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Why are christians so god damn judgmental, when the Bible clearly states not to? Why do priests and pastors rape little boys when homosexuality is apparently wrong, and umm, CHILDREN. And why do they say that god hates sinners and will send them straight to hell, if god supposedly loves us?

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Why ask why, try Bud Dry.

Why ask why, try Bud Dry. Really, does anything make sense in the world of the religious?

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Because there is according to

Because there is according to the great apostle to the gentiles Paul of Tarsus that there is such a thing as having a righteousness judgement, Sinners send themselves to hell by the choices they make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. God is a loving god seeking all sinners to come to repentance and live lives of virtue.

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Yes, devout, killing Lots

Yes, devout, killing Lots wife, destroying whole groups of people....such a good, loving god

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Saul of Tarsus, later Paul,

Saul of Tarsus, later Paul, embraced the god of the nazarene because it was a benevolent god that loved him even though he was a homosexual. Yahweh did not do homosexuality so Paul, nee Saul, made the conversion posty-hasty to save his misogynistic ass. Then (wouldn't you know it) much later someone kicks off Leviticus (20-13) and posthumously sends Paul to Hades for being gay. I tell ya, you just can't trust anyone.

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Christians have rules. They

Christians have rules. They judge by them. They set up their religion to placate sin with forgiveness (aka absolution) and that gives them much flexibility, and quite the savoir fair one might add, to live their lives in sin.

Little boys being raped is a way of life, by the way, in the Islamic culture. One exception - they don't see it as rape. Women are for procreation and little boys are for fun. That is a near mantra. This is no secret and the practice has spilled over into many other cultures, albeit unredeemed, and is still practiced. Priests boffing little boys goes back into antiquity.

Sinners are religious interpretations, relative to each christian sect, and ascribed to rule breakers as the need arises. Whether anyone goes straight to hell or not is not the issue. What is the issue is how such a person is treated after being labeled a sinner. I hear some pretty harsh treatment is the SOP.

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@Beautiful death: "Why are

@Beautiful death: "Why are christians so god damn judgmental"

It's about scoring enough points for an upgrade on their flight to the afterlife. You can score points two ways: by doing the right thing simply because it's the right thing, or by judging others and putting them down to make yourself look better by comparison. Many Christians seem to prefer the second way.

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Xtians are judgmental because

Xtians are judgmental because PEOPLE are judgmental. Xtians don't corner the market on that behavior.

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Beautiful death,

Beautiful death,

According to the fairy tale Christians are supposed to judge other Christians and to kick the bad ones out. They are not supposed to judge non-Christians. And they get to judge angels. Yeshua said that people shouldn't judge others but then he wasn't a Christian.

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Well let's take homophobia as

Well let's take homophobia as an example. Leading research strongly suggests that the main cause of homophobia is a suppressed homosexuality. It stands to readon that if you suppress natural tendencies (which religion tries ro suppress every natural impulse as a way of controlling tye masses), then those are more religious, have to shput about their "righteousness", more to convince themselves than anyone else.

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