Trump is the new Hitler

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So most of the Gays were Lazy

So most of the Gays were Lazy, Demented, Dullard, Non Cooperating Split Brained Mental Misfits.(...) They prefer to stand in the way eXplaining to You and the Enemy that they are Gay before they fire another shot.

Any objective proof of this? I guess not, because It stinks of serious prejudice, Guiltyascharged.

Btw, In 2014, NY Times estimated there were 15.000 homosexuals in the closet of USA army...
War is not sth homosexuals do? Are you sure?

I bet the only wars you've actually been in, are the ones in Battlefield, "macho" man.

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It was never about Hitler.

It was never about Hitler. Hitler was just the gentle, loving, caring, zealous Preacher - Who was redeeming the Congregation back to their 2000 Year old Faith.

Hitler never pulled a trigger, wielded a blade or fired a rocket. He simply Spoke the Truth that the People of Germany and Italy knew to be their personal convictions.

In Germany Every Priest And Bishop were becoming Fully Active Government Agents of the German Government.

The POPE ORDERED Every Bishop and priest in Germany to Place their Hands on the Holy Bible and Swearing to God Almighty and Upon the Gospels - - COMPLETE, total Loyalty to the Nazi Party and to Adolf Hitler.


This is Every Priests and Bishops Goal, Around the World - To become a Official Government Agent. -

In Charge and to Reach the height of being the SOCIALIST - As a Supreme Social Worker and Controller of the Citizens; BANKING and Controlling the SOCIAL SERVICES. To Undermine the Working Class of NON CATHOLICS.

The Vatican is Working Day And Night - To become the One in CHARGE - Who Collects all the Donations. taxes and Charities And Chooses who will receive the Money. This is Why Majority of Catholics - AWAYS - ALWAYS Vote For Socialist Governments. Around the World - Especially Here In The USA.

The Prison System, The FBI, The CIA and Social Government Services is where The Catholic Church Pours all their Money in.
All the Money that the Catholic Church Rakes and Skims and Subsidizes, Rakes and Shaves off the Top - UNTILL they gain Control of everything they can, THROUGH Government Programs - at taX Payer eXpense.

. They Pour and Dump Everything they Can - Of their Left Overs. And it is All Classified because it is Government Agencies.
Catholic Social Services - Put their Assets and Properties and Stocks and Monies Back into the Government System - Around the World. Creating and LIVING, Growing and Maintaining { MAKING A LIVING :} on the FLOW of Money Flowing Down to The Masses of Poor.

Who the Working Class - Pay the Entire Bill In Taxes.

Please Go To My Website CLICK HERE NOW.

Thanks. Keep Up the good faith.

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Guiltyascharged - Please Go

Guiltyascharged - Please Go To My Website CLICK HERE NOW.

Geocities called and they said they want their site back.

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Do I sort of not get your

Do I sort of not get your sense of humour? Are you lauding Adolf Hitler here?? Could you put up a "Satire" sign, your style is somewhat confusing.. Nopes, we, the people of Germany did NOT feel as a personal conviction we must annex Ukraine, subdue the Poles and kill all handicapped children. We didn't feel a need to own all Europe, nor were we honestly convinced we were a master race. Germans like Einstein, and a lot of non.jewish might also tell you, that most of us did not agree with the jewish-thing Hitler had going on.
Please make your jokes a bit more clear - you might be misunderstood..
Oh, and don't think I'm not Matriot (as in Motherland) or overly liberal - just Hitler really was NOT a positive national achievement..

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While Trump may be personally

While Trump may be personally weird and childish, he is not a totalitarian leader. There have been, best to my knowledge, nothing racist in his laws or in the implications of what he is going to do. Nothing suggests he is going to harm those who disagree with him. If anything, it is the left (Antifa and BlackLivesMatter) who are harming those who disagree with them.

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Uh, do you really need me, or


Uh, do you really need me, or others, posting video evidence of tRump being racist, or video evidence of tRump encouraging harm on people that disagree with him? There is lots, it might be embarrassing to you to keep that stance. Want to take it back first? It is a 2 second google search away. Pretty difficult to explain away video evidence. These are not blurry/dark videos either.

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While they may both be racist

While they may both be racist or encouragement of harm, there are two major differences:
1. Hitler was skilled and carefully tactically manipulated his environment to get from a rejected art student to one of the most powerful people on the planet. Trump is not this. He is childish and not skilled politically.
2. Hitler was totalitarian, Trump absolutely not, other wise the fascist Anti-fa and murderous Black Lives Matter would not be able to stage "protests"
FYI, Anti-fa may claim to be "anti-fascist", but they desire for the control of private property, which is one aspect of fascism.

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Hitler and Trump got to power

Hitler and Trump got to power in a very similar fashion, though - lots of luck, a big enemy (communism then, muslim terrorism and immigration now), a population sick ans distrustful of established parties, bullying and big rallies. Trump isn't easy to control, as his party now realizes, nor was Hitler. In the end, Hitler was no more than a sadistic, infantile idiot, surrounded by people who lost all touch with reality. Hitler and his administration were different from Trump, but if Trump were to push through his anti-earth agenda he might yet top Hilters body-count..

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Hitler lost the election to

Hitler lost the election to chancellor if my memory of history class serves correctly, but clawed his way to power later anyways strong arming the chancellor at the time.

Trump won the election but is starting to lose even his most fervent base as his major election platform policies stumble. He will need his own 9/11 like event to be able to consolidate power again. A scary thought indeed.

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LogicForTW... Why did the

LogicForTW... Why did the Lefty Loons of San Jose Ca in 2016 actually, physically beat Trump supporters and bloody them up? Racism? Encouraging harm? La Raza actually harmed. Antifa actually harmed...The Left actually harmed.... That was before Heather was killed. Use Logic man.....

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In DC, when you start

In DC, when you start comparing modern day politicians to Hitler, you immediately lose the argument and are likely laughed out of the room. Honestly, Donald Trump doesn't have what it takes to be Hitler.

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I would say Benito Mussolini

I would say Benito Mussolini is a better comparison, but yes, all people are different, and the times are very different.

It seems to becoming increasingly clear tRump is far to incompetent/old/crazy to be compared to mussolini or hitler. I feel his power has only waned since the election so far. Perhaps he will get his own "9/11" which will reverse his decline. I certainly hope nothing like that happens though, for many reasons.

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No he's not. He's just an

No he's not. He's just an idiot who will have power for four years and after that he'd be forgotten.

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Unfortunately, however, he

Unfortunately, however, he will be naming people to the Supreme Court. That could impact us for decades.

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Here is to Ruth Bader

Here is to Ruth Bader Ginsburg staying healthy and long in years!

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chimp3...Ginsberg thinks the

chimp3...Ginsberg thinks the age of sexual consent should be 12. I guess she is a supporter of Muhammad the pedophile, just like Obama is. Obama promoted a pedophile to "The Great Prophet Muhammad"status.. So funny you Atheists don't dislike Islam, just other religions. You Atheists actually defend Islam, a religion that requires pedophilia and polygamy to be practiced.....And subjugates women... Your true colors are showing....

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TIME MAN - Ginsberg thinks

TIME MAN - Ginsberg thinks the age of sexual consent should be 12.

Do you have source for that (and I mean a source from Ginsberg, not some right wing wacko claiming it)?

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Every religion is the same bs

Every religion is the same bs to us, meaning they're all built on lies.

That doesn't mean that every religion is the same. Jainism, for instance, is way more peaceful than current Christianity, and certainly much more peaceful than current Islam.

Catholicism at least has been reformed a few times; Islam none.

Pedophilia and polygamy, as a matter of fact, is not considered bad in any of the "holy" books, neither in the Bible, where actually it says that it's even right to sell your own daughter as sexual slave (for instance, Numbers 31:1-18, Deuteronomy 20:10-14, Judges 21:7-11, Judges 21:20-23, Exodus 21:7-10) nor the Quran.

So, actually, christians, muslims, and some other believers, are the ones who follow morally depraved texts. And for us, morally depraved texts are exactly that, no matter what religion supports them.

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Anyone who say Trump is a new

Anyone who say Trump is a new Hitler gives too much credit to his intelligence. Having said, before the second wold war, Hitler was mocked by the rest of the world

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The only comparison is they

The only comparison is they are both dick heads who fed the feeling nationalism...

But Hitler is a different ball game all together, regardless of political stance, anyone calling trump I'm the same breath as Hitler has no knowledge of history what so ever and clearly just reacting overly emotionally.

I hope he gets put on trial and the US sees sense but he is no Hitler.

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Trail for what? Because you

Trail for what? Because you think he is ugly? Hillary should be on trial... should I list the reasons?

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OOh yea. Hitler was

OOh yea. Hitler was Allowed to Bring Catholicism and Protestantism into the Government. Every Bishop and priest were Government Agents. Money, Money Money - and Taking it away from the Unpopular Jews was not a problem for Them. they deserved Slavery and Hell. In The Eyes of the Bishops and Priests.

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Trump hasn't so far started

Trump hasn't so far started any great war - and probably doesn't mean to, while war was always Hitler's goal.
On the other hand, his anti-earth, pro-plutocracy policies, if actually seen through, might do inestimable harm - in the long run even worse than Hitler. Also, he divides the people so absolutely. Americans now hate one another. While Trump didn't kill anyone, he made a rift or crack in the substance of the nation that ought to have led to civil war or at least considerable unrest - but now PERHAPS marks the end of America as a modern democracy, bringing the world one step closer to becoming a technocratic / plutocratic / theocratic mess, instead of a network of civilized, maturing nations. I guess something like this is what many people feel, and call Trump Hitler, because his presidency kind of killed America.
But then - democratic liberals don't really fight for their values anymore - like in Europe, the ones who are prepared to actually take arms, and/or give their lives are radical right wingers, turkish nationalists following Erdogan, or mafia guys.
Liberals don't even fght with words - Bernie Sanders is one of the few, who honestly emote and explain stuff to Trump voters.
Trump seems like a materialized demon of sorts, that grew out of all the dark stuff people chose to ignore and now it has taken over..
At the moment, though, I am happily impressed by the politicians stopping his outrageous health-care bill - let's hope they also shred his billionaire tax-break-plans!

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Yeah, so far trump and the

Yeah, so far trump and the republicans have stumbled, let us hope they continue to do so. Although I do fear they will be succesful in having ACA (obama care) collapse under its own weight by not supporting it. The rate increases and availability of health care plans in November will be very telling. If I was a stockbroker I would not be investing in any private health insurance companies right now..

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Godwin's law- you lose

Godwin's law- you lose

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Heh, godwin's law can be

Heh, godwin's law can be applied to any conversation. And it could be about anything, not just hitler.

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sieg heil

sieg heil

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The effect of Trump on the

The effect of Trump on the world is rather odd, though.

His anti-climate-war has UNITED the rational world behind the Paris deal, instead of weakening support.

Republicans stand against their own health care destruction plans, after trying to murder the afforable care act for years.

France voted for Macron instead of Le Pen. (A triumph for the tolerant liberals, results for Europe rather doubtful, though - this may sound harsh, but I personally think Le Pen could be a lesser evil in the long run, compared to islamist pressure on society.)

Russia gets more estranged from, instead of closer to the US government - if they thought, they had any predictable influence over Trump, they have been as mistaken as the GOP.

His rethoric gets China to see reason on North Korea - outcome is unclear. I see no merit in peace-at-any-price with that regime in the north, but the problem has been left to grow beyond all responsible scale. If there is a chance to avoid major war but still dethrone Kim, China may now help to find that solution. Outcome totally unclear, and don't know, what is realistic. Not sure, if a terrible war is a more moral choice than continual tolerance of evil, but if Trump's rethoric now were to effect a policy of gradual reform and opening up of North Korea instead of upheaval, that would accidentally make him one of the great men in history..

Boy, humans are crazy!

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I agree with you, except on

I agree with you, except on two things:

1. Everything I read about Le Pen made Le Pen worse than Macron, (read plenty bad about Macron too, just lesser of 2 evils sort of scenario, based on what I read.)

2. Hard to think of a scenario where war is the better outcome. Perhaps you can think of a situation where starting a major war resulted in a better outcome than trying other avenues. Certainly the US joining World War 2 was likely a net positive outcome, (at least on the stuff across the Atlantic.) but that is different than starting a war. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc seems to me, like they were abject failures. Even though the US spends as much on military as nearly the rest of the world combined, we have not had a decisive victory in a war that ended with net positive outcomes in many decades.

I would love to free the people of North Korea from Kim Jong Un's oppressive dictatorship, and to remove nuclear capability from this madman, but it is hard to be on the high horse here, when the country I hail from currently has tRump as president.

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