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Atheist T Shirts

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I have a question about the Atheist Republic t shirts for sale in the right side column of the site. Haas anyone ordered any of these yet? I was about to place my order and say that it was through a different company and not Atheist Republic. Anyone who has dealt with this company please let me know how they are to work with. I want to place an order right away but get kind of unsure about dealing with companies online.

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The shirts are sold through

The shirts are sold through Zazzle. I ordered from them before and had a great experience with them. Zazzle is one of the leading companies in selling custom shirts and a lot of companies sell their products through them since they do a much better job. Their customer service is also very fast and they accept returns of any product you don't like for a full refund. By the way, you don't have to find the shirts on the side bar. You can find a more complete list of them here:

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Thanks Armin, that helps a

Thanks Armin, that helps a lot! Flying spaghetti monster shirt, here I come! :)

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I, Tor Hershman, do hereby

I, Tor Hershman, do hereby authorize Atheist Republic to be allowed to use my Atheist tee-shirts designs (the two in the following posts), they must unaltered [me name's gotta be on 'em] AND advertised on a black tee-shirt, for free...if they want to.

Stay on groovin' safari,

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I bought one that said "Thank

I bought one that said "Thank GOD I'm an Atheist". I just got it today and love it. I live in a small country town in Texas and wore it all day and surprisingly got a lot of compliments from people who I never would of thought were other Atheists but now I know and I have new friends here and I'm not alone like I previously thought.

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Cool, I am happy to hear it!

Cool, I am happy to hear it! Congratulations on your new found friends. Must be some what of a relief.

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