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so you would agree the

so you would agree the Babylonians and the ancient Egyptians were Kushites?


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Let me explain. The

Let me explain. The Babylonians preceded the Egyptians in their scholarly studies and writing on clay tablets. The Kingdom of Kush was established in 785 BC (long after the Babylonians) and dissolved AD350. Kush occupied the area around the confluences of the Blue Nile, White Nile and the Atbarah River in what are now Sudan and South Sudan. Nowhere close to Babylonia.

Upper and Lower Egypt were unified in 3150 BC. Do you understand that Kush was a southern hostile neighbor to Egypt, which had been around thousands of years before Egypt?

I don't know where you come up with this nonsense.

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yes i do understand that, but

yes i do understand that, but the ruler of babylon was nimrod who was son of cush, iraq whole was called kush.

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That is a biblical story, not

That is a biblical story, not supported by archeological evidence. In fact, many scholars believe Nimrod was not a reference to a person, but a geographical area.

I wish to point out that instead of giving a direct answer, you attempt to switch topics. We were not discussing Mesopotamia.

My "dishonesty" meter is twitching.

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i would like to read what

i would like to read what those scholars say, link.

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ATOM = Absurd Totally

ATOM = Absurd Totally Obfuscate Meanderings.


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Instead of supplying us with

Instead of supplying us with a boatload of links, why don't you explain it to us. You open our eyes.


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How do we know that your Sufi

How do we know that your Sufi teachings are true? What is a testable prediction your Sufi teachings makes? I'm looking for a clear, specific, falsifiable prediction that can be tested.

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almost every scientist

almost every scientist (alchemist) in the ancients times came to the city of Damascus to obtain knowledge. Sufis predate Sunni and shia Islam, Sunni or Shia Islam dont even know how the prophet obtained the"message". He wasn't chosen, all he did was meditate for a long time using esoteric information. 1 night as he was meditating he went into a higher conscious, that's how the angels came to him. Not because he was chosen.

In jesus story there is a difference between Jesus and the christ. But Christians dont know that.

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None of that is a clear,

None of that is a clear, falsifiable, testable claim.

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The city of Damascus is

The city of Damascus is relevant by virtue of its geographical position at the crossroads of the orient and the occident, between Africa and Asia. Through most of it's long history it was more known as a city of craftsmen than a center of learning. But it does not take much of an imagination to understand that many people passed through Damascus, and even lived there for periods of time.

WTF is "esoteric information?"

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zuzu: I was an initiate in

zuzu: I was an initiate in the Chisti Sufi Order. The basic principle I was taught was "Everything you think is wrong." You seem to have not been exposed to that.

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I'm still a neophyte you

I'm still a neophyte you could say.

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Damn! Got so caught up with

Damn! Got so caught up with debating zuzu I forgot.

Well Come Mark Weber. Glad you came.

Sorry, I usually greet new members first, but zuzu had me in a tizzy.

Anyway, welcome. And have fun.


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Thanks, Arakish. It's been an

Thanks, Arakish. It's been an entertaining, if frustrating, first day.

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@Zuzu: The heart is

@Zuzu: The heart is symbolically the conscious.

Nah. The heart's a pump. Consciousness is in the brain. Or do you think heart transplant recipients turn into different people?

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We have two sets of muscles.

[plagiarized material removed, read it here - Nyarlathotep]

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And what does any of that

And what does any of that have to do with consciousness?

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Ahh... Double posting

Ahh... Double posting through copy and paste.

But you still have not answered Algebe's question.

And Reiteration: They are "autonomic" NOT "involuntary."


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I'm using yr words against

I'm using yr words against you. Show me a human being that achieved in the control.

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These muscles push materials

[plagiarized material removed, read it here
do not plagiarize/post copyright material - Nyarlathotep]

im quoting stuff why the fuck is my quotes being removed for? Anyways stop yr revisionism.

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You have posted huge amounts

You have repeatedly posted huge amounts of copyrighted material without attribution. This is not up for debate; you will either stop this behavior or be removed.

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I apologize i dont know how

I apologize i dont know how things work here, its different from the other forums i have been in. All the info i used as sources i quoted.

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No you did not you fucking

No you did not you fucking liar! And I fell for your trick thinking you had served in the military. Just be glad Nyarlathetop does not follow my rules because you would have already been banished. You know, the three strikes, toss you out on your ass thing.

This is how you properly quote something.

This Wikipedia page says, "The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar."

This Wikipedia page says, "Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work." And as above, the perpetrator may be ostracized as a liar.

And this: "In other contexts: On the Internet: Free online tools are becoming available to help identify plagiarism, and there are a range of approaches that attempt to limit online copying, such as disabling right clicking and placing warning banners regarding copyrights on web pages. Instances of plagiarism that involve copyright violation may be addressed by the rightful content owners sending a DMCA removal notice to the offending site-owner, or to the ISP that is hosting the offending site. The term "content scraping" has arisen to describe the copying and pasting of information from websites and blogs."

See? I raped someone else's intellectual content. However, I also properly attributed that raping by providing a link back to the original articles.

I am beginning to think I need to use those tools because I have been fooled twice by persons plagiarizing.

Occasionally, I do not provide a link, but do a parenthetical citation at the end. Additionally, if am using someone else's word but doing so from memory, then i will give the warning that I am paraphrasing, much like this.

Robert A Heinlein once said (paraphrase): "Men rarely, if ever, create Gods superior to themselves. Most often, the Gods have the manners of a spoiled brat."

You did no such thing. You raped the words and pawned them off as your own. That is so much like an Absolutist.


I apologize i dont know how things work here

This is bullshit. When I first signed up as a member, I read somewhere saying plagiarism is not tolerated. I cannot find it now and do not feel like spending an hour searching for it. However, you just stated you do not give a shit about anybody else but yourself. Let this be a lesson to you to "read" the rules of every forum you sign up to. I did.


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your words are literally BS

your words are literally BS to me, you said the heart is "autonomic" not "involuntary". if that's the case, someone would be able to demonstrate this control. So until you show sources, i won't take you seriously.


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and more reliable: Mayo Clinic (although neuroathy)


As said, your beating heart and breathing and processing fuel, etc. are autonomic functions. Yes, they can be said to be involuntary. However, since there has been objective scientific proof that some Yoga experts can control those functions, they have since been reclassified as "autonomic."

And here is some hearsay evidence for you to disbelieve.

I just recently went in for surgery. Just before I was to go to the OR, a nurse checked my blood pressure and it was 196 over 102, with a heart rate of 134 bpm. She said that was too high to take me back. I told her to wait a little bit. Then went into a meditative state for about 30 seconds, literally telling myself to calm down. She checked my blood pressure again and it was only 132 over 89, with a heart rate of 92 bpm. And that was in just 30 seconds. There are meditation experts who could have done that in just a few seconds.

Yes. I have learned meditative states in order to control my bodily functions, IF I have need. I shall be the first to say that, NO, I cannot control my heart rate to the point I can make it stop. However, I can slow it down if it is racing. I can also control my breathing rate. However, due to the habit of smoking cigars (the really big fat stogies that are now $10-15 EACH) all my life, I cannot hold my breath for longer than 30 t0 40 seconds, even while resting.

I know. Not objective evidence. Thus, I could care less if you pull a Ripley and Believe It or Not.


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im glad you ended with "I

im glad you ended with "I know. Not objective evidence. Thus, I could care less if you pull a Ripley and Believe It or Not."

you knew I wasn't going to believe it, no human capable of 100% of controlling the heart consciously. ya i did hear about those yagis that say they can, but I won't believe it without irrefutable evidence. When you have a nightmare, yr heartbeat increases without any will.

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tesfey: When you have a

tesfey: When you have a nightmare, yr heartbeat increases without any will.

Yeah. It sure as hell does. And I do suffer from nightmares to this day due to CPTSD (COMPLEX Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). And I also use those meditative practices to bring myself back into normality.

Read this: Soul Shatter

I shall be the first to admit that the night terrors I sometimes still suffer do cause some wacky shit in my mind and body. But I also know how to bring it back under control through the knowledge I have learned and worked for and use.

And it is WILL that I use to bring my heart back under control.


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tesfey - All the info i used

tesfey - All the info i used as sources i quoted.

Really? Care to explain the following picture?

The top 1/2 is a screen shot of your post. The bottom 1/2 is a screenshot of post on a website more than 17 years ago. Funny how they contain the same exact rant, including punctuation! (the highlighted part).


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