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Recently there has been a rash of tornadoes in the greater DFW area. The coverage by the local media, as always, emphasizes the belief in god for the survival of those affected. Also, they seem to interview really questionable people. Questionable in the fact that they appear to come right out of central casting. They always have major teeth missing, have a cigarette barely hanging on to their lower lip, and a T-shirt with some fucked up saying on it. Today they interviewed a lady named...wait for it...THELMA! I mean, how many Thelmas have YOU known in your life, in your REAL life. I haven't even met a Thelma, let alone known one. And sure enough, she thanked the lord almighty that no one was killed in her double-wide trailer. They never blame god for destroying their homes and strewing all their possessions for miles and miles. And what was she most thankful for? Take a wild guess. Well in the midst of the debris was a board upright with a cross board nailed to it. It supposedly looked like a cross. Shredded was an American flag (not a real one, just a cheap one made from a petroleum product. The kind you buy at a gas station) stuck to the cross structure. Well shit, they all claimed it was a sign from god. A fucking vigil began at the cross with prayers and an enterprising rural baptist preacher capitalizing on the gathering. The end of the broadcast played out with remote reported adding a little fucked up editorial. Standing so you could see the morons praying by the cross and in the background, a rainbow shining in the sky the reported said: "No one was hurt today by the grace of god and he left a reminder that he was sorry." I mean how fucked up do you have to be to kneel before a piece of trash, pray to a mythical being and ignore the science that clearly explains the visual effect that is a rainbow? Oh, and as for the fucked up t-shirt, it was a Trump will make America great again campaign shirt.

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One of the characters in the

One of the characters in the movie "Twister" described an F5 tornado as the "finger of god." I've always seen them as awe-inspiring but unpredictable and terrifying freaks of nature.

It's interesting how rats, gulls, crows, roaches, religious hucksters, and other assorted vermin creep into disaster areas to feed on the tragedy.

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Thelma is/was a very popular

Thelma is/was a very popular name in Texas. There's even a town named Thelma.

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"and he left a reminder that

"and he left a reminder that he was sorry."

My favorite part of your story.

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Christians are taught to be

Christians are taught to be battered stepford wives. God their sexist master beating them down to their knees where he believes they belong. Its sad that they are taught this sort of life is admirable. Its really just stupid

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I agree, JamieB. Leave it to

I agree, JamieB. Leave it to you to put a female perspective to it.

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Thanx Mykcob4

Thanx Mykcob4
Thats why I like learning from you more logical folk. I tend toward the emotional and left side brain thoughts. Its helps to reign me back in sometimes

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And at least I, appreciate

And at least I, appreciate your more left brain thoughts, I am pretty far over to the logical side of things absent of most emotion. But I fully realize most people do not operate that way.

I have learned a lot here about why theist are theist, both from theist and from atheist here that were formally theist.

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HA, That's funny. Most people

HA, That's funny. Most people describe me as emotional! I have the heart of an artist and the rational of a warrior. I am quite creative. I actually escape to that world often. Someday I'll show you some of the crazy shit I have written. I am also eclectic.
I joined the USMC not to be a hero or even to find myself. I joined because my college baseball coach cut me (he was right) and I lost my scholarship. So without a plan, I decided to join the service. I chose the Marine Corps because they weren't slobs. They weren't hitting on young girls at my school. They seemed to have their proverbial shit together. Plus I met Neil Armstrong and John Glen. Both Marine colonels, astronauts, and BIG LIBERALS! Compassionate tough guys like me. I met Bruce Lee when I was very young. He said that he always wanted to be a Marine, and I know he was a big Liberal. Thus I made the leap. To this day my regret is that I didn't develop my creative side. Even though I am an old crusty tough guy, I am shy about my art. My songs, my writing, my drawings. You know because you do it. But you are far braver than I. Someone's art is a window into their mind, and I keep mine private.
Just to show how fucked up I am, here is a joke that I thought up just today.
Two men are sitting in a coffee shop. one says:
"Ah, coffee. It is so dear to my heart."
The second man says:
"I have a soft spot in my heart"
The first one replies:
"For coffee?"
The second one says:
"No, my doctor says I have a soft spot in my heart."

Now I know that is a silly joke but that is one of the ways my mind works. And it never quits. I sleep in thinking mode.

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The joke got a chuckle from

The joke got a chuckle from me. :)

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I have realized that you are emotional too in addition to your logical side. I love the little I've seen of your creative side. I keep my art private too for the same reasons. I also don't like being the center of attention and its hard for me to play around other people because I get into a weird zone thats too personal. But please keep sharing your songs and art I really enjoy them. :)

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All that was missing was the

All that was missing was the crazy theist saying it was the wrath of god for all the sinning.

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Such a terrible chain of

Such a terrible chain of disasters.....first the tornadoes, then the floods, then the theists charging in to use the pain and chaos to feed their propaganda machine........

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Before Trump said 'make

Before Trump said 'make America Great Again,' it was something Bill Clinton said in his 1992 campaign. And even before that, Clinton stole it from Ronald Reagan.

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