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Can I start a thread in the book recommendations forum?

I found Isaac Asimov's "Guide to the Bible" extremely useful in understanding why the Bible is what it is.


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No, it is restricted, but if

No, it is restricted, but if you start one in either the Debate forum or Hub, I can move it there for you.

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OK. Thanks! Tom



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What is on the list as of now

What is on the list as of now on reading?

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I like reading fantastic!

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I like reading fantastic

I like reading fantastic!

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We can't allow that, but if

We can't allow that, but if you make a thread in the Debate forum or the Hub, I can relocate it there for you. word hurdle

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I'm afraid that's not allowed

I'm afraid that's not allowed, but if you start one in the Debate forum or the Hub, I can transfer it there. geometry dash

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I appreciate you making the

I appreciate you making the suggestion. would want to examine everything. 1v1 lol

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One of the last remaining book-focused periodicals 1v1 lol, Bookforum published a combination of reviews, essays, and interviews.

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It's fantastic that Isaac

It's fantastic that Isaac Asimov's "Guide to the Bible" was useful to you in comprehending the Bible. It demonstrates the variety of interactions and lessons that may be drawn from religious literature by individuals

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