US girl banned from First Communion ceremony for wearing suit

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US girl banned from First Communion ceremony for wearing suit

Cady Mansell, a nine-year-old from Indiana, was banned from her First Communion ceremony because she wanted to wear a white suit.

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I wonder if they will

I wonder if they will continue their memberships in that organization on the heals of this.

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They did change the church

They did change the church they goto.

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Lucky girl. I hope she's

Lucky girl. I hope she's learned something about the organization her parents have dragged her into.

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Gads! Next thing you know

Gads! Next thing you know girls will want to be president or be firefighters! Or speak out against sexual harassment!

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The catholic organizations do

The catholic organizations do uniformly enforce a dress code. Their purpose is, as with all uniform dress codes, to dispense with the focus on the individual and instead focus on the group. Individual expression is fine on personal time but not when engaged in group activities such as educational studies. It distracts from that.

The parents say they don't want to send their kid to an organization that doesn't care and love them for the 6 hours a day they're there. That's a pant-load of crap. No learning institution "loves" their students and no one would believe it if they claimed to. The parents are extending responsibility to an organization that it is in no way obligated for.

The school is first and foremost a learning institution. It has set the tone for doing what it does very well for centuries. Yes, it has a disciplined and firm stance but, compared to the savoir fair of students in public learning institutions with teachers unable to teach, the distinctions in educational advancement in the early years favor the religious institutions. It's always been that way.

The kid wants to have freedom of expression at a very traditional ceremony that does not defer to such freedoms, the parents are fully aware of it, and yet they are painting the child as a victim.

Right. Now, where'd I put that hanky.

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Well they could have shaved

Well they could have shaved her head so she's lucky about that.

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