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"The first link took me to

"The first link took me to psychics being debunked."
Woe is me, we are all doomed etc etc...

"The second took me to Nostradamus"
What in person? I may have to re-evaluate my cynicism of the guff assigned to him.

"The third was a Depeche Mode " video"
Depeche mode weren't bad tbh, there were a lot worse groups in the 80's.

"The fourth was a Skeptics video. "
All hail scepticism, it alone can save us now that physics has been debunked.

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@Cog and Sheldon

@Cog and Sheldon

Whoa!... *look of shocked surprise*... Psychics have been debunked??? Did I hear that right?.... Hmmm... You would think they would have seen that coming..... Oh, wait.... *scratching head*....

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Depeche Mode "weren't bad"?

Depeche Mode "weren't bad"?
Psssh. I'm an 80s baby through and through. So I liked a *lot* of music in the 80s, especially English new wave/synth-pop despite being a blue blooded Yank from Chicago. :P

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Thanks for sharing that Cog.

Thanks for sharing that Cog. Now I know I didn't just imagine it. Despite the confusion I can still firmly declare that I do have an idea what atheism means.

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Psychics have been debunked??

Psychics have been debunked??? Did I hear that right?.... Hmmm... You would think they would have seen that coming

You've just reminded me of possibly the most hilarious moment I had whilst waiting for an angiogram.

I was in the waiting room, when I overheard the conversation emanating from the bed next to me. During which the nurse asked the individual what his occupation was, and he replied "psychic medium". My first thought at this point being "I bet you didn't foresee this mess descending on you, did you?", because I recognised the voice as belonging to a fellow patient on the Coronary Care Unit. Yep, he was about to have an angiogram, just like me, in order to find out the state of his coronary arteries. I was next in the queue, funnily enough, and I have to tell you, you really appreciate the wonders of medical science, when you can lie on the bed, chatting to the surgeon while he's wiggling a little wire through your bloodstream and watching your coronary arteries on a flat screen TV, and you feel absolutely no sensation whatsoever as he's doing this.

Even better was the angioplasty a couple of days later. Only this time, I was able to watch the whole proceedings on a giant flat screen TV next to the bed. There's my coronary artery, looking as if someone had stapled it shut. Ouch, not good. Next thing, the surgeon blows up the little balloon, and inserts the stent, and hey presto, 12 lane highway open for business. And again, completely devoid of sensation. Let's see mythology match this.

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So glad your procedure went

So glad your procedure went well, Cali

The cath lab scared me a lot when I had an angiogram! It was fascinating to watch on the big screen though. Gotta admit, was very thankful for the versed. ;)

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Glad to hear your procedure went well. The heart stuff is no joke. My brother has had a couple of angiograms in the recent past, and told me about his experiences. Actually did sound pretty cool. And having been an Army medic, I can appreciate all that is involved in the procedure. The human body is certainly an amazing system.

Speaking of psychics again, it reminds me of another little moment I had involving a "professional" fortuneteller. I was on a drug task force team for a few years, and there was a Mexican restaurant my team and I ate at frequently. Across the street from the place was a Psychic/Palm Reading business that was something of a "landmark" to the area because it had been there for so many years. And the primary psychic lady who owned/operated the place was very well known. Well, we arrived at the restaurant for lunch one evening, and as we were walking across the parking lot, one of my teammates motioned toward the Psychic shop and announced, "Hey, guys, did y'all hear about the lady who owns the Psychic shop getting killed in a car wreck recently?" The other guys were making the typical comments of, "Wow, that's so sad," and "Man, that sucks," and so forth. Without breaking stride or turning around, I said, "Well, damn, she must not have been a very good psychic. She should have seen the wreck coming and avoided it. How the hell did she stay in business for so many years?" Would you believe those assholes actually "Boo'd" me?.... *shaking head in disbelief*...

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@ Calilasseia

@ Calilasseia

Glad to hear yours went well. Mine went perfect. I had three cardio test thingys done, including an angiogram. And all was due to the fact I thought I was having a massive heart attack in May of last year. Turned out it was a severe gall bladder attack. All my cardio tests came back and they said my heart still appeared to as healthy as someone 20 years younger than I am. Oh, now I remember, one of them was a stress test. Funny since I am suffering from triglycerides problem so bad they could not even get an LDL reading. Next month, they are going to do another blood screening after four months of taking Lipitor to see if that helps. The problems we get as we age. Rather humbling sometimes.

Now I wonder if any theist is low enough to say something like that's what us atheists get.


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Could not agree more Cal. I

Could not agree more Cal. I have three stents. The first two were inserted in 2003 in a public hospital with just me and the operator In a pokey op room that looked more like a broom closet and an oversized flat screen showing my heart veins and arteries all pumping and pulsing away. I watched as the stents were slipped into place. Best live screen viewing ever.


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