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@Leper: Given all of the

@Leper: Given all of the references cited above, no one is really interested if you have found someone saying something different. Cite your source and we are happy to look at it. How hard is that. Or are you just planning on making another inane moronic assertion?

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"Abkara = Of matchless virtue

"Abkara = Of matchless virtue = Untouched by vice = Pure. The word Abkara has been restricted to virginity except by Allama G. A. Parwez. Qamoos and Raghib among the ancient experts of the Quraish dialect give it the correct meaning rendered here, as they cite several examples from ancient Arabic poetry. Interestingly, this is very similar to the wrong translation of ‘a maiden’ to ‘a virgin’ from Greek to English relating to Mary"


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READ the frigging Islamic

READ the frigging Islamic Scholars above. Islamic heaven is a place where MEN ARE GIVEN VIRGINS. Your hadith assert this, The Quaran asserts this. I have given you over 10 citations.; You are just demonstrably and factually WRONG!

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Technically, you could say

Technically, you could say that almost all people with a child five years of age has a virgin as their child. But if you then say "she stepped into the bus with the virgin" instead of saying "she stepped into the bus with her five year old daughter" the two give a wildly different impression, don't they?

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@Leper: " the two give a

@Leper: " the two give a wildly different impression, don't they?" Yep! Hence the word Virgin and not "little girl." Islamic heaven is not full of little girls. Every man will have virgins along with his Earthly wives. Why not read the quaran and hadith. They really will answer all your questions.

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So you're saying that the five year old is not a virgin? Has she been having sex?


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@Leper, I'm hoping you missed

@Leper, I'm hoping you missed my post and are not just ignoring it, I'll repost it:

Leper - Wikipedia is not a source.

That seems like a rather obvious attempt at trolling. I think you should explain yourself; before someone comes to that conclusion.
Will you be taking advantage of this opportunity or not?

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Why on earth should I answer

Why on earth should I answer that? Wikipedia is not a source. Some members like Cognostic are too uneducated to understd that. The word troll has no meaning in this forum. The only few people who aren't trolls here can only be the ones whose posts I have not seen and then there are the rare or new posters like Rabbi Mark who you call a troll as a defence mechanism. Like a pedophile calling decent people out as pedophiles. Get over yourselves.

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Leper has been removed from

Leper has been removed from trolling.

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Re: "Leper has been removed

Re: "Leper has been removed from trolling."

Phew! Finally!... *wiping forehead with back of hand*... Hope he took the rest of that unmatched stinky sock drawer with him.

Oh, and, thank you, Nyar!!!


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