Ten Commandments

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Ten Commandments

Question for all christians out in lala land: Which Ten Commandments do you follow?

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Guessing? None of them. AFAIK

Guessing? None of them. AFAIK, it's christians who take up weapons and kill in any nation's defense before any other sect. You can't kill repeatedly and still claim to be a good christian. Nor are the families who support them. If my family was taken as an example, this particular commandment (Thou shalt not kill) was never exercised. We are a family of warriors dating way back.

Thou shalt not kill has no special conditions, circumstances or addendums that allow the devout christian to kill. Four little words assembled to appeal to the simplest of men; they cannot be re-interpreted by mere mortals to suit their separate and distinct agendas. This particular commandment was ignored fresh out of the box by virtue of the archeological records of military events of the time providing evidence. If this commandment was kicked to the curb, what of the other 9? Those we cannot see in the archeological record.

Why do I choose this particular commandment?

1. It gives the single-most visible evidence on non-conformance by all of humanity.
2. It is supposedly the word of a god that ultimately killed its own son, defying its own word.
3. It is the single-most secular in nature that challenges man to live in peace [Thou shalt come together (live in peace) and (only then) worship me.]
4. By it's sole measure of conformity over time, christians have miserably failed their god.

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