Why aren't there Worldly problems being made known to Kids under-15?

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Why aren't there Worldly problems being made known to Kids under-15?

I've been wondering nowadays because for most of my time in School and researching (in the last April of 2016), I have seen that Kids are being rolled up in a false utopia.
I mean, they're being kept away too much from reality, many go crazy or nuts when their parents don't buy them an Xbox 1 or a PS4 or their latest game, being completely arrogant to their benefits and only focusing on their ignorance.
I as a Kid (now 15), know very well, the reason why is - When I was 5-6 Years old, the Kosovo War was still raging on even after the bombing of Belgrade and before the peace Signing. During that time, electricity rarely came on and for what time I had I played with friends, played with toys and I felt that that particular Neighborhood was the only place where I'd feel safe, I had not a single idea about the war let alone refugees camping in the Kukës central square, which was like nearly 1000 meters away. My parents just worked, they contributed, but not a single word of Refugees or Camps where brought on their words when in my presence, I just led a normal life, being sent to daily care (until I was 7 due to their work, that is). - Now that is my perfect example of Parents creating an entire Isolated world that fits only me and them.

Nowadays, people are becoming just more ignorant. Why? Because of these:
1. There are still those that consider Asia, Europe (Also the EU), Africa as a country;
2. There are still those that say "I hate the US; Wait for me New York.";
3. There are still Flat-earth morons;
4. There are still those who think Britain or UK are 2 separate countries;
5. There are still those who don't even know that N.Korea and S.Korea are 2 separate countries, and I'm talking about those 18+;
6. There are still stereotypical morons like Trump and the rest of his rednecks;
7. There are still those that believe gravity doesn't exist;
8. There are still those that believe Vaccine causes autism or harms kids, regarding Parents or +22;
9. There are still morons who consider Chinese language as "ching chong chung";
10. There are still people who believe in the "Holohoax" and even those who think WWII never happened;
11. Some people don't even know the difference between Gay and Bisexual, even a Lesbian;
And many, many more other types of people.
Now summing this up, some of you might be thinking "what does this have to do with kids being isolated from the real world?", well through that they gain these types of knowledge, as much as it is absurd, it can always happen, you can even teach a kid to never speak at a very young age with enough influence (I think).
What I say is that, Parents should at least make their kids knowledgeable, that there are still Wars out there, there are people who actually Die for us to Live. They must be grateful for the life they have instead of blaming their Parents for buying them an Iphone 6 instead of a 7, they must be taught to love their parents for what they sacrifice for that World that they live in.

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I can't fully subscribe to

I can't fully subscribe to that.

Never in the realm of free-flowing information communication has so much been available to the inquisitive mind than now, yet by that very same availability the mind is so much more poorly informed at the academic level. Intelligence has been supplanted by recreational pursuits.

The internet is reducing the globally uninformed by an exponential no one can imagine yet the academic use of it sees little access by contrast. Instead, it's predominant tangential application of academics lies in the way students, generally speaking, cheat the system. The college degrees prior to the internet were hard-earned by actually performing the work. These days I no more hold a college degree as representative of academic achievement than I hold to be genuine a claim of god-belief. Sad, but that's the way of it.

However, I give people credit for knowing what they need to know to get their daily needs. Beyond that, selfish is the only word I can find to aptly ascribe to my desire that people become generally informed about the world. They are informed about their world, but probably not about the world.

If I expected the latest generation to engage in the same philosophies I have regarding common courtesies I'd be considered a prude. People assign labels quickly in deference to those who would criticize them for who they are. I don't criticize. I prefer to inform and be informed.

Someone once said that a stranger is just someone you have yet to befriend. Or, he could also be someone you have yet to make an enemy of. The difference between making friends versus enemies is not a lesson mankind has wholly embraced yet, much less learned to do. I tend to observe, understand and then apply whatever tact is necessary to elicit trust, starting with my kids, and create the opportunity for friendships to grow. It's actually pretty easy to do if you bury your own preconceptions and don the proper mantle.

But, I do agree that technology is currently a distraction from rather than a conduit to. That will change when it and the people using it mutually mature.

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"The internet is reducing the

"The internet is reducing the globally uninformed by an exponential no one can imagine" - But aren't you ignoring the increase of misinformation and Extremist groups to the public?
Aren't you ignoring these "Scientific Studies" which have not a single provable evidence other than falsity, believe it or not a "scientific study" I once read about talked "how a single glass of red wine, could be the equivalent of an hour at a gym".
The ISIS can easily penetrate social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing many ISIS sympathizers to work in secret (presuming Facebook and Twitter hasn't allowed the NSA or any other State Agency to be tracked).
Bullying has increased, now people have even more ways to shame a individual, take an example such as Amanda Todd.
Also, let's not forget their use for political gain, FOX news for example, and the mass misinformation spread by lesser news programs that commit to that act for an increase on viewers.
I agree with your opinion (including the facts in it), but I know that you cannot deny the Negativity of the Internet, which can equalize with it's Benefits.
That kind of sounds very ironic coming from me as the Internet is how I find Atheist sympathizers and learn more about the World, but at the same time, I find misinformation very harming to the mentality of society.

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4. Britain (also known as

4. Britain (also known as Great Britain) is really a geographical name for the island that includes Wales, England, and Scotland. It's called "Great" to distinguish it from another smaller Britain (now called Britanny) in northern France. But the name is often used for the political country as well, perhaps because it's shorter than United Kingdom. UK citizens often call themselves Britons or Brits, but the Britons were the people who were conquered by the Romans and then the Anglo-Saxons, who were then conquered by the Vikings, followed by the Normans (who were also Vikings). The United Kingdom is a union of three countries, England, Scotland and Wales under one monarch. It's an old union, but not a permanent one. Scotland may still divorce the UK. The UK is perhaps the most confusing country on Earth. For one thing, England hasn't had an English king since the death of Harold II in 1066.

The patron saint of England is Saint George, who was a Syrian officer in the Roman army.

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Well, that is something

Well, that is something really interesting which I should've read about.

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I went through elementary and

I went through elementary and high school in England and New Zealand without learning much about all this. What they taught us was that the British, and especially the English, were on a mission from god to bring civilization and freedom to the world. We had the best people, the best government, and the best language, and the size of our empire was proof of god's favor toward us.

While the British Empire had its positive side, it also had the effect of liberating a lot of people in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific from their lands and their lives. We also infected many of our former colonies with the atrocious game of cricket.

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It is possible to view

It is possible to view Cricket to be the ultimate proof that "God" is in fact an English man......

After all who but an but an infinite ,eternal being could think up a game played with a bat and ball that can take up to 5 days to produce a result ?

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Hahahaha seriously the test

Hahahaha seriously the test matches do take forever and a day..

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"There are still those that

"There are still those that believe Vaccine causes autism or harms kids, regarding Parents or +22"
That plus indoctrination. I feel very sorry for those kids.

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By the by there is also New

By the by there is also New Britain in the Pacific Ocean, New Britain City, Connecticut, etc..

From Wiki: The indigenous people of New Britain [in the Bismark Archipelago] fall into two main groups: the Papuans, who have inhabited the island for tens of thousands of years, and the Austronesians, who arrived around two thousand years ago.
But maybe they refer to themselves collectively as New Britons or New British?

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