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Nyarlathotep - "there have

Nyarlathotep - "there have been rumors from the LHC about a bump in the data"

Turns out it was only a statistical fluke, back to the drawing board!

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"Of omnipotence: God alone

"Of omnipotence: God alone exists in the realm in which He resides; thus, God can do naught but to imagine in His own realm, by which means he can do aught in all others."

I can't get my head around this statement. If god alone exists in the realm in which he resides then where does Satan exist? I think I'm going to stick with my theory that neither of them exist at all. But this is the problem with talking about god; when you say that he has no physical existence but then say that he exists, you've already contradicted yourself.

I think you are a child M.V. Reeves, and you are having a lot of fun playing pretend.

P.S. The habit of trying to capitalize every pronoun that references your god seems exceptionally silly when you miss one.


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