What better explains reality: atheism or theism?

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What better explains reality: atheism or theism?

[edited: copyrighted, plagiarized post deleted, click here for source material - Nyarlathotep]

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Atheism has no definition of

Atheism has no definition of reality. Theism asserts that magic is responsible for reality and Atheists reject that supposition without evidence.

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A lot of your questions boil

A lot of your questions boil down to: "I don't know, therfore God".

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Your interpretation is of

Your interpretation is of your own choice of action.

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@ "Atheists can't just

@ "Atheists can't just identify what they think are deficiencies in theism. "
1. Lies
2, False claims
3. Gods that are assholes.
4. Prejudice and Bigotry
5. Rationality for murder, slavery, and hatred
6. Unjustified Lack of responsibility for actions
7. Amorality
8. Belief in magic and magical beings
9. Black and white thinking
10. The invention of sin, evil and hell.

I don;t think Atheists have any problem at all pointing out the deficiencies in theism.

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@ "They must make a

@ "They must make a compelling case that everything has been caused by materials and consists only of materials, including"

Don't be stupid. I assume you are talking origins of the universe here. Very poorly expressed by the way. Don't be silly. Atheists do not have to make a compelling case that everything has been caused by materials. What ever gave you that idea? There is a compelling case but atheists do not have to make it. Atheists are people who do not believe in God or gods. You are talking to the wrong group of people. We simply do not believe in magical beings that create universes. That says nothing at all about how the universe came to be. Most atheists I know are perfectly comfortable asserting, "I don't know." And they go one step further. "Explaining a mystery (the origins of the universe) with another mystery (God, and magical flying invisible omnipotent omnipresent being), IS FRIGGING RETARDED!

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@ "Simply lacking a belief in

@ "Simply lacking a belief in God doesn't prove their worldview."

You have no idea what my world view is. There are hundreds of atheists visiting this site and I have no idea at all what their "World Views" are. How in the fk would you know? Do you even know what you are talking about.. Atheism is the rejection of one specific claim that theists make.
"God exists." All atheists are doing is asking you to prove it. THAT'S IT AND NOTHING MORE. World views have nothing to do with anything.

If you think your God can exist..... prove it.


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@"If lacking a belief in God

@"If lacking a belief in God is the definition of "atheism - and not "there is no God" - then "atheism" is true even if God really exists. How is that reasonable? "

This is a true statement. Atheism is true "We do not believe in God or gods," even if there is a god. Prove your God is real and some atheists may actually believe it. I doubt that many will worship it. Your God, be it Allah or the God of the Bible is a complete asshole. Read the bible. When you prove your version is the real version of God out of the hundreds of thousands of gods that are not real, then will be the time to believe in your god. The only rational position is to disbelieve a proposition until evidence is provided.

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@ A true atheist is someone

@ A true atheist is someone who believes there is no God.

I am happy that you feel you have the intelligence and where with all to define our position for us. Fact of the matter is, you have described the "anti-theist" position. Some atheists are anti-theists. I happen to be one but I am only an anti-theist with regards to specific gods. If you will define your god for me, I will tell you if I am taking an anti-theist approach or an atheist approach to debunking your silly claims.

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And by the way,in regard to

And by the way,in regard to the question of evil... Natural disasters are not evil, just nature working. For evil between humans, well, we are just humans, we're primitives, we live in a world with limited resources.

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Atheists have no burden of

Atheists have no burden of proof to show you that materialism is true. Atheists do not care an ass hairs width about materialism unless they are materialists. You are addressing the wrong group of folks.

An anti-theist does accept a burden of proof when he or she makes the assertion that a specific god does not exist. Many gods, like a "square triangle" are self contradictory. For example; a god that is just and merciful is self contradictory. That god does not exist.

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FELLOW ATHEISTS - and Tin man, Old man and that Ak guy that I always have to look up to spell his name. Sheldon, Logic, and the rest. This was another post from a theist who could not assert a single proposition and work it through. I separated the assertions so they could be addressed separately. Just a common Theist tactic, muddy the waters and when pinned down on one topic he will try to slip to another. Here they all are nice and separated out.

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And you dealt with him and his assertions admirably. Thankyou.

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Dude, you have waaaay more patience with him than I would have had. *chuckle* Great job on all the breakdowns, though. Clear, concise, and spot-on. Great reading for others who pass through here.

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JimM: "Objective morality"

JimM: "Objective morality"

Can you give us an example of an objectively moral action or statement?

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I am an atheist. I lack a

I am an atheist. I lack a belief in a god. There is no burden of proof I have to give because my position is the default one when facing a claim. The burden of proof lays with the person making the claim, that there is a god.

@ JimM you claim a god, please prove that claim.

Folks, all JimM is doing is attempting to reverse the burden of proof.

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These people that make run-on

These people that make run-on posts like this need to be schooled in how to post an issue. What a run-on of diarrhea. A hint at every possible theist apologetic he could think of with not one clearly defined or attempted as a proof. Just blind assertions as if he could assert God into existence. Like we have not heard this crap a thousand times before. What's that children's game where you get a paper bag, fill it full of crap, take it to a neighbor's door, set it on fire, put it on the door mat and then ring the door bell? Snipe hunting? Cow Tipping? Shall we just shake our heads and smile at the kid game as we watch the coward run off up the street. The fire is meaningless and the door mat washable. Silly kid! We have seen this game before.

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This is more like loading a

This is more like loading a barrel full of fish. When some one catches one fish they just point at all the other fish.

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Yup, something is fishy,

Yup, something is fishy, something smells like rotten fish.

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Tin Man's V-JJ?

Tin Man's V-JJ? Or is that monkey butts?

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@Cog Re: "Tin Man's V-JJ? Or

@Cog Re: "Tin Man's V-JJ? Or is that monkey butts?"

Hey! For your information, Mr. Monkey Butt, I have you know I douche regularly. Ain't no stank on THIS skank.... *z-snap*...

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Okay, It's monkey butts

Okay, It's monkey butts then. I expect that. It's nearly Christmas and I always take a shower and brush my teeth over the Christmas holidays, whether I need to or not.

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Oh. So sorry. That smell

Oh. So sorry. That smell may be this theist I bowled over and spanked hard formerly known as Apollo. So sorry.

***tree shambles off to get roots washed off in the river***


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Ironically no theist I know

Ironically no theist I know has ever made or tried to make a compelling case for any of the items on your list beyond "God did it."
As an anti-theist I cant see why I would want to make compelling explantion in favour of fine tuning at all...its a theist concept as is objective morality and evil. Maths and logic arent even in the bible.

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Science has produced the most

Science has produced the most accurate description of nature. The proof is in its results. If a question cannot be answered by science, then it is purely an aesthetic question.

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@ OP: What better explains

@ OP: What better explains reality: atheism or theism?

ANYTHING that ain't based in religion.

Now to go back and read the OP and responses.


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Stealing the work of other

A user stealing the work of others that (among other things) declares morality to be objective; is a new low here at AR, IMO.

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I will also get a person

It will also get a person banned if they do it twice. :)

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I don't know about that.

I don't know about that. Once Nyarlathotep gave the former member "tefsey" about five chances. Two more than I would have given since I use the "Three strikes, you're out" rule. That is more patience than me.


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No sight of him/her yet...

No sight of him/her yet...

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Charles Darwin plagiarized

Charles Darwin plagiarized the work of others: i.e; William Paley, 1859 whom were off on the 'natural selection' deception. He (Charles) borrowed Mr. Paley's ideas, stlye of argument and copied them into his notes. Darwin wrote, "I do not think I hardly ever admired a book more than Paleys' 'Natural Thoelogy'. I could almost formerly said it by heart."

Darwin used his knowledge about how engineers purposefully use fundamental principles to design distinct entities. But in lieu of God's agency, he substituted the environment exercising designing agency over organisms through random processes.

Simply posting the ideas and thoughts of others, is plagiarism - unless due credit is given of their source.


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