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I can't stand the guy,

I can't stand the guy, because he's so arrogant, and doesn't seem to acknowledge knowledge and reason, unless it supports his pre-conceptions.

In a word John Lennox ~ "YUK". *


* = that's not a reasoned argument, it's just what I think of him.

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I watched a lecture he gave

I watched a lecture he gave in England. He asserts he is going to talk about Intelligent Design. Then he spends over half the lecture attempting to knock down Darwinism. This is a Straw Man Tactic. Darwin wrote his shit 160 years ago. Um.... science has moved on a bit since then. His lecture was idiotic. How the man got a PhD is beyond me.

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An able mathematician, who

An able mathematician, who was indoctrinated into the superstious hokum of Catholicism, and can't shake it off . Sad really, but what can you do.

The Hitch tore him a new one in a debate, though the Hitch was dying of cancer and sadly not at his acerbic best. Lennox looked like a floundering clown, but given the subject matter he was defending, that was inevitable.

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Here are a couple of debates

Here are a couple of debates between Hitchens and Lennox I have watched.

Christopher Hitchens vs John Lennox | Is God Great? Debate

Christopher Hitchens vs John Lennox | Can Atheism Save Europe? Debate


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And here is another question:

And here is another question: If Lennox is a professor of Mathematics, what makes him qualified to speak about religion other than he is some kind of "professor"?


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So, with answers proposed by

So, with answers proposed by other fellows, i can safely safe that i will not think highly of this man, but in the end, would you mind to stop bothering us with pathetic people like this?

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just asking.... no need to

just asking.... no need to get butt hurt

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Yes no need... As long as you

Yes no need... As long as you are better than the litany of theists who come here.

You can stop using argument from authority, il will be a good start :)

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You're not "just asking"

You're not "just asking" though are you, you're clearly implying an irrational and specious validation of religious belief because the man who holds is a well regarded mathematician.

here's a clue for you SoA, if Lennox's qualifications as a mathematician in any way validate his superstitious beliefs as you are implying, then why haven't you converted to Catholicism, which is what Lennox believes in? As if we didn't already know.

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SofA: "just asking.... no

SofA: "just asking.... no need to get butt hurt"

Not butt hurt. Just wondering why you even asked in the first place. Enigmatica.


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He also debated Richard

He also debated Richard Dawkins and demonstrated such a primitive understanding that it was quite sad.

And him being a mathematician makes fuck all difference...

Ted Bundy was proficient in law.

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"And him being a

"And him being a mathematician makes fuck all difference...

Ted Bundy was proficient in law."

Exactly, the fucking Yorkshire Ripper was probably an able HGV driver, but would you employ him to drive lorries, or trust his opinion on women drivers? This is yet another of those tedious appeal to authority fallacies theists love to make. Similar to when they compile a list of 'scientist' who dispute evolution, but fail to mention not one of them has any peer reviewed published work on evolution or biology that validates their denials of that scientific fact. Or they'll cite an expert's OPINION against evolution, never failing to list their credentials such as a PhD, but conveniently fail to mention it is in engineering.

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I had no idea who the man was

I had no idea who the man was until I read this thread...

After having read it, and done some googling, I'm under the distinct impression that he's a silly old codger who doesn't know his asshole from next Saturday.

I suspect that viewpoint will be reinforced after watching the debates.

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You don't answer me, has Lennox published a peer reviewed mathematical 'proof' to support the existence of any deity?

If not, then why does it matter what atheists in particular think of him?

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Sheldon "Unless of course you

Sheldon "Unless of course you're saying John Lennox has produced a peer reviewed mathematical proof that supports the existence of a deity?"

SOA "if there was would you believe?"

Sheldon "Is there one? Link it then please, as I'm dubious that the entire world has missed this? "

It always makes me laugh when theists are this dishonest. SOA asking me if I'd believe evidence he knows does not exist, then refusing to acknowledge my answer because he knows that the evidence doesn't exist.

You have to laugh at that level of intellectual dishonesty.

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I think this adequately sums

I think this adequately sums it up sheldon...


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Oh of course, pitting

Oh of course, pitting superstitions against science and logic is like betting your life savings on the walnut rather than the sledge hammer. However what annoys me is the sheer dishonesty of SOA's question, and his thread, knowing the Lennox credentials in maths can only have a bearing on the validity of his superstitious beliefs. if he has used that expertise in maths to produce a peer reviewed mathematical proof that validates the existence of his deity.

Not only does SOA know he (Lennox) has not done this, but if he had done it why is SOA not a catholic like Lennox?

Rank dishonesty, far worse than his risible argument based as it is on an obvious appeal to authority fallacy.

Next some theist will be whining at how poorly they are treated on here, dear oh dear.

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servantofAllah: What do you

servantofAllah: What do you atheists think about Dr John Lennox?

I don't think about John Lennox.

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What do theists think about

What do theists think about Dr Ringo Starx?

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What do theists think of

What do theists think of Einstein's many declarations of atheism? Since we're using appeal to authority fallacies.

A letter in which Albert Einstein explicitly rejected God and religion will be auctioned in December for the second time since the famous physicist wrote it a year before his death.

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SofA: "If there was [evidence

SofA: "If there was [evidence for a god] would you believe?"

If it was irrefutable OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE, yes. I would believe. However, worship is a totally different question.

My problem is that me dad taught me to stand for my beliefs. To never take bullshit or horse hoowhee from anyone, regardless of whom they are, or whom they think they are. And if they have proven to be worthless pieces of filth EXACTLY like Allah, Yahweh, or whatever fucking name you want to give them, then it is those worthless pieces of filth who should be kissing my ass and groveling at my feet for my attention. Even if an omniscient, omnipotent creator god does actually exist, if it is like that described in those two unholy emergency butt-wipe paper textbooks known as the Qu'ran and the Bible, then it deserves nothing more than total, complete, utter, and absolute CONTEMPT.

And if this final answer is not to your liking, I couldn't give a shit.



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