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In CyberLN's 6/24/2017 post she states that “brutal intimidation” will be considered
for banning:

Below is a current one of many similar mykcob4 posts. If in the site's view this is not considered “brutal intimidation” I would like to know so I and others can consider using similar verbal strategies on other site members.

Mykcob4: “If I want to cuss I can and I will. If you don't like it tough shit.”

“So If I want to say FUCK christians, FUCK god, FUCK jesus, I FUCKING will. If YOU take it personal, that is YOUR fucking problem.”

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That just sounds like an

That just sounds like an strong personality to me. Not "Brutal intimidation"... whatever tf that is. For all of Myck's rough language, he also posts some very interesting topics as well. In the past, He's agreed with me plenty and after all that, will call me out when he disagreed. He is also able to admit when he exaggerates or is wrong. That's the sign of a good guy.
A good character. All in all, The sensitive have a choice to subscribe or simply not.

Myck should not be banned for the stated case in this OP.

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I don't see any intimidation.

I don't see any intimidation.

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If CyberLN agrees everybody

If CyberLN agrees everybody can use the same language mykcob4 uses as frequent as he does I have no problem with that. All I ask is for her to be open about it and either approve or disapprove. There is too much ambiguity the way things currently are which can result in punitive measures being unfairly enforced.

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Is "tough shit" the problem??

Is "tough shit" the problem??

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I'mfree, I do not know what

I'mfree, I do not know what happened in the past, and the moderators will have the last word... But, since you ask for opinions...

This was your comment: "your such a stupid fucking idiot. Love embarrassing you with video evidence that proves you don't know what the fuck your talking about (...) Your a self-loathing racist."

This is clearly 'ad hominem'. This ("FUCK christians, FUCK god, FUCK jesus") is not. You can say "Fuck atheists" and I assure you that I'll respond with another 'fuck you', but I'll not take personal offense on that.

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There is a certain type of

There is a certain type of intimidation that is often used in the workplace. It is called "brutal intimidation." This type of intimidation is often used to control or intimidate someone. It can be used to force someone to do something they don't want to do, or to make them feel uncomfortable or threatened.

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This was your response: "You

This was your response: "You're such a fucking moron. I like humiliating you with video proof that demonstrates you have no idea what the heck you're talking about (...) You're a racist who despises himself."

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