Will it take war?

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Will it take war?

Will it take a war against religion in order to get America to become a secular society?

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Nope, just a few more decades

Nope, just a few more decades.

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Military and pugilistic terms

Military and pugilistic terms are overused. I agree with BiggusD and I think it's more a case of 'truth will out' than war.

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Wouldn't using violence then

Wouldn't using violence then completely contradict what we stand for? We criticize religion for war and violence, so if we resort to that it would make our argument obsolete. Only if a crusade was launched against Atheist, and we acted out of self defense, would it be acceptable to use violence.

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Just so everyone know I am in

Just so everyone know I am in agreement that physical warfare is not the option... the reason I bring this up is because someone brought this up to me. A theist, not on this site said there is a war against Christianity in America. But it did get me thinking religion has mass amounts of money and resources, they have the majority on their side (for now). When I talk to people they equate Christians with good morals or honest people, yet when I say I'm an atheist I get " I would have never known because you seem like a nice guy" it's crazy.

So this post is not meant as actual war with killing and violence-we can leave that one to god lol

But more in the figurative, let's pull together the best lawyers, scientists, and gain mass numbers. I have seen top scientists say they do not want to label themselves atheists due to its negative connotation. So let's change that mindset.

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Militant atheism. Doesn't

Militant atheism. Doesn't mean atheists with guns. Just that we "fight" against religion and its dogma.

The war has already begun.

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I agree that the war has

I agree that the war has begun yet we are still small and I keep hearing time time time (not from you) and I am sick of waiting. Have we not endured centuries of this religious shit? I am 100% fed up with religious laws and oppression. I do not want to harm anyone I do not want to take away their rights to believe whatever fairy tale they want but I do want to take away their ability to shove their religious beliefs and laws down our throats! In my opinion it is time to unite as one front and really get this going. There are debates and YouTube videos yet we need more, do people think that over time the Catholic Church or Scientology will give up their money and power without us gaining the mass majority? We need to ban religion in every government building, public school, state park, courthouse! We need to bring in real scientists into the education of our youth. Next time you are walking the streets ask 10 people if they know what a theory is in science. I bet 7-8 have no idea.

Let's stand together and fight!!! Together we are strong alone we are weak. For now we are the minority and do not forget that. The time is now!!!!!!!

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how much longer do you think

how much longer do you think you have til they pogrom you?

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What do you mean?

What do you mean?

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I think it unhelpful or

I think it unhelpful or perhaps counterproductive to speak in terms of warfare and fighting. The aims are inclusiveness, equality and liberte, egalite, fraternite for all. I would counter the religionist's perception with questions. Does s/he think spreading superstition is a good idea? How does s/he think non-believers feel about people "spreading The Word of God"?! What about teaching children of the virgin birth, resurrection and afterlife?! How does teaching children there's no such thing as ghosts, but the Holy Ghost is one of the "Three Persons of God" not contradict attempts to teach critical thinking?!

None of the above is "militant".It is all entirely constructive and all may contribute to such discussion. Militant atheists and talk of a war on Christianity are the perceptions of religionists who feel their ideas, opinions, dogma, beliefs (call them what you like) are under attack, but again, "attack" is rather a martial term and so is inappropriate and unhelpful. I suggest discussion of religion is kept constructive. At least let's try not to be personally at fault if it isn't.

It is far more constructive to mutually explore questions than "win" an argument. Right, wrong, true, false, misleading are terms that should not be seen as owned by someone to the humiliation of another.

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I agree with you if we are debating or simple having a conversation but I feel we do need to be more aggressive on our approach. When we educate yes have a normal conversation but there are times where a more aggressive voice is needed. You are not going to convince someone away from their beliefs if they do not want to know truth. My government is giving millions away in tax money for this cause, look at AA , courts require people to attend and it is 100% religious based. Look at monuments put up for war or tragic events, look at the American dollar for example. This is all stuff we need to fight against and simple talking things out is not currently working. If talking worked debates would have more attendance than rock concerts but they do not. Education in America is not valued, I talk to young adults all the time and as they admit they have never read the Bible they still believe in the god of the Bible. It's insane!!!!

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