New poster is a serial Troll

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New poster is a serial Troll

For the consideration of the Forum as a whole or for the Admins …
The poster you know as Otangelo Grasso is in reality a guy from Brazil named Angelo ..

Angelo is a serial “Troll”, he has been doing it for years over multiple sites some many times. Always he posts from his selection of collected idiocies (elshamah) , never does he actually post anything original and seldom does he enter into a real debate.
Angelo posts under many names ,I list some below :angelosergip , Jireh ,Javan ,godlovesyou , elshaddai888 and many more.

This is Angelo’s welcome message and self introduction from his “library ?” forum…
His history may go some way to explaining his odd use of grammar in the English language. (although I have to admit his English is better than my own Portugese ,Italian or German ,all of which he is impressively fluent in.)

“my name is Angelo. I am swiss/italian. I was raised catholic, but when i was 18 years old, i converted myself, and since then, i am a evangelic, born again christian. I live in brazil, since 1996. I am member of Igreja Quadrangular church, Aracaju, north east of brazil, where i live with my wife Leila. I am a real estate broker.The intend of this forum, is to dispose a tool, to organize the knowledge of the christian faith, related to science. Beside this, i like highest-end Audio, and cultivate the hobby of manufacture and selling of horn-loudspeakers for domestic use.

ElShamah888 ( El Shamah = God is present , 888 = Jesus , Jesus is present )

welcome, and have fun. Angelo”

If you have some spare time ,check out the list of sites he has trolled in the past ,up until 2010 he used to “chalk them up on his head board” rather like a teenage boy .

Unfortunately many of the sites no longer exist so some really funny exchanges are now lost ,like the German Skinheads responses and there was a memorable response from a Masonic site ,they shut him down in only 2 pages.

Here he posts as TSID8888

Here as DIBRI501

Here as ACHSAH

and even here back in 2010 as Angelo

Don take my word for it … check it out for your selves.

Note... I've just found this disclaimer I used to post when Angelo rocked up "back in the day".....

It is well stricken in years by now so Im not sure if the links still work or even if the sites are still extant .... I'll check them out and let you know.....if they're no longer there I'm sure I've still got some old screen grabs .....somewhere...

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Thanks for the info, Watchman

Thanks for the info, Watchman.

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Thanks watchman for your

Thanks watchman for your effort in exposing this troll.

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A little more background.....

A little more background......


example of Angelo being "discovered" as a troll.


recent example of Angelo's assault tactics ..... basically bludgeoning the web site with walls of text...

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Otangelo Grasso is back for

Otangelo Grasso is back for more... :)

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You exposed this troll, now

You exposed this troll, now everyone knows, Word Hurdle thanks for this information

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I appreciate your research

I appreciate your research and documentation of this notorious troll and his history of trolling. I have seen him post under different names on various forums, always promoting his creationist agenda and ignoring any challenges or refutations. He is a dishonest and annoying troll who does not deserve any attention or respect. I urge the admins to take action and remove him and his clones from this forum.
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Remember, trolls aim to

Remember, trolls aim to disrupt and provoke. By maintaining control over your reactions and using the tools at your disposal, you can minimize their impact and maintain a positive online environment.

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