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Hello everyone

This is my last OP and I have decided to sign out for good.
There are many reasons and none worth making a federal case of.

I have not participated much lately but I assure you that I have been constantly reading many OP’s and threads.

As I said this is my last OP and I will only respond in this OP if it is required.

Thanks to those of you that welcomed me.
Thanks to some atheists that broadened my knowledge.
Special thanks to Tin man for your wit and humor.



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Wish I had seen that coming..

Wish I had seen that coming....

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If only you were psychic! Oh

If only you were psychic! Oh wait...

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@In Spirit Re: "Special

@In Spirit Re: "Special thanks to Tin man for your wit and humor."

Hey, that's why they pay me the big bucks... *look of realization*... Oh, wait... I don't get paid at all... *frowning*... Damn, I really do need to talk with my agent.

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