Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Probably my most favourite thing Jesus says. I’d like to get both an Atheist and Theist interpretation of this utterance.

Now. I don’t really care for Jesus. He hasn’t done much for me in this life and I could use his help. Quite honestly, he’s no match for my demons. So I don’t view him as my saviour. Empty promises. Good guy tho.

Now this saying reveals a lot about Jesus and his so called relationship with God. IMO - this is the moment where Jesus is up on that cross - dying for air - and he realizes he’s screwed.

All of those miracles and healings and efforts of good will, teaching, preaching - it has all come to naught. He is going to die a slow suffocating death nailed up on a cross. And some asshole is going to offer him a sponge soaked in vinegar as an offering.

So, that’s my view on this utterance. Basically Jesus realizes that he’s alone in the world. The good days are over and this so called God has - in the end - forsaken him. Jesus becomes an Atheist at this moment.

What do ya’ll think?

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@Ratty: This is a version

@Ratty: This is a version of Jesus dying on the cross by the people that believed he was god adopted at his baptism. The holy spirit entered his body and he became Christ. At the end of his life that can not have him die as Christ. That would be silly, Christ can't die. So the holy spirit has to leave him and he must die as a man. If he does not die as a man, then his sacrifice is useless. Each of the "death on the cross stories" has a different meaning for a different group of believers. God actually abandons him so that he can die as a man. The rub on this story is that, if this is the case, none of the suffering he went through mattered because he went through all the beating and torture as Christ. He probably felt none of it and only complained on the cross.

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Yeah. He was a little bitch

Yeah. He was a little bitch near the end there. Couldn’t carry his own cross. And “wah wah wah!!! Abba, Abba - it hurts.” Little wanker.

More opinions. Come on. Let’s hear from the Theists!!!

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@Ratty: i'm actually OK

@Ratty: i'm actually OK with "little bitch."

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Is not Christ suppossed to be

Is not Christ suppossed to be Father ,Son and Holy Wotsit ?
If this is indeed the position then how could Christ have been abandoned ...……...by himself.....

short of some sort of psychotic personality disorder ...…

although ,thinking about it ...that could answer a lot of questions.

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Does science already have

Does science already have evidence that the Historical Jesus did not exist? Are there any books on this subject?

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@Ricardo: This is the third

@Ricardo: This is the third time you have asked the same question. Go find the Cave Analogy. "On the Historicity of Jesus" Richard Carrier, "The Jesus Puzzle, by Earl Doherty"

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY JESUS? There are many books that argue for a man possibly existing who was not a Son of go, miracle working prophet. "The Jesus of the Early Christians," by G.A. Wells. "The Jesus the Jews Never Knew? by Frank R. Zindler, "Jesus, Mything in Action: by David Fitzgerald.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTllC7TbM8M Why we invented Jesus

Richard Carrier On the Historicity of Jesus

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How to search this forum?

How to search this forum?

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Click on your profile and it

Click on your profile and it will take you to the page where you can explore all the questions you have asked.

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