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Belief update suggestion/request

If we can request changes to this site, I would like other options besides 'Atheist' and 'non Atheist' for us.

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What other option?

What other option?

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I guess one may be agnostic,

I guess one may be agnostic, rather than atheist or non-athiest (although this sort of covers over all other alternatives to be honest!) - I'm not sure what the original poster was going for!

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Yes, I was referring to

Yes, I was referring to 'Agnostic'. I find non-Atheist too broad.

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Atheism and agnosticism are

Atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive. One can be atheist and agnostic at the same time.

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Thank you Armin. I keep

Thank you Armin. I keep posting things on these terms. Perhaps we can have a page going over that very concept

What you believe = atheist or theist
What you "know" or better yet "what you think we can know" = gnostic or agnostic

These terms describe our stances and thoughts on gods. We end up with four basic labels.

An agnostic atheist doesn't believe in gods and subsequently thinks their existence is not and or cannot be known. Most atheist fall into this category. E.g., they reject the existence of gods on account of the lack of evidence for them.

An agnostic theist believes in god(s), yet he or she does not claim to know that god(s) exist; and generally also thinks that we cannot not know for a certainty that god(s) exist (even their own god).

A gnostic atheist does not believe in gods, while also asserting that it can be known that gods do not exist. This is not very common for atheists especially scientists.

A gnostic theist believes god(s) exist and asserts that it is known, and or, can be known that god(s) exist. This is a very common position for theists... Basically depends on the understanding and definition of "proof".

I hope this clears things up a bit.

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@ Unknown, then what you

@ Unknown, then what you classify me as, I dont believe there are any real gods (this makes me an Atheist) and dont thereby believe the evidence exist but am willing to change that belief if evidence could be procured just as do not know any gods exist I also have as little evidence or solid proof that any don't exist or never existed so I claim my belief stand there are no Gods in the way religions have put forth and there also that I would demand evidence before I would fully except the existence or non existence of any god. Side note I believe any god that has or does still exist is nothing like what stories of them have evolved or devolved them into.

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The Unknown Typer has taught

The Unknown Typer has taught us all something new here and should be applauded. I appreciate the way you spelled it out for us and I really did learn something today. :)

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I like the term Skeptic for

I like the term Skeptic for the atheists that dont believe in our religions because of no evidence.
Maybe godless for those that believe theres no god despite there being no evidence but that includes the word god so i dont think they would like that. Havent thought if anything better unfortunatley.

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first of all, the OP should

first of all, the OP should have made his premise more clear.
I was gonna make a topic myself when I saw his.

Yet I was gonna mention some more important options

Deism - belief in a general creator or god but does not need to have a mind. As the late Christopher Hitchens calls it; A Prime Mover.

Anti-Theism - not only 'not a theist' but also believes that Theism does more bad then good in this world.(me)

I think those 2 should be added and maybe some more.

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I was just wondering you take

I was just wondering you take on this question which I have pondered a bit and really got nowhere could an antitheist be a theist but still be against theism for reasons like you said for example feeling theism does more bad than good? I think entirely possible but must take a bit of self angst.

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Isn't just about every theist

Isn't just about every theist an anti theist about gods other than their own?

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No an anti theist thinks that

No an anti theist thinks that theism does more bad then good, you cannot be a theist(at least one theist religion does more good) and at the same time claim that all do more bad then good.

My main argument against theism is that if forces people to do what you are told is good not what they can reason to be good.
So you cannot believe that what you are told is good and at the same time challenge it and say that what you can reason is good even if it contradicts what you are told.

The 2 cannot mix.

They can agree sometimes but they are entirely 2 different approaches on the way of thinking.

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The most hard from religions is this mentality that you have to accept what you are told as truth.

That is the worst thing religion does it attacks reason itself.
It can make people do incredibly horrible things.

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Misprint: The most bad thing

Misprint: The most bad thing religion brings is the mentality.......

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I think im an anti theist to

I think im an anti theist to lol

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UofLFanCard08, if you are

UofLFanCard08, if you are agnostic atheist then you are a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. So you lack belief in the claims made theism. Atheist, anti-theist, and agnostic are all sides of the same coin. Saying you are agnostic is just a more descriptive term for who you are. I'm a humanist, skeptic, agnostic atheist, anti-theist. But I'm still a person that doesn't buy the claims of all the forms of theism. I don't see a need to add 10 more options on a question like this when it's too easy to tell members who you are once you join.

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