Thank God for Ted Cruz

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Thank God for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has created more atheists in two weeks than I have in decades” - Richard Dawkins

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On the one hand, I'm

On the one hand, I'm horrified at the level of support Ted Cruz receives in my home state. On the other hand, if increased atheism is the effect he has, then I rest a bit better.

Plus, as old white guys like me die off, Texas will inevitably trend more purple, then eventually blue. Once Texas turns blue, with our 38 Electoral College votes, all hopes of a Republican presidency will completely evaporate, leaving no more than some kind of disgusting residue. All this assumes Republicans will continue to ignore their addiction to superstitious rubes and therefore cement themselves as a regional party. My own prediction is that the business class will at some point abandon the GOP en masse, leaving those who remain to wonder what the hell happened - while I point and laugh if I happen to be still alive. Otherwise, I'll just play my new role as fertilizer none the wiser. :)

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We can only pray that Richard

We can only pray that Richard Dawkins is correct about the Ted Cruz effect.

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