University of Texas removes four Confederate statues

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University of Texas removes four Confederate statues

The university of texas in austin has remove confederate statues, claiming they were symbols of racism and bigotry. The university also state they were symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism.

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The Confederate statues and

The Confederate statues and monuments are falling like dead leaves from a tree in a hurricane. There is a lot left right now but everyday there have been some removals. It may be a long time before they are all gone but they will be removed, even from Congress.

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Yesterday one of my redneck

Yesterday one of my redneck neighbors approached me as I was walking my dog. He is 67 and lives with his children. He is a longtime meth-head and was fired for being on illegal drugs....which he regards as an injustice to him. When he reached me he asked if I wanted to look at the eclipse through some rednecked engineered piece of crap that he made. I said no thank you, I don't want to go blind. He said this is a highly sophisticated instrument. He showed it to me. It was nothing more than a Rubbermaid lid that had a square hole cut out of it with an ordinary piece of glass duct taped to it. The glass had been lightly painted with gray spray paint.
After I refused his blinding offer he said "can you believe the radicals want to tear down statues that have been around for over 100 years? I said yeah, and I'll help them. He said you are a radical. (meaning me). I said that you don't build or worship statues to people that commit treason. I told him that he could go back into his redneck living room (his garage) and leave me the fuck alone and he can take his goddamned piece of shit with him, and to make sure that he and his whole goddamned (including his dogs) look through that piece of shit at the sun for a long time.
He grumbled something and left. I saw the piece of shit in the trash today. I don't know if he blinded himself...I hope so!
Note the Dallas city council is meeting on HOW to get rid of confederate monuments and statues and what to rename Lee Park.

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it only took the university

it only took the university 150 years to stop honoring and celebrating slavery

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