When your body becomes eligible for an upgrade

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When your body becomes eligible for an upgrade

Interesting article about robotic limbs. Where human and machine merge.


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The article mostly talks

The article mostly talks about using technology to improve current prosthetics. And a little bit about robotic exoskeletons that can increase one's strength to walk or lift things.

I always had an interest in this sort of stuff. One thing I realized pondering this stuff, is we already have a lot things we "wear" that enhances us, just none of them directly interface with the nervous system. Our clothes protect us from the elements is an obvious one.

A little more convoluted, but more related to tech, is the ubiquitous smart phone nearly everyone has with them at all times. We do not wear it per say, but it lives in our pockets etc, and it gives us access to instant answers nearly anywhere, the ability to communicate long distance near instantly, location and travel services, and perform memory assistance operations, (note keeping, calendar, pictures and video recordings.) It is funny how quickly new life changing becomes so norm we forget how much it enhances us.

An offshoot of this, is it keeps us more honest. We cannot tell tall tales anymore, one can simply fact check on their smartphone near instantly nearly anywhere. Now that everyone has a decent camera in their pocket, we do not have to rely on eyewitness testimony as nearly as much anymore. Racist/excessive violence police officers are being brought to bear much more quickly now that it is frequently video evidence instead of: eyewitness testimony versus the word of an officer(s) of the law motivated to keep their job and not go to prison.

For us atheist, it is yet further proof there is no divine miracles from god. If divine miracles happened as often as people say they did in the past, surely with a 100x increase in the amount of high resolution cameras being carried around we would of seen a filmed divine miracle occurring by now.

Powerful "upgrade" for people indeed that is in many ways humans and machines merging, (just not direct nerve communication.)
Certainly makes you wonder what the future holds as technology improves. I am very hopeful when I get old and frail, instead of a walker or wheel chair, I can get an advanced exoskeleton that assists me, (perhaps even make me superhuman!) and allow me to do all the things I can do today, and I will not require assistance as I get older.

In many ways, we live like gods compared to people a couple hundred years ago because of all the "technology upgrades" we have gotten. Tell someone in the 19th century that you can communicate with nearly anyone in the world in real time talking to the air (bluetooth smart phone,) Can travel to farthest reaches of the world in less than a day in total comfort and safety, (commercial air travel.) Instant access to just about all accumulated knowledge of mankind nearly anywhere. That you can have nearly anything man has invented, arrive at your home's doorstep in 24 hours. (online shopping and current delivery services.) And have unlimited total effortless climate control of your home. (Modern AC and heating.) Average life spans living comfortably into the 80's if one practices healthy habits and the aid of modern medicine.

After hearing all that, the 19th century person, best description for your life would be "god like."

I wonder if we should call people in the 23rd century god like, to us here in the 21st?

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