Who is our Creator???

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Wed, 07/18/2018 - 12:25

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 12:25
(avoids) Searching for truth:

"To answer the question of the thread title. The answer is Allah"
Wed, 07/18/2018 - 15:49 (Reply to #30)

Demonstrate some objective evidence for your claim.

We won't hold our breath.

**We're still waiting for you to evidence your vapid claim? Same old nonsense claims from you. I don't believe you have even read the Koran.

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Always relevant. He starts out with homeopathy but he puts religious people in there too.

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Do complex things always

Do complex things always require a designer? No. Natural selection is a mindless and natural process that can give rise to the complexity of life.

But what about the universe? How could that just come into existence?

You may say God is the reason. However, just because we don't know for sure what caused the universe into being, it does not mean God is necessary to explain it- that would be employing the "God of the gaps" or "I don't know therefore God did it" principle.

Cosmologists are trying to answer the question of what caused the Big Bang.

However, your question is a subtle shifting of the burden of proof. You are the one claiming that God created the universe, not us, you must provide evidence for this.

In short, the answer to "Who is our creator?", is as far as we know the natural laws and not the supernatural.

Thanks for your question.

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Natural laws also have the

Natural laws also have the advantage of being an objective reality, unlike supernatural claims for which no objective evidence has been demonstrated.

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Personally, I'm still

Personally, I'm still sticking with my Ginormous Cosmic Bunnies concept until somebody can come up with a better idea.

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Everyone knows it is Yellow

Everyone knows it is Yellow Mutant Space Chickens.

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@Nyar Re: "Everyone knows

@Nyar Re: "Everyone knows it is Yellow Mutant Space Chickens."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I've heard that "theory" before. I dismiss it, though, only because I have trouble believing they are yellow. In my opinion, they should be either green or orange. It's only logical.

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See the animal creator of the

See the animal creator of the universe must be a personable critter; and yellow is so much more personable than green or orange. It is really simple logic; are you going against logic?!?!

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I have a slice of toast with

I have a slice of toast with the mutant chicken’s picture on it....she is actually a nice buttery yellow shade.

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@Nyar Re: "are you going

@Nyar Re: "are you going against logic?!?!"

On the contrary, good sir. I'm all for logic. Which is why the yellow color makes me skeptical. Yes, I agree, the yellow is definitely more personable, or "friendly", that's true. Especially when relating to chickens. Naturally brings to mind cute little baby peeps, does it not? And therein lies the problem. Everybody wants everything to be all goody-goody and happy-happy feel-good. But nobody ever wants to deal with reality and practicality. And that is the reason I say the color should be green or orange. Green would be one potential possibility due to all the radiation in space. Ever watch The Incredible Hulk? Duh.... The color orange, however, is really just a secondary possibly, because orange is a natural "warning" color. It means stay away. Do not touch. Danger. Let's face it, nobody would want to cross paths with a Cosmic Chicken, much less have the urge to go pet one as one might be tempted to do if it were yellow. Plus, orange is a high-visibility color, which would make them less likely to get struck by spaceships. Again, though, green due to radiation would be my first choice. See? All very practical and logical. Besides, what proof does anybody have to say the animal creator is a "personable critter", thereby justifying the yellow color? Sorry. I'm just gonna have to stick with the bunnies. (Oh, the bunnies are purple, by the way.)

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Is it me or do they sound

Is it me or do they sound delicious?

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They are pretty good baked, but they are much better filleted and fried in olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and lemon-pepper.

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The Yellow mutant creator

The Yellow mutant creator chicken is blue. I know this for a fact. Whenever I see a yellow mutant creator chicken I pick it up and put it in a plastic bag and take it home with me. I have never seen one come out of the bag Yellow. They are always blue. They only look yellow to the unfaithful/

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Oooooooo....! You ALMOST had me there on that one! Very convincing......almost. While it is perfectly obvious and logical they would indeed turn blue while in the plastic bag, allow me to point out where you messed up. You say only the unfaithful see them as yellow. That is absolutely true. No argument there. However, your mistake was when you said, "Whenever I see a yellow mutant creator chicken I pick it up and..." Well now, if you are indeed such a faithful follower, then please explain how you see them as yellow. You, good sir, are one of those deceptive, non-believing, heathen anti-bunniests skeptics trying to spread disinformation to draw impressionable and non-educated folks away from the True Cosmic Bunny creationist belief. Shame on you! Tsk-tsk-tsk....

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Not at all! You sir have

Not at all! You sir have made the error. Mutant Yellow creator chickens are MAGICAL. They only appear blue to true believers. I stand on what I have said. The fact that a believer can also see them as yellow, as they appear in public to the non-believers, says nothing at all about their blueness in the presence of true believers. Instead of asking the great Wizard for a heart you should ask him for a brain. Look, you have a choice. You can believe in the Magical Blue Creator Chicken or you can be damned to the eternal pits of hell where wild foxes, eagles and hawks rip the flesh from your bones for an eternity.

If this hell exists, you can believe in the Magical Blue Creator Chicken and be saved.
If this hell exists, you can disbelieve and suffer an eternal fate of torture.
If this hell does not exist, you can believe and live a moral life with no consequences at all
If this hell does not exist, you can disbelieve, live a life of pandering to hedonistic pleasure, accomplish nothing and die anyway.

The only logical choice is to believe and go to the Magic Blue Chicken heaven where you can eat all the earthworms you like and know that they come in every flavor imaginable. Praise the Magic Blue Creator Chicken or die a horrible death. The choice is yours.

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@Cog Re: "The only logical

@Cog Re: "The only logical choice is to believe and go to the Magic Blue Chicken heaven..."

Ha! Such posh! I can't believe you are actually using the Colonel Sanders Wager argument. "It's best to believe in the Blue Creator Chicken in all its crispy crunchy goodness, just to be on the safe side." How lame! I fart in your general direction! Now, go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!

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Taunt away, that's all you

Taunt away, that's all you got from that empty funnel head of yours. You need to stick a cork in it to keep the fermentation process from oozing out what's left of the emptiness contained within. Your pushy, abrasive, Alcolahominum attack has fallen on deaf ears. Only people (I use the word loosely) clunks of tin, with low self esteem and no heart at all would result to such tactics. Your father stinks of the forge and your mother of cavernous ore. If you don't go away, you silly Oz man, I shall taunt you a second time!

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I'm still allowed to eat

I'm still allowed to eat chickens though, right?

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BLASPHEMY!!!!! Burn in hell

BLASPHEMY!!!!! Burn in hell Sheldon!

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The more things change the

The more things change the more they stay the same...

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@Sheldon Re: "I'm still

@Sheldon Re: "I'm still allowed to eat chickens though, right?"

Well, of course! Don't be so silly. Nobody is saying you cannot eat chicken. All you have to do, though, is perform the proper Chicken Forgiveness Ceremony two hours before eating. The trick is in knowing which is the proper ceremony to perform based on how the chicken is prepared. As you might guess, there are MANY different ceremonies. And some vary by only one or two very tiny details. Getting the ceremony wrong, unfortunately, tends to result in very unpleasant consequences at the moment of consumption. Just sayin'...

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The standard Jewish ceremony

The standard Jewish ceremony is to waggle the chicken over your head three times, slit its throat and sprinkle the blood on the ground before ripping out the breasts and consuming them. Here is the video. But, if you want to eat one of these chickens you have to speak Hebrew.


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What created you? Your

What created you? Your parents.
They perform a simple action, and nature takes care of the rest.

This is the same for anything within our reality!

How does the planet get heat/energy? The sun

There is nothing in reality that requires a deistic answer, naturalism serves as a far better explanatory power.

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If you believe (as the OP

If you believe (as the OP claims to) that the vast majority of those who have ever lived will burn in hell for being "wrong", what right do you have to call others isolated pessimistic haters?

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Why do the OP have to yell

Why do the OP have to yell while writing a question as if he was talking right in front of us?

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Could you type a little louder, please? I'm deaf in one eye.

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Of course Tin-Man, I WAS

Of course Tin-Man, I WAS SAYING...

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The Argument from Ignorance (also, Argumentum ad Ignorantiam): The fallacy that since we don’t know (or can never know, or cannot prove) whether a claim is true or false, it must be false, or it must be true. This fallacy usually includes fallacious “Either-Or Reasoning” as well (* note the OP is offering a fallacious binary dichotomy, either we know how the universe cam e to exist or it must have been created - is a typical use of this fallacy by religious apologists. See also A Priori Argument, Appeal to Closure, The Simpleton's Fallacy, and Argumentum ex Silentio.

The A Priori Argument is an argument starting with a given, pre-set belief, dogma, doctrine, scripture verse, or conclusion, and then searching for any reason to rationalize, defend or justify it. In this instance the OP believes the universe to be created, therefore not knowing how it came to exist "proves" their belief.

Argumentum ex Silentio (Argument from Silence): The fallacy that if available sources remain silent, or current knowledge and evidence can prove nothing about a given subject or question, this fact in itself proves the truth of one's claim.

See also...The Appeal to Closure: The contemporary fallacy that an argument, standpoint, action or conclusion no matter how questionable must be accepted as final or else the point will remain unsettled, which is unthinkable because those affected will be denied "closure."

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I don't even know how these

I don't even know how these discussions get started. Everyone knows its "TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN" That is a scientific fact. I have seen pictures.

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What's under the turtles?

What's under the turtles?

More turtles mun, I can't believe I forgot that.


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