White supremacist attack people over statues

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White supremacist attack people over statues

Today the KKK and other white supremacist groups spurred on by alt-right, Breitbart, and Colin Flaherty, have descended on major US cities that are taking down symbols of racism. These symbols are confederate statutes. The right-wing racist came from other parts of the country and incited violence.
The president responded by not blaming the racist that started the fights but with:
He didn't condemn his white supremacist base but what he says people on many sides.

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The statues need to go and

The statues need to go and the violence needs to end.

For the record, thanks to the efforts of Colin Flaherty a black man falsely convicted was released when the judge threw out a guilty verdict after the man already served 1 ½ years in state prison.
"San Diego writer Colin Flaherty also helped Wiley's cause, rooting out several new witnesses, including a neighbor who said she saw DiGiovanni let a chubby blond man into her house the morning she was assaulted. Wiley is black."
Colin Flaherty is not a white nationalist. White nationalists do not go out of their way to exonerate black convicts serving prison terms.

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Okay, so we agree on this.

Okay, so we agree on this. That is a starting point.
Heres the thing. In all your videos I don't necessarily disagree with you or the point that the video intends to make. I am against Flaherty because of his ties to white supremacist.
1) There are black racist, usually young, usually thugs, and always criminals.
2) There are white racist, usually well funded and organized.

I abhor both groups.

Now addressing language.
1) There is nothing wrong with profanity.
2) The difference between what you have decided to use an example and what I do is that you direct your comments personally. I make general statements. I sometimes retaliate on a personal level and have been rightfully cautioned for those posts.
I don't want to see you banned. I want what you have been doing lately addressed.

FYI I am an atheist and a Liberal. So when you go on a rant to berate me try and be accurate.
As for your latest tirade, I am not responding. It would not do any good. I am not either scared nor do I have a lack of an adequate response. It just wouldn't make any difference.
I reply to this post because you decided to return to who you are.

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mykcob4: "you decided to

mykcob4: "you decided to return to who you are"

No, I am tired of your harassment.

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Also, you don't solve racism

Also, you don't solve racism with racism like used at Evergreen College. Glad to hear Bret Weinstein is suing the college. All racist crime and threats need to be exposed.

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I am not familiar with that

I am not familiar with that lawsuit, but I will check on it.

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Breit Weinstein is a very

Breit Weinstein is a very liberal professor that objected to being required to leave campus based on the color of his skin.


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Violent White Nationalist

Violent White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville Leads to State of Emergency


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Yep, the Breitbart crowd and

Yep, the Breitbart crowd and big support of Trump decided that they would meet up in Charlotte to stop the city from removing a confederate statue and also to exert white supremacy through intimidation.

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Cultures being force-fed

Cultures being force-fed culture never ends well. Those who impose it claim utopian credos yet those they impose such claims upon are in effect being suppressed. No win/win, one side must be routed and once again history will simply paint a picture of good guy versus bad guy, victor vs vanquished, and the vanquished will fade into antiquity wearing the bad guy branding. In this most recent expose', we have suppression baring its teeth and the utopian commandos poo-pooing them. This too shall pass and the shattered statuary of bygone heroes from bygone wars when bygone value systems were relevant will disappear from the face of the Earth.

No news here.

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No Pitar it isn't that simple

No Pitar it isn't that simple nor is that idealistic. Painting over it as a simple "culture clash" is nieve.
Racism is RACISM. It has nothing to do with some idealistic utopian dream.
This IS news. If you want to bury your head in the sand and ignore it, go ahead but don't recruit people into your particular style of cynicism. You can wax poetic all you want but your message is one of just let people doing bad things do whatever they want as long as it doesn't directly interrupt your life.
That's like not testifying against a crime because you don't want to get involved. You let your neighbor be terrorized because you don't want to get involved.

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I for one support the

I for one support the president, why don`t you with your socialist views stop the nonsense and support the president here. it takes two to tango here both are at fault here.

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Of course, you do simple a...

Of course, you do simple a...
Trump was voted for by white supremacists. Steve Bannon is a HUGE white supremacist and a Trump advisor.
Trump blamed both sides but he ignored the real issue. Charlottesville wanted to take down racist symbols. Specifically a statue of Robert E. Lee.
Breitbart (Bannon's propaganda rag) promoted racist to go to Charlottesville and protest but to do so well armed and armored. When a counter protest march started the white supremacists attacked them. Then some white racist nut job drove a car into a crowd killing one and injuring 19 others.
What did Trump do? He blamed "many sides."
That isn't leadership. That isn't presidential. That is avoidance in the face of responsibility. Trump should immediately purge his administration of racist. It's not like they are hiding. They are openly and publicly racist.
So you are wrong about this simple ass...as you are on every issue I have ever seen you get involved in.

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I'll take "because the

I'll take "because the president is a jackass" for $1000 Alex?

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You are against and very

You are against and very jealous here because trump is rich and hes from new York, he beat 19 other gop in the primaries people didn`t want a politician in the likeness of Hillary Clinton.He`s trying to make America great again You state the things you do because your angry with a conservative point of view.Your like a little child here, if he doesn`t get his way he rants and raves. Are you a commie or a socialist liberal who is day by day destroying this great country. Look at cuba and Valenzuela there both backward countries socialist to the core and they have nothing. They spend other peoples money you fool.

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When is this savior

When is this savior "president" of yours going to make america great again? He has been president for over half of a year. What has he gotten done so far to make america great again?

tRump certainly managed to alienate our allies, lower world wide perception of the US, and has already taken more days off from work then Obama did in 8 years.

He has utterly failed in ending the ACA/obama care, got his muslim bans overturned by the courts, was forced to sign sanctions against russia, blocked from getting rid of Jeff Sessions, (who allows the special investigation against trump and his family and administration to continue to develop) and is increasingly getting his own republican party united against him.

As I said back in 2015. Voting for a "billionaire" reality tv star/producer, expecting said person to improve fortunes for the common man as president is beyond foolish, and that was well before I learned about all his other numerous failings. So far I been sadly 100% correct.

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Jealous? I don't think so.

Jealous? I don't think so. Trump isn't as rich as you think he is. He isn't even the billionaire that he claims to be. A 40 bank conglomerate took over Trump's finances in the 80's and pay him for his brand. He gets a stipend for that brand.
Cuba and Venezuela have never been communist nations. There has never been a communist nation, it's an impossibility. If you were educated you would know that. Cuba and Venezuela are and always have been dictatorships.
America is great and always has been. The dog-whistle phrase "Make America great again" really means to reinstitute racism.
As for childishness, you can't even write a coherent sentence. You can't punctuate, capitalize, or even have the courtesy to space properly. When you ask a question, even if it is rhetorical you punctuate that sentence with a ? not a period.
Liberals made this nation great. Liberals founded this nation. You don't know the difference between Liberal, communist, or socialist. Hell, you don't even know the difference between Atheist, agnostic or theist.
Calling me names is just you being childish.
Hillary won the popular vote by a landslide so you are wrong about what the people want.

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So Fields drives from Ohio in

So Fields drives from Ohio in time for the rally and deliberately runs down a packed crowd of people, killing one and severely injuring about 2 dozen. He gets charged with one count of second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, and one count of hit-and-run after the incident. Why did they even bother to arrest him?

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The statue of Lee is a trophy

The statue of Lee is a trophy. Keeping the statue is a way to commemorate the ownership of black people by whites. Removing the statue is a way to commemorate progress towards a more respectful and humane culture.

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I love how the race that

I love how the race that brought Black people here to the U.S, is the same one that does not want them here lol.

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I know you were not speaking

I know you were not speaking to all of us whites, but I just want to say: I for one, strongly oppose what people of my skin color did to people of darker skin color in the past, I want equality for all skin colors now, and I feel every skin color has just as much right to be here in the US as I do. I personally see people with different skin color as I do people with different hair color or different eye color, basically a very small <1% genetic difference compared to me. While still being well aware of the inequality that unfortunately still occurs, and my own work and support I can do to help correct that inequality.

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Yes, no generalizations.

Yes, no generalizations.

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More BS from christians

More BS from christians
I’m Christian, But I Can’t Ignore My Faith’s Role in the White Supremacist Rally


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One of the reasons why I'm

One of the reasons why I'm agnostic is I believe religion is a mechanism used by the powerful elite to divide the masses up, race is another. I believe humanity is greater than the sum of it's parts. Could you imagine what we could achieve if we weren't divided.

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Divide some yes, but I think

Divide some yes, but I think control even more so. I even think many/most original base religion ideas were born out of fear of the unknown or breaking the chains of a previous powerful elite, but then it gets used and morphed to be a system of control again, or the old saying "power corrupts" even if the original religious leadership were good people, as they got replaced, they get replaced by those seeking power.

Race certainly has been used to divide people. I been to Rwanda and read up and talked to the people their about the genocide. It boils down to dutch colonist dividing people up from "taller" cattle owners, from the rest, elevating the Hutu's over the Tutsi's there was no real divide before, but the Dutch colonist created one, later the french colonist reinforced it when they took over the colony. A divide created to better manage the native people. This is not the only time something like this has occurred in human history.

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"white supremacist groups"

"white supremacist groups"

If you work hard to improve your mind and body and achieve great things in science, the arts, or sport, you can take pride in that.

If you are courageous, and your bravery helps to save lives or prevent tragedies, you can take pride in that.

If you do your job, earn your money, and feed your family, you can take pride in that.

But if you're a lazy shit-for-brains with no achievements or redeeming features, no courage, no initiative, then you can compensate for your inadequacies by pretending to be proud of being white.

My advice to white supremacists is to learn a little bit about Anglo-Saxon/Celtic history. Learn the languages. Read some Beowulf, Bede, or Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It's actually quite interesting. And maybe take a shower occasionally so we can see your true color.

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The people who want to

The people who want to worship the idols of their racist heroes are fighting a losing battle. People are tearing them down.

"Protesters topple Confederate soldier statue in downtown Durham"

"Gainesville removes Confederate statute"

"After Charlottesville, Mayor Plans To Remove Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments"

"Atlanta protesters deface Peace Monument in Piedmont Park"

"State Leaders Call for Confederate Monuments to Be Removed"

Once people decide that they aren't going to take crap any longer things change. It's like the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR.

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