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"Can you please explain how

"Can you please explain how is the theory of evolution a 'valid scientific fact'? "

The same way all scientific facts are validated. germ theory, the theory of relativity, Newton's theories on gravity etc etc.

" Why don't we see any evidence for evolution or 'natural selection'?"

We see nothing but evidence for evolution, every single piece of scientific evidence science has gathered over 160 years of research has validated evolution. Not once has any evidence falsified it.

"Can you please back up your claims that creation science is not credible? "

No one can demonstrate any objective evidence for it, and at it;s core it makes claims for supernatural causation which are unfalsifiable and therefore unscientific.

"What evidence do you have that points to the contrary?"

I don't need evidence to contradict a claim, the claim can either be properly evidenced or it can't, creationists can demonstrate no evidence for their claim, Hitchens's razor applies. What evidence do you have that points to the contrary that invisible dragons exist?
"You see, evolution is more than just a scientific theory about the origin and the diversity of life. "

Evolution has nothing to do with the origins of life, it only explains the origin of species.
"As we’re going to discover, evolution is actually a religious philosophy."

"It is a religious philosophy that makes no allowance for God in either the origin of life or even the diversity of life."

It is not a religious philosophy, I suggest you do some research, and look at the dictionary definitions of religion and philosophy. However you are partially correct, the scientific theory of evolution does not evidence any deity, nor does it evidence mermaids or unicorns or any other non-existent things obviously.

One more time, evolution makes no claims and tells us nothing about the origin of life.
" In spite of the mountain of evidence against it, the adherents of evolution are unwilling to allow any questioning of the position,"

There is no scientific evidence against it, that is axiomatic, and scientists have been rigorously scrutinising evolution and all the evidence for over 160 years, they do nothing but question all aspects of it, that is the very definition of science to study and observe the natural physical world and universe. Again you really need to consult a dictionary and do some research, as you are woefully ill-informed. Evolution is not a position, it is a scientific fact, explained by a scientific theory.

"to do so would send people running toward the true cause of life and the diversity of life, and that is a divine Creator. Dr. Robert Jeffress - "Evolution Is A Myth""

Yes this is a popular but spurious claim creationists like this make. Evolution could be completely falsified today, and it wouldn't change the fact that creationism is nothing but an unevidenced superstitious myth. The title of that book is risible.

Evolution has been scrutinised by an antagonist theological world, as well as the global scientific community for over 160 years, and all the evidence supports it. It is still an accepted valid scientific theory. Though again it's validity doesn't change the fact that creationism is superstitious flimflam.

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The theory of Evolution has nothing to do with religion, nothing. Where is your evidence against it? You ask for us to give you credible evidence for it, why don't you give us credible evidence for "Creation"?

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Tayln, the theory of

Tayln, the theory of evolution has everything to do with God. If evolution proposes that everything came into being by random chance, over time and without design; something out of nothing - how is this even possible? The very complexity of the smallest cell to the balance of the moon to affect the earths axis - evidence is overwhelming for creation. Such designs demand a designer.

To use an analogy to help you grasp the absurdity of evolutionary 'logic'- it's as if there is a junkyard full of stuff, then tossed into the air, then lands back on the earth as a fully assembled 747 airplane.

Everywhere we look in God's living creatures, we see numerous purposefully engineered systems that produce highly regulated responses that are so targeted to specific challenges that they are often charactarized as "predictable". 1
1) Dr. R. J. Guliuzza; Institute for Creation Research; 'Acts and Facts'; October 2019, page 19

Evolutionary theorists must hold that any change within creatures is purposeless and that most genetic changes associated with adaptations are random, even though they cannot scientifically establish either premise.2

2) Engineered Adaptability: Adaptability via Nature or Design; What Evolutionists Say; Dr. R.J Guliuzza, 2017

The more we know about the world He created, the more we see and can echo David's words: "Many, O LORD my God, are your wonderful works which You have done" Psalm 40:5


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I digress, this theory, as

I digress, this theory, as other scientific ones, makes no metaphysical claims. I think you suffer from confirmation bias because you only post links to the same "institute". How are these studies peer-reviewed?

Do you think these links are well viewed here? Then, you're confusing abiogenesis and evolution. Furthermore abiogenesis is NOT appearence of life from nothing.

For your mention of the importance of the Moon, see this study:


Even if a planet change her axis of rotation, doesn't mean that evolution doesn't exist, but merely curtailed.

What is the problem with the majority of genetic change being purposeless?

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@ JimM

@ JimM
Just more second and third hand apologetics...do you have any ideas of your own?

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" If evolution proposes that

" If evolution proposes that everything came into being by random chance, "

It doesn't, you are parroting spurious creationist cliches.

Evolution explains the origin of species, it makes no claims at all about the origin of life.

"To use an analogy to help you grasp the absurdity of evolutionary 'logic'- it's as if there is a junkyard full of stuff, then tossed into the air, then lands back on the earth as a fully assembled 747 airplane."

This called Hoyle's fallacy, it's been debunked thoroughly, just look it up. Evolution isn't entirely random, that's the mistake you're making.

"Evolutionary theorists must hold that any change within creatures is purposeless "

Exactly the opposite, there is no evidence to show the mechanisms have an ultimate purpose, but speak to John Breezy, he seems to think he's on his way to a Nobel prize. His act is a tiny bit more polished than yours mind.

Anyway time for dinner. For what I am about to receive I am grateful to me for cooking it, and buying it, and the farmers for producing it, though of course they were paid.

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The fact that Darwin built

The fact that Darwin built his theories on top of the theories of others, says nothing at all as the the veracity of his theory.

@ But in lieu of God's agency, he substituted the environment exercising designing agency over organisms through random processes.

So all you are saying here is that Darwin threw aside the mythology and opted for provable, empirical, and testable evidence to support his claim. That makes him pretty frigging special in my book.


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