The ultimate low calorie diet: Bacteria running on electricity.

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The ultimate low calorie diet: Bacteria running on electricity.

This may or may not have anything to do with abiogenesis, but I found it nerdy neat: bacteria using electricity as the source of electrons to power themselves.

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If anything, this displays

If anything, this displays the obvious fact that life finds a way to survive and prosper in almost any environment.

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It's almost as good as the

It's almost as good as the Coconut Island diet. You find yourself a bunch of coconuts and then you take them to an island full of angry pygmy's. Guaranteed weight loss.

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When I visited the Vatican, I

When I visited the Vatican, I sensed the presence of predatory bacteria feeding on human hope, dignity and decency.

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"AMEN!" Brother Algebe!

"AMEN!" Brother Algebe!

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Interesting article.

Interesting article.

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That is awesome...thank you

That is awesome...thank you for posting. Love that the researcher called them SPUD's.

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