What is the science of death?+the soul

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im glad you posted that, but

im glad you posted that, but now take a look at that orders history, where did they got that information from. I didn't plagiarize shit, that order is called the Rosicrucian. The information they have is from Sufism. rosi=the heart. It literally means "the way to the heart" . That's what Sufism is. That's exactly why i pointed out why mystics and alchemists use to come to the city of Damascus. http://www.hermetics.org/rose-croix.html

please know what you are talking about before you assume me of doing anything.

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tesfey - I didn't plagiarize

tesfey - I didn't plagiarize shit...

You presented someone else's work as your own several times (without attribution). That is plagiarism. Worse still, much of what you posted is copyrighted material, which exposes the Atheist Republic to legal problems. I should have my head examined for only warning you several times but I thought maybe you were from different culture, and you might not realize this was unacceptable behavior. As it seems you still do not get it, I believe you represent a danger to AR and you will be removed. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, go to the contact page, select the email tab, and file a complaint against me.

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Here is something I found.
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Another one, but you will

Another one, but you will have to cough up $$$ to access it.


And since you ain't me yungun, I ain't gonna get it for ya. I have read this one (I get free access). Very interesting read.



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