What is an intellectual?

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What is an intellectual?

My name is Matt Gardner. I work at the University of Notre Dame. We are conducting research on intellectual communities like this. I've attached a link to a quick 2 minute survey. If you're willing, click the link. Thank you for your support: https://nd.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1LJoRjhe4ICuPRj

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That has to be the most

That has to be the most ignorant survey I have ever taken. It doesn't provide ANY insight into what an intellect is. I doubt that it is a real survey at all.

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What the... (???)

What the... (???)

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Er, duhhhh..... I are my fave

Er, duhhhh..... I are my fave'rit inta-lekchewall.

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Be weary of links like this.

Be weary of links like this. A vast majority of the time these links are not worth it. A link from a long time forum poster here is probably fine unless the account got compromised, a first time poster link, not so much.

Obviously never d/l anything especially from links like this.

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Probably someone pretending

Probably someone pretending to be Matt Gardener who is a Director at Notre Dame in New Venture Developments and Investments.

What that has to do with intellect and Athiest web sites... is well, dubious to say the least.

Probably some spastic who won't detect the relevance of anything we state.

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I took the survey. Seemed

I took the survey. Seemed harmless enough. Could not answer the greatest living intellectual one. Had to change it to "favorite intellectual". Then I named two. There are more.

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I have seen deeper puddles on

I have seen deeper puddles on a flat sidewalk.

If that was a survey from a recognized learning institution, they should cover their faces in shame. I did enjoy winging it in some responses. "To you, what is an intellectual?" ... Truth seeker. "To you, who is the greatest living intellectual?" ... I don't care.

Because the source is secondary to the facts and truth.

Maybe I should have answered the "To you, who is the greatest living intellectual? " with ... Trump.

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Right here ! What do you want

Right here ! What do you want to know ? :) lol

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Interesting. I think we are

Interesting. I think we are getting different numbers of questions. 1. Do you consider yourself an intellectual? Yes. 2. Are you an intellectual seeker? (I took that to mean, do I seek out other intellectuals or do I only use intellect in relating to the world around me. ) "No." My EQ is just as important as my IQ. And the quiz was over.

Being the intellectual I am. I went back and responded positively to the questions. They are not looking for intellectuals. They are looking for arrogance. I got about 15 questions by lying and giving false information. My email address is now, gofuckyourself@gmail.com. Of course my favorite intellectual was the moron who designed the survey. And what we really need on this site are more moronic surveys like the one they posted.

Whatever they are looking for it is not intellectual. Anyone with an IQ above 3 can figure that out.

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