What (if anything) would make you believe?

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how are you so sure that a

how are you so sure that a patient's psychological state hasn't helped to promote healing (not re-growth) at an amputation site, ever?

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if that is aimed at me, then it's a dishonest straw man, and has nothing to do with my post. I suggest you re-read it, slowly. the gist is that your claim a regrown amputated limb might be seen as a coincidence is erroneous as it is directly contradicted by known scientific facts.

Oddly enough some species do re-grow amputated limbs, arachnids for instance, so if a deity created those species why can't it ever regrow human limbs in any of it's claimed miracles, as Nyarlathotep asked? And you of course ignored...

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Cognostic is right Ajay is

Cognostic is right Ajay is trolling. No one can be this stupid by accident, can they?

An amputated limb growing back after prayer might be a coincidence, or a psychosomatic response?

Dear oh fucking dear, we are subjected to some idiotic apologetics on here, but that's just astonishing.

Then again he keeps claiming a non-atheist (his profile), doesn't believe in a deity, so we are dealing with a whole new level of dumb here.

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Exactly. I often time find it

Exactly. I often times find it shocking when I realize the person we are talking to, isn't even capable of understanding even the simplest argument.

My guess is it is crimestop.

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Nyar :)

Nyar :)


This is different than a “filter” which I do use BTW (god, none of you would want to read my thought unleashed)

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Re: OP - "Is there anything

Re: OP - "Is there anything that would genuinely make you believe in "god", and if so what?" (Before reading any other responses...)

Oh, for the love of convenience store sushi-on-a-stick! How many more times are we gonna have to answer this question?... Ugh... *deflated sigh*... Oh, well, such is the price we must pay... *shrugging shoulders*...

For starters, which god or gods? And exactly what are the characteristics of this/these particular god(s)? That would be an excellent starting point.

That being said, for the sake of discussion, I will guess you are speaking about the god as described in the bible. Speaking strictly for myself, I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what would convince me that particular god is real. However, seeing as that god is reportedly omniscient and omnipotent, that god should know EXACTLY what it would take to convince me, and it should be fully capable of making that happen. Considering that has yet to happen, I can only deduce: A. It is not part of that god's "Perfect Plan" for me to know it is real. OR, B. That god is not as all-knowing/all-powerful as reported. OR, C. That god does not exist. Either way, I have much better things to do with my time than to worry too much about it. Ain't my problem.

Besides, even IF that god dud somehow exist, I would still have no interest in worshipping it. That particular god is a horrendous monster of an entity not worthy of respect, much less worship.

(Now to go read other replies...)

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@Ajay re:OP

@Ajay re:OP

So after a night of thinking, re-reading your posts and other thread (which you still haven’t answered my question “whether, we posters are your conscious or sub-conscious projection?); your lack of defined “god”, etc., I came up with this.

I am god. I have decided to be a “master of limitation” (I got tired of the whole “master of the universe” thing). My limitation includes backing my claim. Prove me wrong. Do you believe me?

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Interestingly I would believe

Interestingly I would believe it only if you genuinely believed it for yourself (ie. not just to trick people or as a joke)

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Ajay... really??? Really????

Ajay... really??? Really???? You would really believe me if “I really believed it”

Lowest standard yet for evidence I’ve read from a theist.

Edited to add: how exactly would you determine whether I really believed it or not?

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Nice one Whitefire...

Nice one Whitefire...

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@Ajay: RE: White's "Do you

@Ajay: RE: White's "Do you believe me?" Dude ------------- RUN!

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@Cog. In one’s mind, there’s

@Cog. In one’s mind, there’s no place to run or hide :)

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@Cog and Ajay...

@Cog and Ajay...

As god, I got to thinking (it’s what I do) and since I limited myself so well, this may in fact be proof of myself as god.

Do you believe me?

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@Goddess White

@Goddess White

"Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way..."

Hmmmm... Hey, ya know, as a god, you really should have your own customized prayer that your loyal subjects are required to recite several times a day. Ummm... Maybe something like this, perhaps....

"Yay! As I stroll through the shadows in the valley of AR, I shall fear no theists, for thou art with me. Thy rolling pin and thy whip, they comfort me. You leadeth me into ball-gag and chains. You maketh me to lie down on plastic sheeting. You anointest my body with scented oils. My safe word is Road Runner. Surely your dominance will bind me tightly. And I shall dwell in your dungeon forever."

Give that a free trial run for a few days. See how you like it.

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@Tin ... love it - sex

@Tin ... love it - sex goddess role :) or roll ...

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Objective evidence of a gods

Objective evidence of a gods existence in reality. Have any? LOL.

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Evidence???? Re-read the above posts! I’ve been posting haven’t I?!?!

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"Is there anything that would

"Is there anything that would genuinely make you believe in "god", and if so what?"

Why not start with the best reason you have got? I mean just for a fucking change, it'd be nice to see one of you theists put your tired clapped out wheezy old pony in front of your fucking cart.

Feel free to take offence and fuck off, if critical thought and free speech are something you despise. I genuinely don't give a fuck.

Now do have a nice a day...

Ohhhh argghhh, hmmm, that felt fucking gooood!

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cool brother, just don't call

cool brother, just don't call me a theist!

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blockquote>Ajay "cool

Ajay "cool brother, just don't call me a theist!"

It's in your profile ffs, change your profile to atheists if you are don't believe in a deity.


There are only two possible positions on belief you either do or you do not, knowledge is a different claim, and agnosticism falls under that claim.

Why are so many theists unable to read a dictionary?

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"There are only two possible

"There are only two possible positions on belief you either do or you do not"

Says who, you? So people should be sure to come to you to decide which "category" they belong to.

a "non-atheist" and a theist aren't the same thing, I would expect an atheist out of all people to know this!

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@Ajay: There is acceptance

@Ajay: There is acceptance or rejection of a proposition.

"Ajay is an idiot." (You either agree with the proposition and believe it to be true or disagree with the proposition and believe it to be false. Believing it to be false is not a statement of Ajay's intelligence. (It does not mean you think Ajay is smart. You may in fact think he is dumber than an idiot. All you have done id reject the proposition "Ajay is an idiot." THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND. You are on one side of the fence and the rest of us are on the other. Prongs of a dilemma are addressed one at a time.

"God exists!" Is a proposition. You either agree with the proposition and believe a god exists or you disagree with the proposition. *PAY ATTENTION NOW* THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS "Believing a god does not exist." It is believing the proposition has not met its burden of proof. There is no reason to believe the proposition "God Exists."

A non-theist is an atheist. There is no definition of the word theist that does not include. "a person who believes in the existence of a god or gods." If someone is a non-theist, they are a person who does not believe in God or gods and thus fit into the atheist camp. Atheist is the set of all people who do not believe in God or gods.

You don't know what you are talking about. AGAIN!

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Sheldon "There are only two possible positions on belief you either do or you do not"

Says who, you? So people should be sure to come to you to decide which "category" they belong to."

Those are commonly understood definitions, that's how dictionaries are created. You decided which category you belonged to in your fucking profile, why is this too complex for you to grasp?


Ajay a "non-atheist" and a theist aren't the same thing

of course they are, what an absurdly stupid claim, can you not read a dictionary?

belief in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe.

disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

They are logical negations of each other.

Is English not your first language?

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Ajay "Says who, you? So

Ajay "Says who, you? So people should be sure to come to you to decide which "category" they belong to."

I'll speak slowly for you and use fucking bullet points.

1. Atheism is defined in the fucking dictionary as the lack or absence of belief in any deity.
2 in your profile you have claimed NOT to be an atheist.
3. If you are now claiming to not be a theist then you have selected the wrong option from two very simple choices that are a logical negation of each other.

So change your fucking profile you bell end.

I can't dumb this down anymore for you.

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Ajay - I’m reposting for

Ajay - I’m reposting for clarity:

Ajay “ non-atheist ”. ..

From Latin non ‘not’.

Not a person who with-holds belief in god/s

Hmmm, so a person who holds belief in god/s...could it be um, a theist????

“belief in the existence of a god or gods (opposed to atheism).”

Try google for definitions before you try to “re-define” shit. And if you need to re-define shit, get some form of “agreement” so a discussion can continue with mutual understanding.

Fuck me - last piece of advice for you - ALWAYS get a lawyer to explain a contract to you before you sign it - you wouldn’t be capable of understanding it on your own.

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@Ajay: RE: " just don't

@Ajay: RE: " just don't call me a theist!"

Why not? You think just like one.

If it walks like a theist, talks like a theist, smells like a theist, and writes like a theist while calling itself anything else ------- It's a fucking troll!!!!

Do you not understand that Deism is a subset of Theism. How frigging out of touch with reality are you???

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A single shred of actual

A single shred of actual evidence.

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I get you, but evidence is

I get you, but evidence is entirely in the eye of the beholder

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Not necessarily, most

Not necessarily, most thinking people have a certain standard (particularly atheists) when it comes to evidence...

Let's say, a nice mix of empiricism and deductive logic.

A theistic world view has never met even a morsel of the burden of proof that it has bestowed upon itself.

Once, theism and their god(s) could answer any question man posited and their deity would be the key to all answers... now, theism answers nothing.

It plays a god of the gaps fallacy in trying to slide in where science has yet to answer.

It is without doubt the most intellectually dishonest position to hold.

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Ajay I get you, but evidence

Ajay I get you, but evidence is entirely in the eye of the beholder

No it isn't, what an absurdly stupid claim.


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