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Nearly every post he makes

Nearly every post he makes which is not a question is either a dodge, spam, not supported claim or completely irrelevant to whom he is replying to.

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What is this from you?

What is this from you?

"Sounds about right to Shock of God."

Then the very next post is,

"I mean Chuck Rogers".

What is all that about? It doesn't seem to go with the post above it.

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That's to Zaphod, of which

That's to Zaphod, of which both posts are from.

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the first one was in respns

the first one was in respns to the point above to express agreement with it and to use you as an example the second one was to correct the example to refect your name rather than Shock of God's though I am still not convinced you are two separate people.

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response* reflect*

response* reflect*

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And I was telling

And I was telling Nyarlathotep how to differentiate between Christians and Muslims. And that is to do what God says. Seek Him with all your heart. Sometimes it's just easier to give scripture to get right to the point, instead of trying to explain it in a longer way. And I did use that verse with Ellis also. I use God's word because I believe it to be true because of how He changed my life. That is evidence to me. No one can live a real Christian life for more than a short time without the Holy Spirit. Because their true nature will continue to control you. So I find no other way for anyone to understand the difference without experiencing God for their self.

So instead of going into all that I gave him the ingredients to find out for himself. You also are welcome to taste and see that God is good.

Oh and by the way if you want to have the debate you mentioned above about the passage in Mark, I would be happy to. I'll let you start the debate since you brought it up. I can tell you I believe it, and that Jesus definitely is the Messiah.

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Funny I've had this same Gods

Funny I've had this same Gods word discussion with Muslims Catholics and others who are firmly convinced their particular version of Gods words are the accurate depiction or translation. Furthermore, your claims are no more valid than the claims of others who have had similar experiences equally convinced that if you just believe and open your heart and mind to their religious view and they to will be shown the so called "truth". I have had the so called God experience my self when I was a little child and a believer who did in fact believe in god with all my heart. I had the god showing himself to me experience, problem is I have also had the many other gods showing themselves to me experience. When you want to believe something enough your mind has a way of playing tricks on you, but you have to be pretty ignorant of other people having different experiences which would invalidate your own in order to continue living a life where you think your One true God exist and there are no other gods besides him. I encourage you to try the George Carlin approach and try praying to Joe Pesci. Other people are just as convinced by their own experiences as you are by yours that their gods are real and the one true god and your is not and their holy word is the word of god and yours is not. So to reiterate his point again hoping for a real response this time rather than biblical spam:

You can't tell us how to separate what you tell us from what the Muslims/others tell us.

As for the other debate, there is no question in my mind that you believe Jesus is the Messiah, I will respond if you start the debate but no I see no need to discuss it further unless you are open to address it as something to be debated rather than truth because its what you believe and you exhibit this in the OP of the topic you start. I am willing to have a sensible debate with you but not to just go back and forward with nonsense, However that said, it makes no real difference in my life whether I have the debate with you or not. but if you do be forewarned many versions of the bible and other text regarded as holy text may find their way into the discussion which should be treated with equal merit as the KJV for the sake of debate. Unless you can show in a non-biased way how the KJV is more valid than say the text of religious people who are not believers in the KJV.

Since people of all sorts of religions and beliefs have had the same experiences, there is no reason to believe your belief is the right one.

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Were to begin, I know that there is no way of putting in words the what it is to experience real salvation. You actually have to experience it to really know it. There are many people that claim they had it but didn't. I've spoken about some of this before. I know of people, of which there are at least three in my Church that have given testimony of this, that thought they had been saved, or as you put it so you can understand the God experience. And basically what they realized after they really got saved, was that they simply had a mind knowledge instead of the real deal. You were willing to step away, in my opinion because you didn't have the Spirit of the Holy Ghost within that would have brought conviction in a strong enough way that you would have known you couldn't step away. Those that I have heard the testimonies of that really got saved after they thought they already had it, but the Holy Ghost showed them that they didn't, would today be willing to have their head removed before they would deny Jesus. That's how strong the realness of being truly saved is. And I have that same amount of assurance in how the Lord has done for me.
You see it takes the real God of the Bible to prove it. You see there is a huge amount of information it would take to go into much about the differences between true Christianity and other religions. So I will just touch a little. With true Christianity salvation is Jesus + nothing, - nothing. He performs the act of salvation. But yet you do have to repent, which is not a work because repentance is the willingness to turn from your sin. Not actually becoming a better person in order for Jesus to save you. Which is unlike any other religion that I know of, because all of the others base getting to Heaven on is by works. God will not let anyone in Heaven so that they can bragg that they got there on their own merits, when they have broken God's law. Anything we try to do that we look at as being good, is as nasty filthy rags in God's eyes, because we are tainted with sin. And because of that the blood of Jesus is on our hands, because He had to die due to the sins of us all.

When you truly get saved He changes you from the inside out. He changes your desires, your thoughts, and your ways. Nothing else can change you in the way He can.

I didn't come on to this site to prove God and His word. Though I will defend it the best way I can. So if you think you can prove God and His word to be wrong, go ahead and try. I know that no one can disprove truth. Not just because, as you may think that I simply won't accept what you claim. But it's because truth cannot be destroyed. Though it can be lied about. It's like you and some of the others first said that Jesus SAID that He was not the Messiah. When in fact He didn't say that.

My coming on this site is to show that Atheism is a religion also, in which you deny. But you don't have enough evidence to prove what you believe without a great amount of speculation. Some of you, which I have pointed out, claim things, and then say that you don't have proof. Yet you claim it's not faith. And some of you claim that you are smarter than a theist. What real Christians claim they back up by the word of God ( whether you believe it or not) which nothing in the universe disputes.

As far as the debate over Mark, I believe it as well as 100% of the rest of the Bible. You were the first to speak of a debate about it, in which if you want to, over any part of the Bible or the Bible verses any perversion, I would be happy to. All you have to do is start one.

But I would still like to know how is it that you can believe evolution is true with no real proof. It is by faith which makes it a religion.

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Correction, there is only one

Correction, there is only one thing that disputes the Bible, and that is an unbeliever. But there is nothing in the universe that disproves the Bible.

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1 Chronicles 16:30: Fear

1 Chronicles 16:30: Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.

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So what is your point with

So what is your point with that scripture?

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I agree with your "therefore"

I agree with your "therefore" but it would appear that the answer is different with you and me, In my case it doesn't have to be a person type entity, It could also be a condition, such as the condition wherein a spem can enter an egg and start to become an animal. like a ifre, can turn a woodland into ashes. where water can be evaperated and become clouds and then rain.

Agreed, somehing has to trigger those reactions, but what??? That is what we don't know, and never will. becaus every start had a start which had a start befor that, in a never ending chain of whos or whats. What or who started the conditions of nature could indead be a peson type entity, or simply a chemical type reaction, the truth will out, but here will be noone there to witness it, as towho, or what strted the whole shebang.


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