Wikipedia bans all good atheistic arguments from their pages?...

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Wikipedia bans all good atheistic arguments from their pages?...

It seems to be a real problem. Every time somebody says something against free will (for example the 'standard argument'), or even notes that somebody said it, every time there is a topic about Catholic archbishops and cardinals, every time good historiosophical argument come into light on a page (such as, a 'mere user' comes and deletes them, pretending to do it carefully but with commitment, with tricks but still as a mere user, then you observe that struggling with him is pointless. They don't let you revert content and expect, they themselves revert yours; and whenever you're stubborn on a change they bring admins and bans as much as they want. The problem is so systematic extinction of best atheistic arguments that it must be connected with Wikimedia as a whole. Their current decidents seem to serve Vatican in the worst possible way, by fighting freedom of knowledge. Even the article on was once almost deleted, although there are many other such pages on Nietzsche in this encyclopedia. The worst fight is against good articles on free will which highlight rationalistic criticisms.



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wikipedia shouldn't delete

wikipedia shouldn't delete any of its articles. its supposed to be a public service. if it proves otherwise, I'm suing for the five bucks they constantly pester me for :)

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Wikipedia is a propagandist

Wikipedia is a propagandist board, they put up there anything they like and remove anything they don't.

Don't expect a fair judgment at all.

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You need to vote to have a

For sure you need to vote there to have a fair judgment and fair articles, you need to struggle with the admins. It doesn't happen just "by itself."

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editors make final decision

editors make final decision on anything

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yea, and also the ones who

yea, and also the ones who pay them money.
There were several cases even brought to court because of this.

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Don't you have some friends

Well, money seems to be the biggest problem there.

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WP vote is a waste of time,

WP vote is a waste of time, this is like politics, you think you have a say in the matter, but if something is not like by the rich and powerful, there is no way it will happen.

Wikipedia shareholders will always side with the guys with the big pockets regardless of votes.
It is how the propaganda machine works, you pay them and they show what you like.

Really there is little difference from a guy who wan'ts to sell you a billboard in a popular place.
Except, he has to pay taxes while Wikipedia doesn't.

"To cover these costs, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation subsist almost entirely on donations."
Wonder who is donating now?

This is how business is done, you first create the market(online users) then you sell a product on that market, in this case either a political view or a favorable article to some company, then you sell that option to the highest bidder.

Anybody who has a marketing department would gladly bid/donate.
Then you would see a huge improvement on your wiki page :) = more profits.

"I have to admit that a volunteer-operated site that has the ability to seriously harm a business’s or a person’s good reputation gives me the creeps. This is especially true for online encyclopedias like Wikipedia where content, by its social nature, tends to stray into gossip territory. I realize that this applies to many social media websites but very few have the massive power to affect opinion that Wikipedia currently has. If there is one thing that this whole scenario illustrates it is that Wikipedia’s content, no matter who administrates it, should be heavily seasoned with salt. The same goes for any socially driven content online."

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Jeff Vella Leone - "Wikipedia

Jeff Vella Leone - "Wikipedia shareholders"

Thanks Jeff, I needed a good laugh.

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I laugh every time you post

I laugh every time you post something.

I always think to myself, is it this time that he will say something which is not stupid?

Always a disappointment so far, and I with this expression:


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Well, for example if you vote

Let's say 2 users post, on a voting page, that they strongly support an article. Then they get banned for 'suckpuppetry'. How the hell can admins know if they are the same user? There are so many NAT's and NATing routers out there that it turns out to be impossible.

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I don't see how anything is

I don't see how anything is under threat there from fundamentalists, and I find your conspiracy theories rather amusing.

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Impaired sight perhaps? :)

Impaired sight perhaps? :)

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I also lol'ed at you trying

I also lol'ed at you trying to argue that you can't prove 2 users posting from the same IP, on the same topic, are sock puppets.

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@Nyarlathotep: As far as I

@Nyarlathotep: As far as I hear, it's their own words. (subtitle "Sockpuppetry blocks").

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if you don't like wikipedia,

if you don't like wikipedia, plotrniz, find another encyclopedia (assuming you can find any)

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I am not an editor on Wiki,

I am not an editor on Wiki, nor do I even have an account. I have no plans of being a part of Wiki, I don't visit it often enough for me to bother with it. When it comes to references or citations, if it isn't a .edu, I generally don't waste a lot of time with it.

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Topic switch + more

Topic switch + more 'wikispiracy' theories

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