Contact formular brocken?

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Contact formular brocken?

Hey fellow atheists,

I wanted to write an email to Atheist Republic and offer some free science/atheist resources for the site but the contact section seems to be brocken? I can't find the emailadress. I've tryed it in three different browsers but without luck, the problem is always the same. (firefox, safari and chrome)

Is this a bug or my laptop? If this is somehow me, could someone please tell me the contact emailadress of AR?

thanks and best,

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Phillip try the e-mail again.

Phillip try the e-mail again. Sorry that it took me a minute it get back to you on this.

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Have you tried the contact

Have you tried the contact section Phillip?

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Sorry for the late repy!

Sorry for the late repy!

jup, tried it but it still doesn't work, I can't see the adress. Any chance you could post the emailadress here?

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are you still having issues?,

are you still having issues?, ive sent several test emails and they've went through.

did you miss any required fields or the captcha?


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The address is obscured to me

The address is obscured to me. Would you mind sharing the email address with the rest of us?


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