Who is our Creator???

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@Hulkster Re: Allah

@Hulkster Re: Allah

Allah?.... Allah who? Allah what?...
Allah-Allah oxen free?
Allahshore who's going ashore?
Allah my babies' mommas?
Allah my funky friends?
Allahround the world?
Allah those heathen atheists?
Allah be there before the next teardrop falls?
Allah she wants to do is dance?

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......Allah my exes live in

......Allah my exes live in Texas?
Allah want for Christmas is my two front teeth?
Allah be right back in two shakes of a lamb's tail?
Allah know is that shit was already broke when I got here?
Allah my life is one big party?
Allah havvah number three with a side of coleslaw?
Allah my money goes to strippers and booze?
Allah need is a map, flashlight, and a mirror to find my ass?
Allah you gotta do is hit it with a hammer a few times to get it to workin'?....................

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Allah want for Christmas, is

Allah want for Christmas, is youuuuuuu!!!

Aww this made me happy today Tin Man x

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Please elaborate, how you

Edited to meet a completely sound and coherent argument from Cog

Thanks for the warning, I am starting to learns the Do's and Don'ts... ( u.u)

Instead, for the original question - I'm rather certain that after being created through natural reproductive means, I continue to create my own subjective reality.

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No don't ask him to elaborate

No don't ask him to elaborate - He is just Trolling - He will spout some nonsense about Allah, the Quaran , and then poo-poo any facts you give him i.e. "All the other deities are just false." No facts, no evidence, no support what so ever, Then he will deny he is doing it and insist you hate Islam.

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"Who is our Creator???"

"Who is our Creator???"

im positive its jim carrey....

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@Q Re: Jim Carrey as the

@Q Re: Jim Carrey as the creator

More specifically, it would be his character from "Dumb and Dumber."

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You, Good Sir, just made my day :D

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yeah i was thinking of jim

yeah i was thinking of jim carrey being the riddler from the batman movie..but yeah....

dumb and dumber is good as well

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I was thinking of Morgan

I was thinking of Morgan Freeman for the post.

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Who is my Creator?

Who is my Creator?

Well, let's see. You know how the bees do it, the birds do it. Well, mommy and daddy did it too. seven and half months later, there I was. Yes, I was premature. I often find myself asking why I was in such a hurry...


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I'm convinced "Searching for

I'm convinced "Searching for Truth" has no idea at all what the words "Objective Evidence" mean.

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I googled "Objective Evidence

I googled "Objective Evidence" and a bunch of hell kitty links came up. Am i on the right path? Actually, don't answer since your answer might be subjective. Wait, let me google subjective, i better not find scooby doo.

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Searching for truth: I

Searching for truth: I googled "Objective Evidence" and a bunch of hell kitty links came up.

What search engine are you using?

This what I got using Bing: https://www.bing.com/search?q=objective+evidence&qs=n&form=QBLH&sp=-1&pq=objective+evidence&sc=8-18&sk=&cvid=F2CCE86B1CD642CCAA9A4C5B9B6FADEE

And this what I got using Google: https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=ep9QW_D6NtPQ9AP7gpKoBQ&q=objective+evidence&oq=objective+evidence&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l10.4636.9184.0.10038.

If you are getting a "bunch of hell kitty links," then you are just being purposefully deceptive proving you are a liar, or you are instead doing a search for "hell kitty."


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So you can demonstrate no

So you can demonstrate no objective evidence, and you're struggling to Google the meaning of the term.

This took about 3 seconds...and top of the page was this

"Objective evidence refers to information based on facts that can be proved by means of search like analysis, measurement, and observation. One can examine and evaluate objective evidence."

It seems being deliberately obtuse to evade answering awkward questions is something of a trend among theists on here. One day we might get one with some integrity.

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Dr. Who? I thought he was

Dr. Who? I thought he was just a character on a TV show.

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Dr Who is real.

Dr Who is real.

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Magic does exist!!! OMG

Magic does exist!!! OMG have I been wrong all these years?

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I was created by the eternal

I was created by the eternal and universal force of evolution, whose message was brought down to us in the great book of the prophet Darwin (peace be upon him), whose insights have since been confirmed by the book of DNA, which has been written in every cell of every creature by the hand of evolution itself.

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Where did the "eternal and

Where did the "eternal and universal force of evolution" come from? *mind slowly getting blown*

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@Searching for truth: Where

@Searching for truth: Where did the "eternal and universal force of evolution" come from?

To answer that question, you could study the scribblings of Bronze Age goat herders or a 6th century desert trader and flying horse rider. But I'd recommend science for a truly mind-blowing experience.

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@ SfT

@ SfT

Get some Aloe Vera for that Algebe burn.........

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1. What makes you think

1. What makes you think evolution is a force.
2. Whoever told you it was eternal probably lied.
3. Why would it be universal.

Where in the hell do you come up with this BS? Is 'ignorance' just your thing?

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@Cognostic: Where in the hell

@Cognostic: Where in the hell do you come up with this BS? Is 'ignorance' just your thing?

Just a little attempt at parody. Sorry it went over your head.

Keep calm and carry on.

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@Algebe Re: Cog

@Algebe Re: Cog

Not sure what it is exactly, but for some odd reason it seems our ol' pal Cog has had a slight case of sarcasm-impairment and parody-paralysis today. It's almost as though the analogies are literally kicking his metaphoric ass in a parablistic manner that prevents him from seeing the context in its proper perspective.

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@Algebe: That was not

@Algebe: That was not directed at you... appears the post is not where I thought it would be. It was something Search for Truth said. His latest assertion. I'll work on naming who in the hell I am talking to. Lot's of shit goes over my head, now worries mate!

AH.... There it is. It was a response to "Where did the "eternal and universal force of evolution" come from? *mind slowly getting blown*

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Searching for truth,

Searching for truth,

Sir, evolution is not a force. It's a process involving the usual forces of nature. A generation is born with various genetic-based differences and in nature it is the case (as it will be with humans in time) that many more are born (or plants sprouted) than can possibly survive. Those that are best suited for their particular environment (weather, predators, food availability, geology, etc.) will tend to leave more offspring. That next generation, inheriting those beneficial gene combinations, will tend to leave offspring that are even better adapted, being that the more advanced, newer generation is competing among itself. In that way each generation tends to become better adapted to their environment. Over time environments change, and adaptations that were useful for one purpose might suddenly be useful (in a limited sense at first) for another purpose. For example, feathers might have evolved for insulation but, in a different environment with trees, prove useful for gliding and, eventually, evolve for flying. Mutations continually add novel genes which keep the genetic pool enriched. That's the idea in a very rough nutshell.

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"Where did the "eternal and

"Where did the "eternal and universal force of evolution" come from? *mind slowly getting blown*"

It really says it all that you still think an argument from ignorance fallacy is "mind blowing". It's mind blowingly stupid perhaps, especially since this fallacy, and what it means, have been explained to you multiple times already.

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The universe is not the same

The universe is not the same thing as a bus. We know that buses are built by people, and even if we didn't know that we would be able to see that a bus is out of place in nature. They don't grow on trees or form below the beach sand! Same with watches. Notice that all the reasons we have for assigning makers to buses or watches does not apply to the universe! We have no examples of creators making universes, and what would we compare the universe to in order to see if it was out of place in nature? Therefore, using buses or watches as analogies is totally wrongheaded.

Note also that the laws of nature seem capable of describing the broad outlines of the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang event. That is, the creation of the universe as we know it follows an evolutionary pattern consistent with the laws of nature.

Once we arrive at the Big Bang we no longer have the tools to say anything. In particular, we cannot say that everything began at the Big Bang. Our universe gets traced back to the Big Bang, but at the present time our knowledge stops there. Whether it came from another universe or whether there is no "before" are matters, along with other ideas, that we can only intelligently speculate on. The only honest answer is that at present we do not know, and we may never know as far as anyone can tell.

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You seem to be

You seem to be underestimating the power of ingenuity the poony hoomans have. I don't align with any current speculation either, also putting me among people who honestly admit of not knowing. As for never knowing, I'm not THAT pessimistic. We have overcome that hurdle before. Our current thought experiments on these matters still retains the probability of providing a method to test and prove/disprove our ideas in the future, unlike theism.


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