You're a lousy father, father.

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You're a lousy father, father.

This article tells the story of a young woman whose father is a catholic priest. She grew up never meeting her so-called father, who made support payments to her mother conditional on total secrecy. Even after she discovered his identity, he refused to have any kind of relationship, and he didn't even visit her in hospital when she was seriously injured.

There are so many children of catholic priests that an organization has been set up to provide counseling and support.

How can anyone with a conscience continue to support the Catholic church and its disgusting clergy?

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It is a criminal organisation

It is a criminal organisation. It is involved in thousands of rapes, endemic child molestation, cover ups and extracting money under false pretences.
If this was a bikie gang or even a legitimate club it would have been raided by armed police, ongoing investigations, its members forbidden from wearing their uniform. No minors would be permitted within 100 metres of their dwellings, the officers passports confiscated and the leaders deported.

Instead? It gets richer, it gets more foul in its behaviour and "suffer the little children" has a whole new meaning.

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The ones in my family cling

The ones in my family cling to whataboutery, Algebe. They acknowledge what has happened, but claim it isn't just the RCC. And they'll say the actions of the human clergy have no bearing on the faith itself. Cognitive dissonance, writ large.

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