Why do atheists claim that the concept of God is so unlikely

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Why do atheists claim that the concept of God is so unlikely

Hello, I am hoping someone can explain the atheist viewpoint to me on the validity and probability of God's existence.

Most atheists will claim that the facts show the concept of a God to be so utterly unlikely as to be considered impossible.

But, this is not what the facts show at all.

The theory of Evolution does not explain the origin of life, nor can it explain the existence of life from the first organic cell onward.

How does natural selection explain the eye, for example? How can atheists claim that complex organs like the eye could have evolved, when everything we know about the eye says that it is useless unless all the components are in place at the same time.

As for reptile-mammal transition evidence, where is it in "evidence"?

What are the actual mechanics that achieve it? Not speculation, actual. Not variation in a genus [which evolutionists cling to as being evolution]. Biological changes where a living entity can be observed to be changing into something different, breaching the barriers of its DNA.

For reptiles to become mammals, that breach must have happened. So, someone please show where reptiles are in a state of doing so today - where that transition is taking place.

The facts show that what is overwhelmingly in evidence is what the Bible itself says, that like begets like, and we all rely on that to occur in all facets of life, from growing/eating fruit and vegetables through to human/animal procreation.

It seems that the evidence supports the concept of God, rather than the atheistic claim that "God probably doesn't exist".

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Why don't you go and do your

Why don't you go and do your homework, read a book or two, and come back when you have something original to say.

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The only thing right in your

The only thing right in your nonsense is that evolution does not have anything to say about the origin of life, only the diversity of life we see on earth today. I agree with Albebe.....might help to read a book other than what ever holy text you subscribe to.

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I started a thread called "Leap Of Faith." Read it.
Nothing, and I mean nothing points to a god at all.

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"Why do atheists claim that the concept of God is so unlikely".....

Do atheists claim this ??

I'm not entirely sure that they do.......

You see....the CONCEPT of a god is NOT so unlikely .....

after all most societies throughout time and regardless of geographic location...have developed ideas about god/gods... many have blossomed into full blown religions......

No...the concept of god ,as you put it is very ,very common........

Its the REALITY of the god/gods that is the busted flush........all of them....that is ALL OF THEM .....have proved to be man made fabrications.....

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Yada, your opening question

Yada, your opening question was, "Why do atheists claim that the concept of God is so unlikely"

Right off the bat, you erred. I think the concept (emphasis on the word 'concept') of god/s is not just likely, it is fact. But a concept does not mean something conceived of is real. Unicorns and fairies have been conceived of. Do you think they exist in reality?

Now, onto what you probably meant...you can ask an individual if they think a god exists but since each persons' god is different, you would have to very narrowly and specifically define the 'god' you mean in order for that individual to respond appropriately. It is simply impossible to derive a sensible answer to your question from an entire group (e.g. atheists, xtians, muslims, etc.) since no two people likely think the same way.

So, to which god are you referring? There are, after all, thousands of them.

I'd further advise you to study some science. Since you do not even understand that the theory of evolution has nothing to do with abiogenesis, you've obviously a lot to learn.

Algebe is correct...you are just repeating the drivel fed to you by others who are equally ignorant.

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@yadayada : (Deja vu!) Read a

@yadayada : (Deja vu!) Read a science book once in awhile!

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Jesus Christ! Are there

Jesus Christ! Are there always this many Christians using this forum to pick the brains of atheists?

Look, if God created the eye, would it even have to be complex at all? No, it would just work. It could just be a rubber ball in your head and it would work just as well. We probably wouldn't even need eyes. Godmagic would allow us to simply see without them. Also, if God made my eyes, I probably wouldn't need these glasses.

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Hi, well i'd like to say if

Hi, well i'd like to say if you're going to bring evolution into this, that seems kind of ridiculous. The idea of god is an abstract concept, therefore, is immune from logic. The idea that you could justify god through science is preposterous. I'm sorry to say that you're falling into the trap early civilizations fell into explaining things they could not understand like thunder, or lightning with "gods". We may come up with a new theory to explain this ,but you need to realize that science doesn't know everything. Hope this clears things up thanks for reading (:

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hia when you look at the cell

hia when you look at the cell with its amino acids proteins such as dna and rna it does look like there is an intelligence behind it, I`m glad you mentioned the eye because this compex organ can do wonderful things, atheism is empty nada nothing that's why its a minority view point.So far it hasn`t proven that God does not exist.I follow jesus Christ his words of love and pauls words of encouragement is all I need in this life.

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@ devout christian

@ devout christian
So if this is true "I follow jesus Christ his words of love and pauls words of encouragement is all I need in this life."
Then why eat, why do anything?
You say "atheism" hasn't disproven god. Well, it isn't up to atheists to disprove your god.
You say that atheism is "empty". That is a stupid statement. Atheists don't seek to be fulfilled by "atheism."
1) Prove that there was jesus christ.
2) Prove that he said anything.
3) Prove that there is was a god.
It's really simple but you can't and will not do it....BECAUSE YOU CAN'T!!!!!
Also long ago believers said there was a god because he created the eye, perfectly round. That was their argument. The fact is that eyes are not at all round, and they are far from perfect. Also just because cells are complex doesn't PROVE that there is a god. It doesn't even infer that there is a god. YOU are jumping to a conclusion, taking a leap of faith.
You lack logic, ethics, and honesty. Your arguments are childish at best, and entirely dishonest!

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historians have said both

historians have said both liberal a bart ehrman and conservatives like ben witherington Darrell bock etc, have all stated that jesus Christ existed, so I come from honesty can you prove that he didn`t exist? where do I lack logic, and ethics? please cite where I am guilty of this.adults believe in jesus Christ as for the eye and gene research has proven how amazing this is science haS NO COHERENT EXPLANAtion for this.So to say that I am dishonest or childish proves that you are irrational.The Bible is an inspired text here is gods revelation to humanity, take it or leave it.Jesus was either God if not he was a lunatic liar or lord.you choose for yourself.As for me and my house we will serve the lord,Joshua chapter 24 verse 15, read it and maybe you will see the light.

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dc, what's your purpose for

dc, what's your purpose for posting here? What do you want to gain by it?

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@devout christian

@devout christian
I don't have to prove that jesus didn't exist, you have to prove he did. I didn't make him up, believers did. As for the bible it is neither inspired or accurate. It is a book of mythology and allegory. Again the "eye" argument is a worn out centuries old argument proven to be false. To believe it you have to jump to a childish conclusion. Science does have an explanation for the eye you just ignore it or are uneducated.

"Joshua 24:15King James Version (KJV)

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

What a load of crap! No one has to serve anyone and it isn't a good reason (it isn't a reason in the first place), to prove that there is a god. I doubt very much that YOU live in the land of the Amorites, or even can find it on a map.

You can't even post with correct coherent punctuation. You refuse to PROVE jesus even existed let alone that he was a god. So yes, you are dishonest, and it is you that are irrational given these glaring facts.
As for historians saying that jesus existed, I can't find a damn thing from any credible source that proves conclusively that jesus existed. So you either are lying or are just referencing a religious source. My guess is both, but you don't actually cite any reference so we can't tell.

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@devoutchristian: Have you

@devoutchristian: Have you spent much time looking at cells?

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This eye argument is so tired

This eye argument is so tired anyway. To say atheists haven't addressed it ad nauseum is just ignorant. Take a look at Richard Dawkins reply to this question. I'm to lazy to copy and paste it so you'll have to give it a Google.

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