively cheap and takes up all your time.
Don't go betting money though.
Free Games like:
Where you can make friends and meet people outside your usual circle may help you too.

Once you start it gets pretty addictive though.

So choose it only if you can't find any other solution for your drug problem.
This can get you out of the withdrawal phase that may take years to completely leave your head.
After that, you can get rid of gaming too.

Sometimes the only way to get rid of evil is by an other type of evil.

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To me this is what this site

To me this is what this site is about seeing and being there for people who are atheist and helping them to deal with problems they may face as an atheist. I can be hard to find groups to help deal with addiction that are not somehow intertwined with some form of faith or another.

I have struggled at times with alcohol, over time I have developed more a moderation rather than an elimination technique.

I was fortunate to have someone I respect like no other to help me understand why a change from an elimination to moderation approach may be better for me. That being said, different things work better for different people. I now have a lot of alcohol on hand and after some serious soul searching I have developed a good sense of what made me want to drink to excess in the first place. What I once believed was a drinking issue had more to do with uncomfortable situations, when I was in an uncomfortable situation I was more akin to drink and then drink some more. Now that I am more aware of what caused me to want to drink to excess I am better able to avoid or walk out of situations where I might be more likely to do so. Since honing this awareness I have actually found myself in a situation where I really rarely drink to much anymore. and even might only have a few drinks every few weeks or so. before this I would regularly drink to the point of blacking out and I had a fear it might kill me. now I drink far less often and much more moderately when I do. Even when I am in uncomfortable situations while I am drinking being aware of this tendency has helped me to curb the behavior.

I was fortunate enough to have moved past my strong urges to drink but it helped to know what they were and where they were coming from in fact this has helped me deal with more than just drinking. when it comes to drinking though, I now try to assign reason to when I drink like, what's the occasion and then when I do, I try to keep within bounds that I find acceptable. I don't want to feel shame the next day at all, I surely don't want to feel like I did things I can't remember or have people upset with me the next day and not know why.. At first I struggled a lot even after realizing how severe the problem was, but I kept at and learned in time and after a few stumbles to moderate, now after all that I can say I am a reasonable drinker. As opposed to the binge drinker I would occasionally be when I would go long lengths of time without any alcohol. In all honestly, I now go longer with out alcohol than I used to when I would go for what I used to consider a long period of time. When I would get the urges to drink it used to be very hard to control becoming more self aware has helped me to make intelligent decisions about proper times and when to moderate.

Just because this works for me does not necessarily mean it will work for everyone else.

Now when I run into theist, difficult to reason with individuals, or just plain stupid people in general at the bar who make me feel uncomfortable and want to drink more, I just leave or I order water and when they make me feel uncomfortable I just drink that instead, it really helps with reducing hangovers too(;

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You know the right things to

You know the right things to do so do it. Nothing can stop you but yourself. Go out and do something productive and avoid senseless activities.

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Sometimes it's not as simple

Sometimes it's not as simple as willing yourself to stop. Sometimes folks need help. You don't have to go it alone. There are a lot of resources out there and many for atheists.

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I think finding meaningful

I think finding meaningful hobbies will help with your feelings. Create a workout schedule and follow through. The first few days are the worst if you haven't done much exercising but not after long you'll start loving it. Learn how to cook and bake. It feels good to put effort into something and get results from it. Choose a few books to read that seem interesting.
Maybe do something simpler such as classical conditioning. Wear a rubber band on your wrist and flick yourself whenever you feel yourself slipping. Create a reward system. For every x amount of time you go without slipping use the money you saved on seeing a hit movie or going out to eat.

Best of luck either way.

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