Why is God so homophobic?

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Also a part of a push to

Also a part of a push to increase their population and power of a religion. Go home and make lots and lots of babies. All religions are very well aware that if you convert a couple, their kids are almost certainly going to be of that religion as well, as their grandkids and so on. That strategy does not work as well if even only a small percent of the followers picked same sex partners. Compared to a religion that pushed all followers to have lots of kids.

Whoops I see pretty much this reponse right below mine from aprez.

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I think that by the time and

I think that by the time and in the place the biblical stories were created people lived as shepherds in rather small tribes in a kind of not very fertile land. The tribe should be able to defend their pasture lands to survive. A larger tribe could more easily defend against enemy tribes, so more children ( male children most of all) were be a benefit. With the high mother and child mortality of the time, each child was an important asset. From there, same- sex activities, not leading to procreation, were considered against the survival of the tribe. The Bible reflects the socioeconomic and moral situation of more than 2000 years ago. It makes no sense to the world of today and in fact is detrimental to present day society. That is is why God is homophobic.

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@aperez241: same- sex

@aperez241: same- sex activities, not leading to procreation, were considered against the survival of the tribe.

I've also heard the theory that the presence of uncles and aunts with no offspring of their own could have been a survival factor in hunter-gatherer tribes by providing support for breeding couples as additional food gatherers, defenders, and caregivers.

As far as Jehovah/Christ is concerned, my guess is that the neolithic chieftain on whom this god was modeled was a latent homosexual driven to prove his manhood through serial rape and anti-gay persecution.

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I think that people define what they think is good or bad to their group, that is why I used the word 'considered'. While these Middle Eastern people might have chosen to see same sex as pernicious, other tribes/ cultures thought homosexuals/ trans were a third sex, "two spirit" with powers to communicate men and women worlds, or just, like many Polynesians before European contact, did not give a fig about all that and same-sex acts were just another way to have fun for those who liked them. Sadly, it was the point of view of those Middle-Eastern people the one that spread around with their religion.

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jesus was a gay black man

jesus was a gay black man that theived begged and scammed everyone he came in contact with...that is derived from the story of the bible and applying geographical history. However, there is no proof a jesus ever lived and there is no god.

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Its lovely to have socio

Its lovely to have socio economic theories about why Religion is so homophobic but the fact is the Abramaic god(s) are fucking sociopathic monsters created by nasty bearded old fuckers in temples with bugger all else to do but each other.

Best way of getting new young recruits is to make them pariahs in society so they gravitate to where they think they may get sanctuary, there they can be groomed and penetrated thus creating the next generation of lying monsters. Oh wait...that's not a theory that's the Church....

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When Moses led his people out

When Moses led his people out of Egypt, they were not mere slaves, it was a band of renown mercenaries. They had served the Egyptians well, but they had also become a hindrance, and for both sides, it was a case of FU.


For any fighting force, especially a mercenary army, discipline must be upheld, and homosexuality does taint any operation. Let them whore, rape, pillage, and screw goats. But homosexuality was frowned upon.

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Homophobia is relative.

Homophobia is relative. Relative to western atheists, the Judaeo-Christian God (Yahweh) is a homophobe, but relative to Chinese atheists, he's perhaps more of a homophile.

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I don’t really care so much

I don’t really care so much about whether some god is homophobic. Since I don’t think any of them exist, worrying about that seems less important. Instead, I care about whether that god’s believers are and then consider it a basis for stealing someone’s equality.

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Are we really saying a god is

Are we really saying a god is homophobic or that a bunch of religious bigots believe they have the right to be homophobic? Rhetorical question. Forget god. Bother the bigots.


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