Trump is the new Hitler

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Trump is the new Hitler

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Seaofmadness's picture he's not. he's not.

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What makes you write that?

What makes you write that?

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Hitler wrote a book about

Hitler wrote a book about what he planned to achieve on the world stage. Trump hasn't the intellectual curiosity nor ability to even read a book.

So, no, Trump is not the new Hitler, he is just a very naughty boy.

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A buffoon and a childish

A buffoon and a childish character he is, but Hitler he's not. And this kind of faux outrage from the left is part of what got him elected. My advice to the left is stop acting so stupid and maybe Donald Trump will start to appear to the public as stupid as he is.

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I'm a liberal myself, and

I'm a liberal myself, and this type of liberal idiocy trying to name-call someone at such a rate is just pathetic. For fucks sake start pointing out the stuff he's doing and stop labeling idiots with the names of cruel people, even fucking Hitler knew what he was doing.

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are you American or not? how

are you American or not? how can you describe the president in that kind of fashion. Donald trump hasn`t killed Jews nor has he declared war on any particular person. I voted for him because I saw the way the democratic liberal wing was going. We have a terrible debt problem, But liberals want to spend more of my money, They are gearing and heading to socialism, GThat`s why Bernie Sanders was so popular last year during the primaries.So please just before you know Donald j trump you should look at barak o bama who pardoned terrorist ans added over 5 trillion dollars to our debt among other things. I see the democratic party both in the congress and the senate as be an obstructionist to this president and the press like the new York times and the Washington post among others really defaming him.The media is out to get him no doubt about it, They are a bunch of sore losers who can`t accept that Hillary Clinton lost the election.o please respect this president, and stop complaining.

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science follower - We have a

science follower - We have a terrible debt problem

I have no doubt the debt will be higher when Trump leaves office than when he started.

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Of course the debt with be

Of course the debt with be higher.. but 9 trillion higher with nothing to show for it except Obama's bank accounts filled with millions while billions are missing. Nyarlathotep why do you deflect? We do have a debt problem and your hero doubled it in 8 years..a fact. Trump is going to add to it for sure, to fix bridges,roads, the military sequester,Detroit schools full of mold and Flint Michigan. They all happened or were all neglected by your guy... Obama left Obama care too, Trillions in unfunded new entitlements.. Lie to yourself, but history has 20/20 hindsight and that is Obama's legacy.. A trail of shit he left for others to fix.. Like DACA, he said it unconstitutional and temporary. The Supreme court rule 9-0 that it was an unconstitutional authoritarian more piece of shit for someone else to fix... His legacy is written.... and it will not be kind

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TIME MAN - ...except Obama's

TIME MAN - ...except Obama's bank accounts filled with millions while billions are missing. Nyarlathotep why do you deflect?

So when I make a prediction about what effect Trump will have on the debt; in a thread about Trump; I'm deflecting? But when you reference conspiracy theories about Obama in the same thread you are not?

TIME MAN - We do have a debt problem and your hero doubled it in 8 years

My hero? Now you are just living in a fantasy land.

TIME MAN - Like DACA, he said it unconstitutional and temporary. The Supreme court rule 9-0 that it was an unconstitutional authoritarian act

No court has ruled the DACA unconstitutional; fantasy land confirmed.

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maybe you should read this

maybe you should read this before disingenuously blaming Obama.

Trump has just unveiled a raft of tax cuts which will almost certainly increase the US national debt as well.

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Those tax cuts for very wealthy individuals and corporations have to leave a hole in revenue.

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BULLSHIT science follower!

BULLSHIT science follower!
You're a goddamned idiot.
Trump has declared war on all people of color. He associates with Klan leaders and Russian thugs.
The Democratic party is not obstructionist. The conservatives are. The Democrats haven't blocked anything. The fact is the reason Congress can't pass a single bill is that republicans won't vote for it so YOU are a fucking liar.
Liberals don't want to spend more money. Quite the opposite. The Affordable Care Act is designed to REDUCE spending. The only problem with ACA is that fucking republicans opt out of the program. You fucking conservatives always talk about "supply and demand." Well, numbnuts a ONE PAYER system would skew the supply and demand equation for the consumer. Cost will go way down. Every industrial nation in the world has a socialized medical system except the USA. Of the 11 nations the USA health coverage, general health, life expectancy, and customer satisfaction, are dead last. USA health coverage is the highest cost. The ACA changed those numbers for the better somewhat but the damned repukes keep sabotaging the effort.
As far as the deficit goes blaming it on Obama is wrong and irresponsible. There was a surplus under Clinton and Bush II gutted it by giving a tax break to the wealthy. Compounded by starting to unnecessary wars over WMDs that weren't even there, you can blame the deficit on the repukes.
Obama didn't pardon one terrorist. You are just lying. And it's President Barack Obama asshole!
BTW fuckhead THE NYT and the WP are considered to be the finest news sources in the world. A supreme conservative George Will works for the Washington Post and has for over 30 years moron.
Trump's bad press isn't manufactured by the press. It's created by Trump.

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F this F that, lots of

F this F that, lots of meaningless words but you are full of misinformation... I think you're paid to spew propaganda just like Goebbels did for Hitler. Obama spent 9 Trillion dollars and all of us as Americans have nothing but more debt to show for it. Under Obama 9 Trillion spent, Billions missing, Millions in HRC and Obama's bank accounts. FACTS... I think you are calling yourself Idiot, fuckhead, fucking liar, moron,..etc etc... You are a simple lemming spewing talking points that you've been feed by your masters, your cult leaders; Obama and Clinton. Throw Bernie in there too. What do you know about science, nothing!!!! I can prove it...

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mykco4 do you want to see how

mykco4 do you want to see how stupid you are?
Try this Object observation out...

If you have an empty 1000 ml glass vessel, you insert 500 ml of something into it and call it Object X. What is Object X? 1. Object X is a 1000 ml glass vessel containing 500 ml of something. 2. Object X is a glass 1/2 full of something. 3. Object X is a glass 1/2 empty of nothing. Why isn't Object X a glass 1/2 empty of something?(because something never existed) Because Object X cannot be a glass 1/2 full of nothing.(because something exists) Intellectual property of Michael Alan Chapman

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Obama associates with KKK

Obama associates with KKK Grand Masters. Hillary called that KKK Grand master a personal friend, a mentor. Obama gave a eulogy for that KKK Grand Master... Richard Byrd..

Not to be outdone there..
Obama encourages, supports, promotes Muhammad to "The GREAT prophet Muhammad" Islam's Muhammad is a pedophile, a polygamist, someone who enslaved, subjugated women, raped, mutilated by beheading and killed for example. Islam calls Muhammad the "perfect example" to emulate. Obama associates and identifies with this religion, as "The Great religion Islam"

Obama encourages pedophilia, polygamy and women's inequality through subjugation. Islamic Law requires Muslims to emulate Muhammad, or death is prescribed by Islamic scriptures.

Islam thinks women are half the value of a man, that women are mentally deficient, that women and their bodies are a man's possession and that women are an affliction upon man(mankind).

Barack Obama personally supported, encouraged and promoted Islam and Muhammad. Both require these Laws, beliefs, customs, traditions and practices to be followed, because Islam is immutable. Obama knows this, and he still associated with and promoted these ideals to be imported to the USA. If you support Obama, you are a believer in them too. Only a moron would support pedophilia, polygamy, subjugation of women and minorities. So why do you support them... Obama went for the trifecta.... and as a good little lemming you follow him like a little puppy dog spewing his talking points.. You belong to a cult...

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I'm not even for Trump

I'm not even for Trump anymore, but that's just propaganda. There are legitimate criticisms of the Trump Administration, and those aren't them. He isn't a member of the KKK, and he isn't working for the Russian Mob.

If you are supposing that giving the government the power to control everyone's healthcare will benefit the consumer, that is evidently bullshit. If you want to reduce prices let people buy drugs or treatments from countries where the prices are lower.

The ACA increased the cost of insurance, but it also decreased the cost of healthcare itself, primarily because fewer people could afford health insurance, and the health insurance they did get got them less, reducing the aggregate demand for healthcare, because people weren't getting as much.

Not every country has socialized healthcare, every first world nation, except the US, ensured healthcare to their citizens- sometimes that is through socialization, but not always. I oppose socialized healthcare, but I support ensuring healthcare to everyone. Socialization would restrict fee choice, I support something that gives people greater control over the funds expanded. Health insurance vouchers with a public option and free trade in drugs and treatments would work pretty well.

We had a surplus under Clinton for 2 of the 8 years he was in office, in 1995 and 1996, and it was because of rising incomes during the bubble. Bush 2 only raised the top bracked by 4%. Either way, if you say that cutting taxes for the rich would create a deficit, you would have to concede that the Rich pay enough taxes to create such a difference. If they pay 0 taxes like you claim, gen cutting them by 4% shouldn't create any difference.

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Lol. Trump may be a

Lol. Trump may be a narcissist, but he's no Hitler...

People need to take a chill pill. Sure, it's pretty shitty that we have a reality TV star as a president who became republic/"conservative" 5 minutes before he decided to run for president but the world isn't going to end and he not going to become a dictator. He's just too stupid.

I am very conservative btw.

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um dumb is right...LOL,

um dumb is right...LOL,

Hitler managed to kill over 6 million people, not just jews moron, and yes, trump is going to do the same thing right under the same repugnant American eye...sooo cluless!!!

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He is not as smart as Hitler.

He is not as smart as Hitler. He is Putin's puppet.

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mykcob4....You are Obama's

mykcob4....You are Obama's little puppet, a little puppy dog barking talking points from your masters, seeking favor....mykcob4 is a simple are a lemming....a simple minded follower with a foul mouth because you have nothing intelligent to say..

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And that is the main problem

And that is the main problem with mykcob4's posts. His foul language and constant nasty attacks on people who actually want to intelligently discuss topics make his points, many of which are valid, seem petty. If I were from some other country and knew NOTHING about the topics being discussed, just listening to the way he presents his beliefs would lead me to assume he was wrong in his propositions. I'm now an atheist, and I don't want him on my side of issues. I'm a Democrat, and I don't want him on my side of issues. Rants do not help our causes.

You're wrong in many issues, but at least I could have a conversation with you.

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That's a pretty unanimous

That's a pretty unanimous opinion among those of us who deal with him- he doesn't have any real arguments and debating hi is virtually useless. He just tries some appeal to authority fallacy at best, insults you, then dances around victoriously. Or was that playing chess with a pigeon- I can't tell the difference.

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Fuck Donald Trump.

Fuck Donald Trump.

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See, that's what I'm talking

See, that's what I'm talking about SSOAB, just saying "fuck to " makes you look stupid and aggressive. Instead of saying "fuck you, fuck him", why don't you start actually rationalizing that comment and actually give people the reason to think "fuck Donald Trump" not just the word.

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I live here and I have to

I live here and I have to deal with his racially charged supporters. They really are and people with his bumper sticker have tried to get reckless with me based on my skin color. Inspired by him. It's happened more than once. Not making this up. So Fuck Donald Trump. Under Donald Trump, Our Native American bretheren's rights are once again being violated as he pushes for this stupid fucking environmental hazard pipeline. Speaking of the environment, he literally said during a speech that it's freezing right now and we can use a little global warning.


If that makes me sound stupid then I don't care to be smart.

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If any of you "fucks knew

If any of you "fucks knew history, no offense secular, you not would see that under the cloak of propaganda, gov conspiracy: people are killed everyday in the name of eugenics which is alive dumb fucks. geezus, learn some shit. different era, same theory.

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You know who to blame for

You know who to blame for that- myckob4's guy, Hamilton! He put in the part about eminent domain.

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The environmental hazard

The environmental hazard pipeline? Simply propaganda that they feed and you eat...I thought Goebbels died, it seems someone is using his mind control over you....How much environmental damage was done by the environmentalists... They left trash, garbage and sewage in the water, then trashed the land too and cost taxpayers literally Millions of dollars to clean up after you.. It is like a bunch of little kids messing up their room,then leaving and the parents have to clean up after them because they are spoiled little brats... As far as racism, the KKK and white supremacist go, Trump denounced them as unacceptable and called them out specifically by name. Your hero Obama and HRC associated with a KKK Grand Master, she called him a personal friend and a mentor.. BO eulogized Byrd, a true racist that was a Democrat and Democrat Senate Leader in a position of power, Obama promoted Muhammad to "The Great Prophet Muhammad"status. Muhammad was a pedophile who ejaculated(thighing) on a 6 year old girl Aisha his child bride then has sex with her at age 9. Obama knew this. Then Obama called Islam the "Great Religion", it subjugates women and minorities,requires it. Islam believes women are half the value of a man, that women are mentally deficient, that women and their bodies are a man's possession and that women are an affliction upon man. Islam is immutable.. Obama knows this...So he accepts it.. Is it OK to support pedophilia, polygamy and subjugation? Obama and you think it is.

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We are headed well into a

We are headed well into a plutocracy shifting steadily away from democracy to plutocracy. Anyone who denies this is not reviewing the evidence. I think we all already know this and can agree on this, if you studied us politics enough.

The super elite at the top have refined their techniques, as they use tools of mass media, religion and spread of misinformation. They have read the books on how human psychology works. I think we can all agree that pretty much all politicians are garbage because the system sets it up that way.

Trump is special case in this system. It is a sign of how bad things have gotten. Before it could not be so obvious, now it is out in the open and he still our president. Trump is very bad, with him and the rest of the republicans in control our decent into true plutocracy quickens.

Can we pull back from this slide? Can we recover and work towards true equality for all that is possible if everyone said: "everyone deserves better!"

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God, the amount of sheer

God, the amount of sheer unbelievable leftist stupidity being displayed on this thread is just way too far beyond my pain threshold. Leftists are obviously still clueless as to why they lost, and are still committing the same baffling idiocy. You cannot expose Trump's stupidity and make the other side look as stupid as they are when you are acting 10 times more moronic than they are. For example @mykcob4, just go back and read both yours and science follower's posts and tell me which one was the more vacuous and intolerant one. I'll give you some excerpts of your own post just to help you out:

"BULLSHIT science follower!
You're a goddamned idiot."

"BTW fuckhead"

Neither of these statements constitute a winning argument or make you look intelligent or mature. I counted 8 times you used profanity in your post and at least three where you personally attacked science follower, and not a single instance of any of that in science follower's post. Nowhere in science follower's post did he even come close to the indecency and intolerance that you did. He stated his case with 1,000 times greater decency and civility than you did. All liberals seem to do these days is show how reactionary, intolerant, ignorant, and barbaric they can be and act. And you are not the only delusional leftist on here spouting utter stupidity. The OP and others here are equally worthy of being called out. @Endri is absolutely right. Every move Trump and his supporters make is "racist", "bigoted", "homophobic", "nazi", etc. etc. etc. according to far left progressive types. The absolutely insipid and moronic way liberals have acted in recent times has left no question whatsoever why Trump won. People are tired of your delusional charges of bigotry every time someone clears their throat, and they are tired of the primitive, intolerant, and sometimes violent ways you react when you get triggered by the smallest little thing.

And the ad-Hitlerums are potentially the most ignorant of all of the leftist idiocy that has arisen recently. Trump may very well be a vacuous and childish character, but he cannot under any circumstances thus far be compared to one of the biggest psychopaths and genocidal ideologues in human history. To show how utterly fatuous and stupid your Trump-to-Hitler comparisons are, I will now satirize them:

Trump is the NEW HITLER!!! Don't believe me, just look at the similarities!

- Trump and Hitler were both born and raised on planet Earth.
- Both were heterosexual.
- Both men were married to a female.
- Neither Trump or Hitler have kicked a winning field goal during a NFL football game.
- Neither Trump or Hitler were ever NASCAR Nationwide Series champions.
- Neither Trump or Hitler have visited the moon or traveled in outer space.
- Both men had 23 pairs of chromosomes.
- Trump and Hitler both have nipples.

The connection and similarities are CLEAR folks! Trump is the NEW HITLER!!!


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