USCCB Practicing Medicine without a license again - warn Catholics

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USCCB Practicing Medicine without a license again - warn Catholics

Just when I was depressed about not working the annual Church festival, the USCCB sent out this order than has me falling down on my knees thanking God I left the Catholic Church.

Do you think that doctors should be forced to perform abortions or “gender transition” procedures against their beliefs? Or that taxpayers should be forced to pay for them?

If the answer is NO, please send a comment to the Department of Health and Human Services today!

A little background: In June, the Trump Administration took steps to protect life and religious freedom by correcting an Obamacare rule. Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) bans sex discrimination in federally-funded health programs and activities. But after the ACA became law, the Obama Administration issued rules that wrongly interpreted “sex” in section 1557 to include “termination of pregnancy” and “gender identity.” This put health care providers who do not consider abortion or “gender transition” procedures to be appropriate medical care—and health plans that do not cover these procedures—at risk of being charged with sex discrimination!

The Trump Administration has proposed new rules to eliminate this definition of “sex.” The rules clarify that section 1557 does NOT force healthcare providers and insurers to perform or pay for abortion or gender transition procedures. In addition, the proposed rules recognize that nondiscrimination requirements must be interpreted in line with the First Amendment of the Constitution and federal pro-life, religious freedom, and freedom of conscience laws.

It is important that we share our support for these proposed rules with HHS!

The deadline for submitting comments is Tuesday, August 13 before midnight EST. For more information, read this background information and the USCCB comments.

Just how incredibly STUPID do the bishops think we are??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or did they get hacked by Russian trolls?

Gender modification surgery is an incredibly small specialty and NOT something an average GP would do. What suicidal patient is going to ask for surgery from an unqualified, individual who doesn’t want to do the surgery?

I would hope that if I am dying from medical complications from an unviable pregnancy a Catholic doctor would perform an abortion to save my life and NOT let me die on the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, But that is the whole policy of the bishops – If you can’t save the baby, don’t bother trying to save the mother. Their ‘pro-life’ movement proves that.



The ‘pro life’ ‘theology’ seems to be – It is only men who have the right to murder unborn babies. If you complain, we will further limit your access to pre-natal care and increase the carnage. That’ll learn you to get uppity

The latest Republican health care plan eliminates health care for a lot of pre existing medical conditions. That is one of my ‘pet names’ for my daughter. I found out that I was carrying her and being laid off the same week. I was the sole family bread winner. I was able to obtain a new job within a month, but my pregnancy was considered a “pre-existing medical condition” under my new employer’s health plan. I had to COBRA (self pay) health insurance for myself during the pregnancy.

DiNardo made a big deal of his notice of support for the victims of El Paso. Pretty hollow when this shows up in my in box and the bishops ENDORSED ‘BUILD THE WALL’ TRUMP! We have a Hispanic Pope. Great career move there.

Francis isn’t much better. He gave a support talk for the priests and referenced John Vianny. John Vianny and his ‘priests are next to god in importance’ was a large part of the psychological justification for protecting the pedophiles.

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Calling an abortion

Calling an abortion healthcare is like calling wet cement peanut butter. (With the exception of rape.) Birth control has been free at free clinics for as long as I can remember. I went to a clinic back when I was in university and had no money and had my clap treated for $5. Abortions for free and out of my tax dollars... not as long as I am alive and breathing. Horse shit. Abortion is not birth control. I would agree to an abortion if the woman agreed to sterilization.

Sex change operations that are included in a health care program.... GO FUCK YOURSELVES. Your gender identity is not my problem and I am not paying for it. Some of the stupidest shit I have ever heard is treating a sex altercation like health care. BULLSHIT.

Your issue is with the insurance company being able to dump you even though you paid for insurance and were covered when you became pregnant. It is a preexisting condition that the insurance company agreed to pay. You should never have had to shift insurance companies in the middle of treatment. You had a contract and were using the benefit when they dumped you, work or not, that is just wrong. It has nothing to do with me paying for your healthcare.

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Sex change operations that

Sex change operations that are included in a health care program.... GO FUCK YOURSELVES. Your gender identity is not my problem and I am not paying for it.

By that standard, *none* of your health care needs are my problem. Why should I pay for ANY of it?

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Slippery Slope Fallacy.

Slippery Slope Fallacy. Gender identity surgery is no different than plastic surgery, It is cosmetic in nature, Men living as women are always just that, men living as women. The sex of the individual is not changed. It is a lifetime of drugs and delusion to maintain the illusion. It is not healthcare and I oppose any legislation calling it such.

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What if you were a heavy smoker and now have chronic COPD? Or a heavy drinker and now have liver disease? Or a bad eater and now have heart issues?
Again, why should I pay for that? It's your consequences from your choices.

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@Mrs. Paul Owczarek

@Mrs. Paul Owczarek

"Do you think that doctors should be forced to perform abortions or “gender transition” procedures against their beliefs?"

Yes. If you join a profession,be prepared to do whatever the job requires. I was a telephone repair person. How would you feel if I decided not to repair your service because you consort with pedophiles? Or what if I was a racist fireman, and decided that I would not make any effort to save the life of a black child?

Shit or get off the pot. Do your job or change professions.

"Or that taxpayers should be forced to pay for them?"

Sadly yes, but only because we do not abandon lost souls. The LGBTQ community has an epidemic of suicides, their numbers are well beyond alarming. And there have never been any supporting data to confirm that any sex change will improve the suicide or drug abuse rate. If someone told you that they did not like their arms and wanted to have them removed, that person is a candidate for the nearest mental health facility. But if someone told you that they wanted to have their penis removed, you offer a consoling arm in support? WTF?

I think it is a waste of time and in almost every case, does not heal the core problem. But as I stated, we do not throw lost souls into the background of homeless, discarded, and forgotten.

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Do you think that doctors

Do you think that doctors should be forced to perform abortions or “gender transition” procedures against their beliefs?"

Absolutely not!!! Doctors have specialties. I would never go to a doctor that had a moral objection to some procedure whether he was qualified to do it or not. I would not go to a general practitioner for open heart surgery whether or not he understood the basics of how it was done. A doctor can be secure in his or her practice without ever having to deal with either of these issues. That's why they have this thing called, "referral." Now, should a doctor refuse to make a referral, he or she would not be doing the job entrusted to them. This would be a problem. (Absolute refusal of assistance, then, would be the line not to cross.) People have a right to abortion and to sex change surgery IMO. It just isn't "Health Care" and certainly not something I should have to pay for with taxes.

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I think that I will recommend

I think that I will recommend my OB/GYN to do their prostate surgery or better yet, their lobotomies.

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