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Would you believe this?

Satan said: "I will lead them astray"
Look at Majority of humanity today, instead of becoming servants of Allah [SWT], they are the servants of satan
Then satan said: "I will give them to their false passion and their desires"
You can broadly define false passion and desires into two. One are your carnal desires. Your desire for the flesh, you look at the society how it has succumb, to the wish of satan. Really, you look into our society that you gotta have a boyfriend or girlfriend and then break up and then make another girl or boyfriend and break up again and make new girl or boyfriend. If you haven't broke your virginity at the age of 16 or 17 or 18, it's something wrong with you. You gotta smoke and drink behind your parents back and do something unexpected while you're drunk. If you don't swear your uncool. This is what society promotes, although a real man is not him goes with the flow, a real man who can stand up for the sake of Allah [SWT], who can stem the tide of society because he believes that he is going to stand infront of Allah [SWT] and this is why out of the 7 people, who will be under the shade of Allah [SWT] on the day of judgment will be that young man "Who grew up in the worship of Allah [SWT]" He will be under the shade of Allah [SWT]. So the 1st form is your carnal desires. "I will give unto them their carnal desires". The 2nd is that satan will delude you in believing into false aspirations of this world. He will make you believe in false aspirations of this world and he will make this world the purpose of your life. Not only will he make this world the purpose of your life, he will not give you time to eat or even think about purpose of your life. And how you see how, the promise of the satan is coming to pass. You know they give you your TV sets and then they give you your videos and then they give you your DVD's and then they give you your satellite channels so you have more channels than you can even count and then they give you your mobile phones and then they give you voice activated mobile phones and then they give you camera phones and then they give you your video phones and then they give you the internet and then they give the internet on your mobile phones. So it's like the posters say, "You can shop until you drop...DEAD!" And when you drop dead the same satan will say, "Don't blame me blame youself. I called you and you obliged". And you will be suckered like the billions who were suckered before you. So the 2nd promise of the satan "Iwill give them to their false passion and their desires. The 3rd promise of satan was "I will command them and they will slit the ear of the cattle". A time will come where satan will tell the man to disfigure the creation of Allah [SWT] and you see this today really, you look into our society consumer society where they try to create chickens without feathers, Where recently in switzerland they found a fruit fly and from that fruit fly they found a gene which they dubbed eyeless and when they noted that wherever they injected this gene an eye would grow. And they injected this gene on 14 places on this fruit fly and 14 places on the anatomy of the fruit fly eyes grew. This is man playing God, playing with the creation of Allah [SWT] but it doesn't stop there. Look at those that reach the pinnacle of succes, really, look at those that reach the pinnacle of success. Those like Michael Jackson, you know the guy was a good looking a few years ago. But he, he reaches the pinnacle of success and then his deluded by the world. He even thinks that there must be some more contentment out there but doesn't realize the only contentment is the contentment of the heart. The only time you can really have contentment is when you recognize your creator. And what does he do? He starts playing around with his features, he starts disfiguring his features. And now you look the way, the guy doesn't even look a human being. Because this is what satan said, "I will command them and they will change this figure, the creation of Allah [SWT]". The 4th promise of satan is, "I will command them, and they will change the creation of Allah [SWT]". You know the traditional interpretation for this verse was, to shave the beard which changes the creation of Allah [SWT] because this was a sign of a man, to pluck the eyebrows was a sign of change in the creation of Allah [SWT]. But because the book of Allah [SWT] transcends time and space, it is relevant for all time cause it's a guidance until the final day. Today, it relates to your GM foods, this is changing the normal, changing the creation of Allah [SWT]. See, when they take the anti-freeze gene, from the arctic fish and they inject it into your tomatoes so they have longer shelf lives. This is playing with the creation of Allah [SWT] because belive it or not, fish don't have relationships with tomatoes. It doesn't work like that. This is GM foods your playing with the creation of Allah [SWT] and this was the 4th promise of satan. And you see coming to paths today, what greater change could there be, that a man becomes a women and a women becomes a man. And then the prophet Muhammed [PBUH] said, "Hold onto the book of Allah [SWT]. It is a thing which passes verdict between you, it is a thing which differentiates between right and wrong and it is not jest". The prophet [PBUH] articulated this 1400 years ago that when the muslims think that honour lies somewhere else, that Allah will disgrace them. Look at the sahaba, these were a group of people who were regarded by the rest of humanity as asfala safilin (lowest of the low). And then prophet [PBUH] came, and he transformed these people, he brought an impetus, he brought a drive and this was islam. And these very people who were regarded as the worst of people became the best of people to walk upon this earth. What was it? It was islam, see for other people other philosophy will work, for other people other ideologies will work. But for the muslims, nothing besides islam will work, because this follower regarding Allah [SWT] articulates in the quraan that, "You are the best of creation, you are taken out of mankind". Now if you think your I'zza lies in another philosophy, ideology, your deluded. The only time the muslims had respect, were when they held onto the deen (belief) of Allah [SWT], look at history, and when they turned away from the deen (belief) of Allah [SWT], Allah turned away from them. And this is why we found ourselves in the decadence that we do today, look at the state of the muslims, and until we realize that the problem that we have today is because we have turned away from Allah [SWT]. And we go back to the quran and sunnah (what the prophet [PBUH] said and did to guide us), we go back to the words of the prophet [PBUH] and find our remedy. But the problem is we look for remedies everywhere else other than were we should, and this is why we're in a sick state. Aren't we sick today? Aren't the minds of the youth confused? What should we hold onto? Aren't the hearts sick? Because society has many impulses, it will tell you and pull you into many directions. Then the more directions you go the more confused you will be. Do you know what causes sea sickness? Sea sickness do you know what causes it? See, the ears send a message to the brain, that you know when the boat rocks that theirs something wrong. Asnd the eyes sends a message to the brain, no I see everything is fine, so you have 2 confusing messages going to the brain. And as a consequense you feel sick, you vomit, you feel sick. And this is why today you will find the muslim follower is sick because we are pulled in so many directions. The minds are sick, the hearts are sick, the brains are confused and the only thing which remedies sea sickness is what? That when you come up to the top deck and you look at something which is totally straight, totally straight like the horizon, then all the confusion is removed. And similarly theirs only one guidance for us, and Allah [SWT] states this in the beginning of a surah (chapter) in quran. He says, "All praise be to Allah [SWT], who has revealed on the prophet [PBUH] His servant, a book and He has left no crookedness in it". And until we return to a book which has no crookedness, we will remain in the confusion that we find ourselves in today. "May Allah [SWT] make us from amongst those who follow the sunnah's of the prophet [PBUH], may Allah [SWT] make us amongst those in a time fitnah (the bad things in the world) who go back to the book of Allah [SWT], may Allah [SWT] keep us united in this world and may Allah [SWT] re-unite us in the paradise, Ameen!

satans messige to us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lztV9TL_nJo

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Are you debating or preaching

Are you debating or preaching?

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I just want you to know all

I just want you to know all about this... I'm afraid of everything I've read about. For me it seems to be true! Before I was like "Give me proof damit" and now i've got my proofs. Islam has changed me totally just like our prophet changed some people. Im am so happy now just because I turned to Allah, and when I ignored everything I felt lost, and just like our prophet said turn to Allah and everything will be fine, I tested my religion. I turned to Allah and my life changed totally! You will be punished if you don't believe this because your following satan and satan is promised hell on the day of judgment. He wants you to think like this to turn you away from the truth and want you to enter hell because he wants revenge. Didn't you read everything or watch the video?

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Satan sounds pretty much just

Satan sounds pretty much just like an angry version of Allah... and I don't think that's a coincidence. If you do believe in higher powers, just be careful who you're making deals with.

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You don't want to accept this

You don't want to accept this because satan whispers in our hearts. You don't want to listen to this because you think it's all sh*t. One reason is that you are afraid of if you listen and understands and show more interesst, you will maybe start to believe in this but thats not what you want so you ignore all this just like satan wants you to do.

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You are like silly putty,

You are like silly putty, your mind is being manipulated just as your religion demands you not allow. You are afraid of what you do not know, your own human nature strikes fear in your heart. This is what religion is, this is what religion does.

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You're afraid of everything

You're afraid of everything you've read about? It sounds like your religion has acheived its true purpose. It may seem like it makes sense but, for your sake, do not not close your mind with this.

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I am afraid because i fear

I am afraid because i fear God. Im not afraid of the love of God, The love of God is so big that it is impossible for anyone in this world to love anyone. What im afraid of is the anger of God. All He is asking for is to keep Him nr 1. We can't even do that. He loves us 70 times more than our own parents. Life is a test that we gotta get the highest grades. That day will come when you will final your exam and meet God and when that day will come you dont know. You dont know when you are gonna die. You can die today or tomorrow or after a week or a year or many years but u will die. If you fail the test by following satan. Just like him will you enter hell, if we succes then we are promised paradise. Paradise is a place there will be no pain no violence and nothing bad. This world is the lowest place. If we are looking for hapiness here then we are in the wrong place. This is a bad place, and you know it. There is only up from here. If we ignore this, it doesn't mean that day wont come when you will meet Allah. If you have exam for example but ignore it. Instead of studying you are partying. It doesn't mean the exam wont come. God says that disbelievers would never believe even if you try. He is right. Im not closing my mind this is how it is and i am happy for me and all the believers. I wanted you also to know about this...

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You are absolutely closing

You are absolutely closing your mind. You claim your god has so much love, yet people around the world are constantly suffering. How would an all powerful god allow this? How would an all powerful god allow an evil being to tempt his children if he truly did love them so much?

Like Sam Harris says, many innocent people suffer while you thank your god for what he has accomplished in your life and not theirs. To think this way is to fail to reason honestly, and to sufficiently care about the suffering of other human beings.

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'Paradise' is also a place of

'Paradise' is also a place of no sin, right?

Well, how do we sin? Because of free will. Sin is a by-product of free will, they cannot exist without the other. So your 'Paradise' is actually a place where brainwashed people go to be mindless drones.

Hell sounds pretty good to me in this case. With all the scientists, they probably have air conditioning in there by now.

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Powerfull I'm glad you are

Powerfull I'm glad you are happy. But I'm wondering if do you have any love left for your fellow man.

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PowerfulSpeaker please come

PowerfulSpeaker please come work for me, I have a para-shoot company and we test para-shoots in real time.
We have a bunch of new models and you are the perfect candidate to test them on.
The death rate is about 70% on failed paras-hoots but do not worry I will make sure you don't get in those 30%.

Just sign a few papers and help us improve our service. It could save lives and at the same time you could get out of this "bad place" sooner.

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Islam means 'peace'. I care

Islam means 'peace'. I care about everyone and that is why im here telling you all this. There is obligatory in islam to be a good person and help others as well. Not just obey God, ask his forgivness, thank him. God loves when a person helps other people. God is the most loving but how come so many people is suffering so much? Because He has left everything on us. If there is any sufferings in this world, its created by humans. God has given us a world to live in and he wants us to live in peace. He is saying to us oh son of Adam choose the right way but we arent listening, we are listening to satan instead. We cant find results while doing the exam so we dont know we are listening to satan who whispers in our hearts everything which you are thinking. I found happiness by staying with my Lord and helping others who want to listen to me. I live in a muslim society. There is other people also but but where I live there is many muslims and we are living in peace and getting the help we want. So i found happiness by loving my Lord back n helping you people. I tryed to find it somewhere else but didn't find anywhere else. I helped my other muslim friends and they are happy now and we are happy together. If all people in the world would do that wouldn't it be peace everywhere... Mr Jeff surely i would come if other people needed that. What if you just tried to help other people, we could make a change!

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Islam means peace? Are you

Islam means peace? Are you saying that those who have interpreted the koran's edict for the lesser jihad, the physical struggle - in the form of holy war - violence - is not what your god wants? That it is in contradiction to your faith? That those engaging in it are not righteous?

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"God says that disbelievers

"God says that disbelievers would never believe even if you try"

And yet here you are on a site specifically for people you consider disbelievers -- trying to convince us to believe. Will your god forgive you for implying that he lied?

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' There is obligatory in

' There is obligatory in islam to be a good person and help others as well. Not just obey God, ask his forgivness, thank him."

Do you need a god to force you to be a "good person?"

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God doesn' force you with

God doesn' force you with anything. Everything you do in life is up to you. God has just told us the right way. We can believe or not. There is many people in asia and africa for example poor and starving and suffering and dieing. Well lets believe there is no God. So why doesn't we do anything to that? Why aren't we helping those people? There is no God right? There isn't either humanity! Cause nobody cares, nobody help those people. Everyone want to have new phones and computers and food and money and fashion but nobody cares for the needy people! Why? In islam we care! N yes a disbeöiever would never believe even if we try. This is actually in the quran that a disbeliever will never believe even if we try.

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Hes preaching god i hate that

Hes preaching god i hate that.
Islam is peace BULLSHIT look how you treat women look how you treat other religions and why are atheist in islamic countries terrified to come out oh yea cos you fucks will kill them.
Islams the worst religion there is closely followed by christianity.

PowerfullSpeaker's picture
Islam isn't the worst

Islam isn't the worst religion. What is worse is the people. True islamic believer would never kill anybody

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So, you're saying that, for

So, you're saying that, for instance, al qaeda members are satan's minions?

PowerfullSpeaker's picture
But those who satan has taken

But those who satan has taken over, those are bad people

CyberLN's picture
That's a dodgy answer to my

That's a dodgy answer to my question. Yes or no. Is al qaeda righteous?

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Satans and daemons are just

Satans and daemons are just excuses for evil bastards to do what they want like the christian missionary caught raping kids in an african orphanage claimed a daemon called luke possessed him and made him do it.
The bad thing is all he has to do is confess and bingo hes clean again no guild j find that sickening.

Lmale's picture
Oops guilt

Oops guilt

PowerfullSpeaker's picture
I don't know so much about al

I don't know so much about al qaeda. That what they did was not right. But I don't think they were good muslims because good muslims doesn't do that. They just call theirselves muslims but they arren't if they do things like that. Lmale i've writed everything about satan. Believe it or not it's up to you.

ImFree's picture
Your mind is just as infected

Your mind is just as infected as al qaeda's. Religion is notorious for making good people do bad things and bad people are given a pass to do bad things. It's sad your going to live your life in mental slavery.

maming's picture
I was once like you, thanks

I was once like you, thanks until your religion made me to be atheist. good Muslims still can do that as long as qoran saying(Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing.

maryam's picture


you quoted verse 2:191-193..Kill whoo..??

To answer this question, one should read the verse before...Preceding verse which is 2:190

2:190. Fight in combat, in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. Allah does not like transgressors.

2:191. And kill (in combat) them wherever you overtake them and turn them out from where they turned you out (in Makkah), and the "fitnah" (terrorism waged against the believers - in this case) is worse than killing (in mortal combat). And do not combat them at the Holy Mosque (in Makkah) unless they engage in combat against you there. But, if they combat against you, then fight back in mortal combat (killing them if necessary if they are killing you). Such is the payback for these disbelievers.

2:192. And if they cease, then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

2:193. Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah (terrorism, agression and oppression) and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah . But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors (terrorists).

These verses were revealed at time when the Muslims had been expelled from their homes on account of their faith. They endured more than ten years of persecution and eventually had to flee to a safe land.

It is clear from the context that these verses are discussing a defensive war, when a Muslim community is attacked without reason, oppressed and prevented from practicing their faith.

In these circumstances, permission is given to fight back -- but even then Muslims are instructed not to transgress limits, and to cease fighting as soon as the attacker gives up.

No Practicing Muslim can even think about harming an innocent person either Muslim or Non-Muslim..!!

CyberLN's picture
Maming, you say, "No

Maming, you say, "No Practicing Muslim can even think about harming an innocent person either Muslim or Non-Muslim..!!"

If that is true (for you), what are you doing, or suggest be done, about those who identify as Muslim who *are* harming others in the name of Islam?

maming's picture
maryam, this verses any one

maryam, this verses any one can interpret a different meaning that is one of why there is different version Muslims, when you are saying no practicing Muslims can ever think about harming ,so you are saying those who killing the name of allah and alqaeda are no practicing Muslims? how about if you kill non-believer innocent person in the name of allah just because he or she isn't muslim or refused to be so will your allah forgive you and reward you to janna?
why and earth a muslim(religion of peace) will allow to stone a death if married women have illegal intercourse, while all she did just only betray her husband while he still have three more women? have you ever think about that?

maryam's picture


You say " this verses any one can interpret a different meaning that is one of why there is different version Muslims"

Yes one can interpret a Different meaning (according to their own wishes) but this cannot be done..!!! For every verse of Qur'an there is a purpose of behind it.. we have to read commentary from the authentic sources. Even any Imam or Scholar said anything without authentic evidence we don't accept it...we require authenticated evidence...it is the matter of Islam

Yes those who are killing any innocent person in the name Of Allah they are not practicing Muslims

Praise to be Allah, i'm a practicing Muslimah , i can't even think anyone to hurt by words then far of killing any non-believer or innocent person ...Neva Allah commanded to kill any one if they refused to become Muslim.

2: 256 "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing."

{18:29} And say, “The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills – let him believe; and whoever wills – let him disbelieve.”

[ 33:48 ] And do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites but do not harm them, and rely upon Allah . And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.

Yes the Religion of peace should have peace, if you are aware of Halal and Haram then you know better about it.Any cheating or destroying the family is prohibited where as about stone to death is not only for Married woman...it also implies for the married Man who have sexual contact outside marriage.

Pagan Arabs use to marry as many women’s according to their choice. They used to bury 5 year little girl…Islam came to abolish these systems. Islam gives Women’s right…Have you think about it…???

Islam limited to 4 wives, not obligatory …Islam says that if you can do justice then you can marry 2 or 3or 4 or else just marry one…not for pleasure…( which can help in providing a widow home or else the girl who is not getting married) because in Islam Husband is obligated to provide her everything and treat her kindly…

4:3 Marry woman of your choice, in twos, threes or fours. But if you cannot do justice, marry only one

Where is the betrayal here?? If any man can do justice in every aspect then he can marry more than one wife..if any betrayal is done either women or men outside marriage Islam have an very severe punishment because it is an indeed Betrayal, Islam can not tolerate this…it is the religion of peace…no immodest acts are accepted..

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