Trumps 30% tariff on imported solar panels

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@Nyar Re: Pencils/Pens

@Nyar Re: Pencils/Pens

What? That story isn't true? Awww.... I really LIKED that story. *frown*

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Yup. The Russians ( then

Yup. The Russians ( then Soviets, then Russians again) are a practical lot.

They still use vacuum tubes in the amplifiers for their radios aboard their Soyuz spacecraft. Reasoning - tubes handle high power applications better than transistors without cooling- and tubes are pretty much immune to cosmic radiation bombardment - where as transistors ( especially PC mounted) are vulnerable to degradation.

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@Mark Re: Misunderstandings

@Mark Re: Misunderstandings

Yeah, it can easily get confusing on here sometimes by the way the feed posts things. To help prevent the confusion a bit, try using what I did with this post. Helps make it clear who you are addressing and for what particular reason.

And, yeah, the Amish comment was rather funny. lol

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Suniva, although based in the

Suniva, although based in the US, is owned by Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited, a Chinese company.

There are approximately 260,000 solar cell jobs in the US. There are 9.8 million in the oil industry.

One major reason why Suniva is lagging is because the US has basically invested nil in renewable energy, thanks to the oil lobby. China and Taiwan have invested billions in such technology and production plants.

So Suniva wins it's case, and foreign companies now face huge tariffs in the US. Guess what, Shunfeng has eliminated all competition in the US. Under the banner of "Make US great again ', and "Buy US", there are a few billionaires in China just laughing with glee.

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