“Vicious haters of all things Christian,”

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“Vicious haters of all things Christian,”

Greetings Fellow “Vicious haters of all things Christian,”

Read and enjoy the following letter published, in very large type, in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Sunday Jan 15, 2017:

“Christians should use Christmas as weapon

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? The argument for using Happy Holidays is concern for Jews, Muslims and folks that are not Christians. There is something to be said for using Happy Holidays. However, it is Christmas that is being celebrated and not a winter holiday. Christmas is very important for Christians. More to the point, we are seeing a vicious war on Christians and a war on Christmas. Atheists have virtually destroyed Christianity in Europe and have set about destroying Christian belief in America. Vicious haters of all things Christian, like the late Christopher Hitchins, are on the march. Under the circumstances of this war on Christianity and Christmas, I believe Christians should proudly and resolutely say Merry Christmas. In fact, I believe Christians should try to get Congress to pass a law that mandates that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, businesses can only use the words Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays in their advertising. It is time for Christians to wield Merry Christmas as a weapon against those who so hate Christianity.”


Here in the US, the requested “…law that mandates that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, businesses can only use the words Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays in their advertising” would seem to violate the First Amendment to the Constitution on a couple of counts:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion… or abridging the freedom of speech...”

The enemy is spooked.

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"Christmas is very important

"Christmas is very important for christians." I disagree. Most of the christians I know think of xmas in terms of gifts for the kids, outdoor lights, and christmas trees.

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I am a Christian catholic and

I am a Christian catholic and I go along with the article that we should say merry Christmas not happy holidays.Atheist are trying to make the united states into a humanist society with all of there attacks on Christianity.What I am not in favor of having a law requiring it to be and impose penalties for companies that don`t comply.that I believe would violate the first amendment to the constitution.

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So you're back to being a

So you're back to being a christian?

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@ simplynotagnostic: You do

@ simplynotagnostic: You do realize that the Jewish celebration of chanukah overlaps December 25th. Saying Happy Holiday simply recognizes your fellow believers.

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Simply Agnostic

Simply Agnostic

I'm going to ask you a very honest and genuine question. I'm not being the least bit facetious.

Do you have multiple personality disorder? It's either that or you're the most clever troll I've ever come across.

I'm serious.

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Christians do not own

Christians do not own December 25th.

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"we are seeing a vicious war

"we are seeing a vicious war on Christians and a war on Christmas."

Paranoia should be one of the deadly sins, and a sense of irony should be one of the cardinal virtues. Is anyone preventing Christians from celebrating Christmas anyway they want? The true source of this Christian angst is the fact that they are no longer able to impose their cult's weird practices on other people.

If Christians were really sincere about Christmas as a holy event, they'd spend the holiday like Jesus supposedly did--sheltering in cattle sheds and warming themselves over steaming piles of bullshit.

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Christians will not be

Christians will not be satisfied until the Ten Commandments are on every courthouse lawn and witches and homosexuals are hanging from the trees. The auto de fe for all heretics.

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