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Change it to: " Straw man use

Change it to: " Straw man use of your straw god fallacy."

It'll have a catchier tone, making people more likely to adopt it.

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No thanks.

No thanks.

Do you think it was morally objective for your deity to torture a newborn baby to death in the bible, because it was angered that the baby was conceived from an adulterous affair?

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This thread had a 17.5%


This thread had a 17.5% success rate. I counted about 7 comments that were either constructive or addressed the OP, out of about 40 total comments.

Most Valuable Commentators: LucyAustralopithecus and LogicForTW

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Luckily you're not the

Luckily you're not the arbiter of value on these threads, so no one cares. I count zero value from your responses to my questions, and 100% dishonesty in your evasion. What do I win?

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I'm fairly left leaning but

I'm fairly left leaning but would consider myself centrist... however, I find this whole 'i identify as..' lark as being fairly ridiculous!

A white male in his mid 30s, could soon say they identify as a black male, and identify as someone who is over 67 years of age.

The problem there being, they if treated as someone of that age they can retire in the UK and claim a pension...

Where does it stop?

I think this needs serious debate with a meeting of minds to ensure people get help as well as being recognised and supported... and that it doesn't get too silly!

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Who cares? People are who

Who cares? People are who they are, and why must we need to label people and give a reason for anything? If I like to wear sports jerseys instead of professional clothing to work, it's because that is what I like to do, and that is also who I am. I tend to joke around a lot, my mathematical skills are rather poor, I am extremely hairy, I enjoy playing football (soccer) , I like to analyze concepts and ideas very deeply, etc. This is who I am. I have many different traits. Some of these traits conform to "heteronormative" soicety of the 21st century, others do not. Do my preferences which differ from the "norm" subject me to questions about who I am? No. Therefore, why must we even go down the transgender road and try to explain why someone is who they are. We might as well come up with theories as to why some people like pizza better than pasta, and why some people are taller while others are short.

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Who cares?

"Who cares?"

I have no issues with your position. Just don't go from not caring, to wanting to stop those that do care.

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I need to side with RT here, why do you care?

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I find understanding people

I find understanding people to be fascinating.

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@ Breezy

@ Breezy
"I find understanding people to be fascinating."
No, Breezy, you misunderstand the meaning of "understand" you find using your 'clever' manipulative arguments, aggression, passive aggressive tactics, loaded questions, misogyny and dishonesty fascinating. It is all about you.

Of empathy, compassion and kindliness, all prerequisites to understanding, you have demonstrated zero, nada , zilch.

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Okay, but the purpose of your

Okay, but the purpose of your OP was ???

What difference does any of this make to you ? Or to me ?

I'm okay with my gender, and I'm okay with whatever anybody else wants to identify with also.

Btw, I really try hard not to stereotype people, but it has just been my personal experience that homosexuals are some of the friendliest, most open minded, and intelligent people I deal with.


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